The Forgotten Wisdom Behind Genesis' Story of Creation
$ 15.95

Man has always been confused over the Bible’s examination of the written words because of how they take them literally as truth, especially Genesis’ story of creation and how man has derived from a single-minded God that holds all power to himself. We are taught by our religious leaders that God’s “divine will” must be honored, worshipped, and followed without question; and if not, we are doomed.

My friends, from channeling the ascended masters for many years, I have learned that there is no “divine will” to follow but only our “divine plan” – for the God we seek is not in a book or in a church. In my book, “The Forgotten Wisdom Behind Genesis’ Story of Creation,” author Terry L Newbegin describes how our journey through time and space, lifetime after lifetime, became very limited to where we have forgotten our “divine plan” – for we instead adopted a “human plan” that brought to us cleverness, a remarkable intellect, judgment, power, toughness, inflexibility, bullishness, proficiency, love, and a dual energy that we believe is real.

For generations, religions have tried to build God and their holy books around the mind of reason (the intellect) and that of emotional thinking to understand God and his ways. My friends, most everyone on earth has forgotten in what they perceive about God and the Bible, as it is nothing but a mental version that religions happen to identify as the real God. Therefore, the God and the Bible that we strongly believe is truth has been long replaced and rewritten by those that love power and control. Thus, it should be discarded!

397 Pages
6 x 0.63 x 9 inches
ISBN 10: 107526717X
ISBN 13: 978-1075267178
Available In: Paperback, Kindle
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