My Visit to the Garden of Eden, Where it all began

When I first began to channel the “Council of Nine Ascended Masters” in 2004, they called me Adam. A bit confused with them calling me “Adam,” I asked, “Why is it you call me Adam?” Instead of just answering me directly, they set me up to experience my actual so-called beginning as a “souled being” to show the true meaning behind them calling me Adam and not Terry.

It happened early one morning while still in bed when Lord Melchizedek visited and called on me to go with him back in time to where it all began. With no hesitation, I (my spirit) then stepped out of my physical body, moved to the end of my bed where Lord Melchizedek was standing, and before I knew it, I found myself back in time, standing alone on a shore next to a large area of water that seemed endless. From what I was witnessing, I knew that I was not on Earth because once I looked up at the sun, I noticed the sun’s size was at least a thousand times larger than the Earth’s sun. Not only that, but I could feel the sun, the blue sky, and the atmosphere having a more pleasing disposition than the Earth’s blue sky, atmosphere, and sun. It also felt like I was part of them, and they were part of me.

Standing there on that shoreline, focusing on this huge sun, I could feel the warmth and immense love emanating from each beam of light radiating down upon me with such love that when I stared right into it, I did not have to turn away in fear of this huge-looking sun hurting my eyes or that it would burn my skin like the Earth’s sun. From what I saw, witnessed, felt, and experienced, I knew I was in a different dimension than Earth. Therefore, I speak of it as “my beginning in spirit as a souled being and not as a human.” However, if one wanted to be religious, it could be taken as me remembering the “Garden of Eden,” where it all began. I somehow knew by what I was seeing, witnessing, and experiencing that I was taken to a higher dimension to learn more about what the Monks spoke about when they visited me in 1975 when they said, “It was meant for me to know the truth in this lifetime.”

From that point, I somehow knew and felt this place was where I first awakened in spirit because, after viewing this enormous sun beaming its light and unconditional love down upon me, I looked around. In doing so, I observed and felt that I already knew the place but somehow forgot. What I was observing was a breathtaking landscape that I could not find the right words to describe, as the scene was far beyond three-dimensional physical words. All I can say is that it was fittingly colorful and beautiful, with everything very much alive. Everything that I saw was more radiant, bright, clear, and exciting than Earth ever thought of being. Everything in that high dimension was perfect, as nothing was dead! What I felt and witnessed in that dimension compares to nothing on this Earth, which is why I may have a tough time describing what I saw and witnessed. However, I will do my best!

Once I got my focus back from looking at this huge sun and what I was seeing and witnessing around me, as again, there are no earthly words to describe what I saw, I began to focus on what appeared as endless water. That was when I noticed myself gazing across this enormous water and feeling my connection with it as if I were part of every drop making up that water. Yes, I was standing on the shoreline as if I were alone in consciousness, and yet, I felt that I was part of that enormous water and all that I saw around me, including this huge sun. Sensing this, I just knew that the shoreline I stood upon was real. It was filled with beauty, unconditional love, life, compassion, and elegance to the point that it made me feel very safe and distinctive, as nothing in that dimension was dead.

Once I became aware of my connection with this enormous water right down to each drop, I instantly became aware of the air I was breathing, which, too, felt very much alive. That was when I took in a deep breath of that pure air, and when I did, it caused me to become more aware of my consciousness and my existence in a more animated way. It seemed like my consciousness became much more alive and full of movement and activity after that deep breath than before I felt my existence. It was as if I was there, willfully but comatose to any desire or action before that movement in me became aware of my consciousness.

To help understand what I was experiencing, I took another deep breath of the air that felt divine, and when I did, I felt magical because I could feel my existence more actively than before. When I felt that magical moment, I felt my intelligence stirring up within, causing me to question myself about “who I was” because I felt exceptionally unique, powerful, and more aware of how I was in control of what I saw, felt, witnessed, and experienced. I felt my existence, my consciousness, the consciousness of the air and water, right down to every drop that made up the water. I felt my existence connected with this huge sun, as they all confirmed they were alive and active. Most of all, I somehow knew they were part of me as much as I was part of them. The best part was when I took deep breaths and how it made me sense my individuality, my consciousness, my uniqueness, and how powerful I was as if I was always there in consciousness but never awakened to it until that time.

Another amazing part was that I felt like a God unto myself and not that some God created me. I say this with certainty, humbleness, openness, and authenticity because I could formulate within me whatever desire I wanted to create, manifest, and experience, and it would come about with each in and out breath I took. It was an amazing experience but hard to describe or put into writing. Absorbing all that I was experiencing, I then noticed five or six other people standing not too far from me doing the same thing I was doing. And once I noticed, I was prompted to walk toward them.

But an amazing thing happened when I moved toward them. In each step I took, the rocks and the ground beneath my feet, I could feel their consciousness. Not only that! I experienced “frequency sounding waves” that looked like “pure light and perfection” moving up and down my body, whispering to every cell that I too am perfect, absolute, pure light, eternal, and that I “exist as a Divine Souled Being unto myself” where no one created me, but me, just by becoming aware of my consciousness.

When I felt and heard that sound, my mood went to “how astonishing, odd, and magnificent” because I always thought that some God above created me. All I can say to everyone reading about my out-of-body visit to the Garden, where it all began, I experienced a knowingness that “I AM a self-governing Souled Being unto myself” where I have full authority (power) and the sovereignty (free will) to create whatever I desired as long as I did not interfere with the others standing on the shoreline with me. It felt that if I wanted to create something bad, good, or something pure and neutral, all I had to do was generate the “energy frequency” by “believing in it,” and it would “manifest” before me. I felt no other creator helping me or being over me when doing this. It was all done by me!

Right after this phenomenon, and while walking toward the others on the shoreline, I saw and felt as if we all were new to this mind-boggling place where we found ourselves. Whatever this dimension was, if anyone had seen and experienced what I saw and experienced, many would conclude that I was visiting and witnessing the beginning of consciousness, more known as the Garden of Eden. I felt sovereign and wide awake to who I truly am, “a true creator in my own right.” It was an awareness, a knowingness, and a realization deep within my Soul, clearly telling me that I was a “self-ruling God-like individual,” free from any caught-up belief that some higher being created me. It felt as if I had always existed. I was just unaware of my existence until I made a movement in consciousness to become aware.

This “awareness,” without a doubt, I knew that was a creator and observer just by what I saw, felt, witnessed, experienced, and manifested for me to experience. All that I knew, and know now, is that I was experiencing more than what seemed like some God mentioned in a Book created me and that I sinned against him. I felt my consciousness like never before, especially being awakened to feeling this “Pure Crystalline Energy of Light” surrounding me and my individuality as being “Christ-like.” I felt my existence on a scale of “I always existed, and I will forever exist.” I felt alive, eternal, absolute, powerful, and sovereign, as in “knowing” that I was part of this incredible “Unconditional Omnipresent Pure Crystalline Energy of Light” despite everything that I, as a human, was ever taught by religion when it came to describing God, Christ, and the Garden of Eden, as there was no hierarchy to be found.

I felt life in everything: the vast sun, the disposition of the blue sky, the air I breathed, the endless water, the ground, and the rocks beneath my feet. Everything had life. Nothing was dark, dead, or otherwise. It is the God and the Christ that everyone speaks about but always undervalues and misinterprets because of religion repeating to us over and over that some God in a book created us and that we must fear and worship him because of that creation. However, this God and the Christ I experienced was nothing like what religion proclaimed him to be. I felt that I was part of the Spirit of One’s (God’s) Energy of Light and this Universal Omnipresent Christ Spirit, and not that a hierarchy super being created me.

This means everyone together, all of us Souls, and life are the “Spirit of One (God) and Christ” because everything is God and Christ, as nothing exists outside of it, not even the dark. All I felt was pure neutralized “Crystalline Energy of Light (God)” and having a Consciousness of such a High Awareness (Christ), showing me that I was the “Grandmaster and the Creator of Myself” behind the activating of this “God Energy of Light” where I could have this “Light” do anything I desired, even if I wanted to experience being human and ignorant of my higher Christ Consciousness, which most of us are doing today. This is why religions misinterpret God and Christ as a single Hebrew God because God and Christ are not a single Hebrew person or a force outside us. God and Christ are part of all of us, as we, together, are God and Christ, or what is called the “Spirit of One, the Source.” God is not just everywhere; God is “all that there is,” as in you, I, and all that has life, using this “Crystalline Energy of Light” for our creations, as we, together, are God.

God, or Goddess, is illustrative for the “Higher Consciousness part that is our “I AM Oversoul (Christ)” in activating this “Neutralized Energy of Light” that we happen to call God (the Spirit of One) to bring about form, choices, and experiences in order for us to gain wisdom at all levels of consciousness. In other words, “knowing all things” becomes easier to understand once we realize we are the Creator of ourselves and all that we choose in life to experience. I even felt the consciousness of those standing on the shoreline next to me, which felt odd but true. Why? Because we all share the same omnipresence of Christ’s Spirit Consciousness, as we are all connected to each other as being God and Goddesses.

Then, out of nowhere, I heard a tone-like sound coming from the vast sun, the blue sky, the air I breathed, the water, and the ground and rocks beneath my feet, as they all resonated a sound in code telling me they were there to serve me, as “I am part of them as much as they are part of me.” Thus, completing me as a God and a Christ Source unto myself to create what my heart desires. It is the same for everyone, even those standing next to me on the shoreline. What I heard and felt that day, I knew that it was not coming from a separate male white Hebrew or whatever God outside of me and how this God is described in the Bible. It came from my “I AM Oversoul,” the Christ within me!

It was this experience and what I saw and witnessed that answered my questions when the Monk mentioned back in 1975 about “knowing the truth in this lifetime,” as I now know, “Who I AM,” “Who created me,” and “Where I came from?” I came from out of this Omnipresent Universal Pure Light Crystalline Christ Consciousness, as in I was always (there) but was not aware that I was always there.

As I stood on this shoreline, taking this all in, I felt free from any judgment, whether good, bad, or indifferent, no matter what I decided to create. It was as if it made no difference to my “I AM Oversoul” (the Christ within) what I chose to create as long as I was experiencing something to learn the wisdom of my choices. And because of the feeling of “no judgment” coming from no one but myself, I felt compelled to walk toward the water. Once I reached the water’s edge, the others next to me never moved from where I saw them standing. Then I felt, as I somehow knew the others did too, that the spirit of the water was beckoning us all to enter. However, at first, we all stood still and unmoving due to feeling fear for the very first time in this offstage dimension. This fear felt weird because of what I was experiencing in that dimension as only unconditional love. But I then realized what I felt as fear came within me because of the thought of entering the water and not that fear was part of that higher dimension.

Despite my fear of entering the water, I felt it was more of an illusion, so I entered the water anyway. Stepping into the water, I walked straight forward and deep enough to where it reached my neckline. That was when I stopped and presumed the others, who were with me on the shoreline, did the same. So, I turned around in the water and looked back at them. To my surprise, they were still standing on the shoreline. It seemed as if they were frozen in fear of being separated from being aware of their higher divine consciousness. But, as I stood there, water up to my neck, feeling their fear, but not enough to ask why they did not enter the water as I did, I noticed that my whole body from my neck down to my feet was gone as if I was “one” with the water. And yet, I still could feel my existence, my individuality, the spirit of the water (life), the energy coming from the huge sun, my mind, body, and my consciousness as if I was not separated from the wholeness of the water (my spirit) and everything that I was experiencing. I knew I was not separated in consciousness even though I could not see that part of me while standing in the water. 

I wished I knew how to describe this water and how it felt, but I have nothing to compare it to other than you feeling your own spirit. Nothing on this Earth I know matches the sensation and awesomeness that I was experiencing in this divine sacred water, as it felt on a conscious level that I was connected to every drop of it. Truly, nothing matter-wise, language-wise, mental-wise, emotional-wise, or intellectually speaking can illustrate what this water felt like. The water made me feel eternal, complete, awesome, alive, protected, and immensely powerful, but with an undefined power, unlike what power is on earth. I felt like I could do anything, create anything, be anything, and be anywhere and everywhere all at once. The water made me feel connected to the Spirit of One as if they were one and the same.

This feeling made me connected to the Christ Consciousness and all that lives, not separate from it. Thus, making me feel that I was a Christ also. It had me feeling that I could be a tree, an insect, a planet, a star, a pond of water, an animal, and yes, even a human (male, female, black, white, brown, yellow, red, rich or poor, and even good or bad). It made no difference what form I wished to experience as long as I was choosing something. That is how powerful and absolute I felt when I was one with all that I saw, witnessed, and experienced while in the water. As I said, the water felt like I was connected to whom we call God and Christ, as I felt that we all were one. 

Even though I initially feared entering the water, my fear vanished once I felt the water (the Spirit of One) and the huge sun (God) as part of me, and I was part of it. When I felt this fear depart from me, it triggered my consciousness to lift my right arm out of the water. And when I raised my arm out of the water, it was not only attached to my body but also completely dry. This intrigued me to put my arm back into the water. When I did, it disappeared again as it became one with the water. Even when my arm became one with the water, it made me feel that I was not separated from the Spirit of One, God, or anything else, but one with it, and yet individualized. This was when I knew that I was also the “right arm” of God, like Jesus.

That was when I completely submerged my head and the rest of my body in the water. And when I did, what I felt was beyond profound and hard to explain. I felt nothing less than being a sovereign God and a Christ unto myself. I became totally one with the water and this huge-looking sun and all that I experienced with the large sun, the rocks, the ground, the blue sky, and the air I breathed. With that feeling, I knew that my spirit was indeed sovereign, absolute, transparent, and powerful. Not powerful, as in having more power than another soul, but as in power that is part of everyone because of the water (Spirit of One). Thereby, power becomes somewhat irrelevant. That was also when I became fully aware that I was “sanctioned as the true authority, a Christ-like being unto myself,” to do whatever I desired to express and experience for myself without some God above me creating it or judging what I created.

I could feel my existence as an individual, as a decision-maker, and as a creator. I could even feel the water bestowing upon me only unconditional love, life, and being transparent and sovereign simultaneously. I could also feel those on the shoreline who chose not to enter the water watching me, wondering what happened to me when I fully submerged in the water and became completely invisible to them. But I can assure you, I was there! I was merely part of the water, as it took the Spirit of One (water) to complete me as a Christ-like being unto myself. When I raised my head out of the water, I existed as I existed before entering the water, and yet I felt one with the water (Christ). The only difference now, because of the water, is that I had the authority and the power to create and manifest whatever I wanted to experience as long as I did not interfere with those standing on the shoreline. That is why they say water symbolizes spirit and life, and it is Divine, as it carries a Crystalline Energy of Neutrality and Light (God).

This also relates to finding oneself in spirit after one dies or leaves the physical plane and then decides to visit family on the physical plane, yet those in the physical plane cannot see them. Why? Because now their loved ones are submerged in the water (or their own Spirit Consciousness) where they have become one with their own spirit, like being a drop of water that makes up this unending water (Spirit of One). This is why no one dies; we only move back to our original form of spirit, as we all are a drop of water where every drop makes up the wholeness of the “Spirit of One,” God and Christ. Just as I stood in the water, seeing those on the shoreline standing in fear, it was the same for our loved ones in spirit, visiting us here on earth and seeing us in the physical plane. But it is hard for us to see them because of our fear of death and separation and how we are so afraid to speak about it or even do any research about knowing who we are. It is like we are still standing on the shoreline where we are too involved with our minds, truths, human wants, religion, and physical life, so we do not even see or feel our spirit beckoning us to move forward as a sovereign Christ in our own right. Instead, we wait for a savior!

In my back-in-time experience, when I was part of the water (Spirit of One), I had no mind of a mental nature, nor did I have physical characteristics. All that I was, was a sovereign “Christ Spirit unto myself” and yet, still part of the wholeness of the water (Spirit of One or symbolizing the God and the Christ within us all) and those standing on the shoreline. I was like a drop of water among the extensiveness of all Souled Beings that made up this never-ending water and large sun whom we call God and Christ. What I felt in the water was “pure absolute awareness and a knowingness” that I was conscious of my existence as an individualized souled being, and yet, I am part of the wholeness of the Spirit of One, the Source, Christ, God, and all that has life. I felt my consciousness as the creator and the trigger in activating Crystalline Energy (God) into taking on any form I desired.

The Church misinterprets God as a single deity and man’s creator. Still, for me, I know now that God is not a deity or a person, but part of the Crystalline Energy of Pure Light that we souled beings use for our manifested creations, and not him being a single-minded, powerful deity that needs worshipping, which is why the Christ within all of us takes on our choices (sins), both good and evil, as Christ is our Higher Consciousness or Oversoul. This is why I felt connected to everything, including all souled beings, humans, insects, animals, planets, stars, the universe, and all things, as nothing was or is left out that I am not part of. It is the same for us all! But, most of us do not feel this because we are too busy focusing on what we have been taught by religion, “that a savior will come for us someday.”

With this experience, I finally understood the wisdom behind Mathew 17:20: “We can move mountains with just the blink of an eye with a single expression.” Why? Because we souled beings, together, are the one true God and Christ that created the mountains, and not some single white male Hebrew God of a self-absorbed superpower that demands us to fear and worship him. Because I entered the water, or my individualized Christ Spirit Consciousness, the I AM within me recognized me as the Godhead for my creations, not anyone else’s, just mine, as I became one with the water (my own Christ Spirit). Thus, “I AM the Source of Life” for my creations, as everyone else is the “I AM Source of Life” for theirs.

No, outside God created me or you. I, like you, existed before we entered the water, and once we, all souled beings, came one with our “Christ Spirit” (an immeasurable drop of water), we became a creator God-like Being unto ourselves. We, all souled beings, are a drop of water among all the drops that make up this vast-looking water and huge sun whom we call God and Christ. I also noticed that I had no size, depth, or weight. It was, without doubt, me, but without a mind or a physical body, acting and manifesting what I chose as an “I AM Creator” unto myself. The water (my Christ Spirit) and I became one and the Source of Life (God) for what I desired to create, as I became a Spirit of One unto myself. And with it, I, as we all, become a God-Christ-like being unto ourselves, as in absolute, powerful, transparent, effective, limitless (having no boundaries to our creations), and we use this pure Crystalline God Energy of Light that comes from this enormous sun to serve us in any way we desire it to serve us. If we believe in evil, good, or indifferent, then that is what we will experience. Why? Because we are the God creating it. If you do not like what you are experiencing, then stop creating it. We, humans, are masters in choosing whatever form we desire to experience.

Therefore, it takes spirit consciousness to stimulate the God/Christ part of us before any manifestation can occur. Our Christ Consciousness Spirit had to create energy, known as the Christ-God part of us before we could manifest anything. Remember, we are fooled by religion and our governments as they work hard to keep the truth from us by keeping our cup (mind) full of false beliefs. And they do it by presenting us with the opposite of the true narrative of our existence in order for them to maintain their power and control over us. Always remember that the souls that love to play in the dark, like religions, media, our educational system, and our governments, do not have creative abilities. Therefore, they need to steal God’s Light Energy from those who work with the light, which is why we never get what we desire in life, even the healing we seek or the wealth we desire, because we are too busy worshipping a false god that has no power to heal.

Everything that I was experiencing in this Garden (Consciousness) had no complexity to it. It was like I was just “pure spirit consciousness” with no form until I created a mental and physical part of myself and called it “the Adam Principle,” masculine and feminine. This allowed me to become a “time traveler” by using “dualistic vibrational energy” to incarnate into many lifetime stories, good, bad, health, illness, poor, rich, or evil, to learn the wisdom behind my choices. And this goes on until such a time when we awaken to the realization that we have been taught for centuries by those in government, the media, large corporations, religions, and even family, friends, and our teachers/professors, all because of the love of power and control over others. What I learned that day by going back in time, back to the symbolized Garden of Eden (Higher Consciousness), where I once believed that Adam and Eve were real people, ended up as them not being real people but symbolizes our mental part in dealing with our positive (masculine) and negative (feminine) creations within ourselves. And with that experience, I know that I am God, Christ, the Devil, and now the Christ savior of me, and not you or anyone else, just by becoming aware of who I am at a deeper level.

So, put no other God(s) before you, but you, or you will repeatedly incarnate in a three-dimensional physical world until you recognize the expanded truth about “who you are and where you come from.” The water symbolizes the Garden of Eden (or the Spirit of One’s Consciousness, which is the wholeness of all souled beings), where we spirits are God and Christ-like. And since we are God and Christ-like, it was our minds and egos of positive and negative being the first things we desired to manifest and experience just so we could feel separate from our Christ Spirit and the God within us so we could move in a direction that was not God-like, pure, and absolute to learn the wisdom of our choices.

By playing opposite roles, male and female, good and bad (evil), rich and poor, black and white, God and Satan, etc., we learn the wisdom behind Crystalline Energy (God of Light) and how everything returns to the Oneness of us being God and Christ-like. Wisdom is the gold standard for us Souled Beings to learn “who we truly are and that we came from a higher soul level,” not that we began at the physical level and then worked our way up to some heaven.

Just by taking the word “Satan” and reversing the letters “t” and “n,” you come up with the word “Santa,” and who came up with “Santa,” large corporations in order for us to worship their made up God and the false date they said he was born. This is what is meant by the Bible saying, “God knows all things,” because we souled beings are the ones that began the lessons of learning “all things” eons ago by starting out as a Christ and then, by the creating the Adam and Eve Principle (mind and soul consciousness of responsibility), we fell to an ego Cain consciousness to live a life in a three-dimensional world playing opposites. And now, we have forgotten because of playing hard in a world of duality, light and dark. Cain killing his brother Abel symbolizes this, as we souls used our “Cain ego consciousness” to kill our “Abel higher awareness,” the gift from our Oversoul, the Christ within.

This experience in going back to the Garden was the message that came from Lord Melchizedek and the Council of Nine Angelic Masters in what they wanted me to recognize, learn, and remember once I incarnated onto earth in this lifetime as Terry, even the choosing of my last name, “Newbegin,” as it means “my awakening in this lifetime to begin a new cycle of creations.” The message awakened me to what I already knew firsthand before even being born in 1948 and what my plan was for this lifetime, which was not just to awaken the “time traveler” within myself but also for those who are ready to meet themselves as a “time traveler” and a “divine being.” This is why, after authoring many books about God, the Church, and the Bible, I wrote my autobiography for this lifetime to help those who are ready to let go of their fear and take the plunge into the water of their own Christ Spirit to help them awaken from their sleep that Jesus spoke about when he walked the earth over two thousand years ago.

To end my experience back to the Garden, once I walked out of the water and back on the shoreline, I was completely dry, but with the understanding that “I AM the Creator of me and my experiences,” and not some God outside of me or above me doing me a favor. This means, “I AM the Savior” of myself and not Yeshua, just as I am not your savior. Yeshua came to earth to tell us this, but many of us did not listen. We are our own savior because it takes our Christ Spirit Consciousness, the individualized “I AM” within us all, our connection to the Crystalline Energy of Light, and the Adam Principle (mental or dual energy) before any manifestation to experience life and learn wisdom can occur.

This means we are responsible for our choices, thoughts, beliefs, and actions because we, as humans, created a mental and ego part of us of light and dark to experience opposites, which is where the Adam Principle comes from and why Melchizedek called me Adam when I first spoke to him in 2004. Remember, “the tree of life (spirit) was in the midst of the Garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil” (Gen. 2:9), or one’s individualized Cain ego consciousness, and one’s mental mind of positive and negative (the Adam Principle) was all part of the same Garden (one’s wholeness as a God and Christ unto oneself). And once we were awakened to be conscious of being Christ and the Creator, we moved toward learning the wisdom of our choices.

Hence, what Lord Melchizedek and the Council of Nine Angelic Masters showed me that day was reminding me that “I AM Christ and the Creator of me” and not some God above creating me. So, stop looking for one! When all souled beings (as in you and me) entered the water, we became God-Christ-like. And once we became God-Christ-like Beings, we wanted to experience the opposite of being God and Christ-like. So, we, as a God-Christ, created a mental version of ourselves (mind), lots of them with physical bodies and some not, and that was when we created an over-stimulated ego Cain Consciousness (Cain-Serpent) and an emotional subconsciousness (Eve) where we ended up experiencing opposites, as in positive and negative, good and evil, rich and poor, and then recorded them in memory as our truths to achieve the ultimate treasure named as “wisdom” gained from our chosen experiences. Thus, eventually becoming a God and Christ-like being in “knowing all things,” just as the Bible says.

Therefore, if I experience a negative reaction, mentally, physically, or spiritually (like a deadly disease or losing one’s job), no matter if it was my fault or not, I have placed it there for the purpose of helping me examine my beliefs and my choices, which then I eventually learn my true identity as a Creator God in some lifetime. It is the only way healing can occur! Therefore, I am responsible for whatever I am experiencing today, good or bad, no matter if I spend all my life here on earth blaming, praying, going to church, or worshiping some God that will lead to nothing if I keep on creating and following the dark by doing the same thing over and over because of my beliefs.

This is why Lord Melchizedek and the Council of Nine Angelic Masters called me Adam instead of Terry when I spoke to them for the first time in the flesh in 2004. That was also why the Monks showed up in my bedroom in 1975, as they reminded me of my mission to bring out the “time traveler” within myself in this lifetime and how I played them out using many lifetime stories, believing that some God above created me. Meanwhile, while I am at it, I will expose the Church and its false teachings to those who dare to hear it.

With that “back to the Garden experience, where it all began,” I present my autobiography by introducing everyone to the Adam Principle and the time traveler within us all that left our Higher Consciousness (Garden) billions and billions of years ago to learn how to be a wiser creator. And with that, I trust my book will help everyone recognize their own Adam Principle, thus awakening them to their own “I AM Sovereign Self (Oversoul).” By using “Crystalline Energy” (the enormous sun symbolized by God) instead of dual mental energy or the mind of reason, we do eventually awaken to the expanded truth about who we are and where we came from in the scheme of things when it comes to knowing the real God and Christ.

It is from dual-energy and our mind of reason (the Adam Principle) that we will find “all that we believed in, and thought was the truth, is actually not the truth but only a reflection of our belief in a God of duality,” which is why we experience the things we experience (sin) and why Lord Melchizedek called me Adam. Just know that it takes many lifetimes playing “opposite roles” to learn that our truths (sins) were put in place by ourselves eons ago to help awaken us to our false truths and to the real God within when we are ready to hear it. Today, Lord Melchizedek and the Council of Nine Angelic Masters now call me Master and not Adam.    

Terry L. Newbegin


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