The world has fallen into a state of HYPNOSIS and it has been that way for thousands of years due to the TEACHINGS of the CHURCH, Large Corporations, and our Selected Politicians. With the help of the Ascended Masters, I can bring you out of that HYPNOSIS through deep breathing. I have written many books on the subject: The Book of Revelation: A New Beginning; Genesis: Your Journey Home; Unlocking The Consciousness of Your Soul; The Fall of The Church; The Ascended Masters on the Apolalpse, You Are Not Who You Believe Your Are. An Unexpected Communion With MY Oversoul, and my newst book: The Autobiography of Terry L Newbegin, the Time Traveler. You can get your copy of my books here at my website.

I am an innovative CHANNELLER in “New Energy Consciousness.” I work with nine well known Ascended Masters (Yeshua Ben Joesph “Jesus,” Lord Melchezidek, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, and the Archangels, to mention a few). Because of ignorance, fear and mind control, We are STUCK in a NETWORK of copied BELIEFS that keep us locked into a consciousness of suffering and lies. This causes us to FORGET “Who we are” and “How Energy Works“ when it comes to healing our situations in life.


…and if it does not match up to a consciousness of KNOWING “who you truly are,” then all REMAINS as three-dimensional. According to the Ascended Masters, UNDERSTANDING how ENERGY WORKS with consciousness in today’s environment allows for TRUE HEALING to occur. 

If you are looking for answers to your suffering then get in touch with me at to set up an appointment. If you desire just to email me your question, I would do my best to answer it. By working together we will peel away those old tired three-dimensional belief systems that have brought you nothing but pain and suffering.  

If you are READY to move FORWARD and EXPLORE a “New Method” of healing then contact me, via email, for more details. It can take place in your home with just a few people or a venue that holds more. The group sessions can take place during the daytime hours or evenings hours from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM, Monday through Saturday. The days needed to understand “New Energy and New Expassional Consciousness” and how it works with reality will be based on how deep a group wants to take it.

With each group booking, my associate (a channeller in her own right) and I will do personnel channelings free of charge for those who attend, otherwise I do not do personal channelings over the phone or through email. To learn more about group sessions, cost, etc., email or

Note: My website is not about where a person subscribes. It is where a person can visit the website, read the material and blogs, purchase my channeled books, and sign up for group channelings with the Ascended Masters. If there are at least ten or more people that are willing to participate in a group discussion and channelings, Nancy (my channeling partner) and I would travel to your home or any place that can hold the people you invite. The length of the gathers depends on how deep the group wants to go as far as understanding spirit, energy, manifesting of miracles, healing, learning about past lifetimes, and most of all, learning about yourself.

If the group wants to go deep into the subject then it could take up to at least two to three days, with each day having four to six hour sessions. The gathers can take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday or any two to three days out of the week, day or evenings. Also, Nancy and I are willing to do individual channelings as long as the individuals are of the folks attending the group gathering.

As far as pricing or charging a fee for the gatherings! If the drive is less than 200 miles from Lenoir City, Tennessee, Nancy and I will NOT accept payment. We both take the channeling of the Ascended Masters very seriously, including the channeling of Mother Mary and Jesus (Yeshua Ben Joseph). Nancy and I understand that what we receive from the Ascended Masters needs to be passed on as a gift. Payment of any kind has to be in a form of a donation only, but not necessary. Also, if the group is three or more, we are willing to have the gathering in Lenoir City, Tennessee. Just let me know how many would attend.

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