Religion As I See It

The study of religion and their teachings of God, Jesus, and the Bible has always held a great interest ever since my early twenties. Here I am today, after fifty years of study, I have come to the realization that their teachings are all based on perception, judgment, rational thinking, and a faithful system of such philosophical concepts that describe how we all formulate and administer information about our choices, and the consequences of those choices, affect our day-to-day lives. Because of these things, and our firm belief in our religious teachings, especially in God, Jesus, Satan, our existence and survival are where we develop our personality, integrity, understanding, and conditions that bind us to what we understand as our reality today. However, no matter how we slice reality and its meaning, it is a principle guideline that universally exists outside of us that we use to determine our beliefs and mindset. We all judge our truths using logic, right, wrong, and from the many unpleasant events, we come to experience through mindset. Thus, forgetting that “we alone” are the creator of it all. Since we all love to wrap ourselves around what our mind does not understand about God, Jesus, Satan, and our emotional ties to religion, the Bible, and our political party in what we consider as fairness, salvation, and justice, we allow their influence into us believing they know more than we do; especially with our safety, our spirit and physical health, and our understanding of the dangers ahead. Most of us do listen, and then we adopt their findings as our truths. Thus, we choose their agenda to follow instead of our own.

Yes, there are always a few out there that dig a little deeper within their hearts on what they are feeling, seeing, and being told about these things, and in their eyes, it leads to only poverty, pain, and more worry. From my study and experiences, truth is not about safety, spiritual and physical health, or what is right and wrong, good and bad, or even what we did in life to be sorry for; it is about learning “who we are” from a higher level of consciousness, and then having the courage to face the real truth over the lies that we have been taught for centuries by religion, our government (local to federal), our professors (teachers), the media, our friends, and yes, even our own family. For example, most of you were brought up to believe that you are liberal, conservative, Catholic, Protestant, etc., that you are black, white, brown, yellow, red, and you are of multiple genders. Notwithstanding that right is right, wrong is wrong, and with no in-between, and that most people do not believe in reincarnation – all of which leads you to work out of a consciousness of stagnation, unawareness, and laziness. Since external events have set up your life belief patterns, then you have forgotten that your life choices have always been connected to your name, your parent’s name, your grandparent’s traditions, your education, your vocation, your place in society, and most of all, how you have become programmed by a system that does not work on your behalf. We fail to understand that the reality we experience in life, good and bad, comes from our beliefs and the system (religion and governments) that is designed for us to experience. If we learned to feel into our thoughts and beliefs about our religious teachings and our political viewpoints, to whom we seem to believe and trust with our lives, we would come to a realization on what defines us today as to who we believe we are, an insecure human waiting for a savior.

Religion has taught for centuries that the Garden of Eden is a place where God created Adam and Eve to live a life of utopia, but only if they remain faithful and true to God and his declaration not to eat the fruit of the “tree of knowledge of good and evil” (Genesis 2:9). However, as the Bible proclaims, Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, triggering their expulsion from the Garden. But, was this expulsion over “defiance,” or was it “free will” to experience the opposite of what they were experiencing as utopia? My friends, how can it be sin or defiance if, from a consciousness of knowing only your “Divine Natural Authority” as a sovereign being in your own right, holds the DNA of a Godlike being (symbolic of the “tree of life). It was you who chose a material existence to create experiences that would allow you to play opposite roles than your Divine Natural Authoritative State of consciousness as a sovereign being to learn wisdom.

In Genesis 3:10, when Adam answered God, “I heard you in the Garden, but I was afraid because I was naked, so I hid myself.” My friends, this verse has nothing to do with Adam and Eve being naked? Know that most Bible scripture is written in code to help us learn the wisdom behind the words of the real God to awaken us from our sleep, and the Book of Genesis is one of those stories that is completely written in code. The “Garden of Eden” symbolizes one’s higher consciousness working from a Divine Natural Authoritative State, as a Godlike being, where one can manifest a physical body to learn the wisdom behind one’s choices. Therefore, the word “nakedness” is about our spirits, in the activating stages of our soul growth eons ago, we felt “fear” for the very first time once we souls moved our focus from out of our “divine natural authoritative state of consciousness” to a much lower “mental and soul state of consciousness” that deals with dual-energy (good and evil) as the source for our creations. 

Therefore, this God of the Bible we all seem to follow and believe who created us is symbolic of a dual-energy timetable where the frequency wave became so low our soul ended up settling in a dense three-dimensional consciousness here on earth that has caused us to forget our divine natural authoritative consciousness (Christ within) all because of being exposed (naked) to an unknown dual-energy that we souls created to experience opposites. Through the act of fear in the beginning stages of our soul development, we created a mind and a soul of a mental nature, symbolized by Adam and Eve, that exposed ourselves to an ego-personality, symbolized by the serpent in the Garden, that led us into a very dense physical consciousness of obscurity and forgetfulness. The fear came from an unknowingness that we may never return to our divine natural authoritative state of consciousness or at least until we explored all facets of our mental mind and soul consciousness of responsibility. From this focus on such a lower part of our consciousness, and without warning, we all produced a deep sensation that appeared as power. From this false perception, our ego-personality believing in power caused us souls to generate a personality within us of control, greed, jealousy, judgment, blame, pride, and laziness about us that was taken as ingenuity and intelligence, or translated as our Cain ego consciousness. It came from this deceptiveness on our part coming from our mind and how it placed us into a mental consciousness where we got lost in an ego physical personality that carried many lifetime experiences where our education, knowledge, self-worth, and intelligence came from being taught to us about “who we are as a human” instead of us seeking the wisdom behind what we are experiencing as a divine being in human form. It came from a lack of seeking, as this laziness persists today, that led us to a doctrine that some God created us and that we were kicked out of a Garden because of sin.

We humans here on earth are all Adams and Eves (the masculine and feminine within) playing out of our Cain and Abel ego-personality consciousness of many, as we, from our ego-personality, are playing in the physical realm under the spell of a Cain consciousness that carries a low energy frequency that matches those that love to control us, like religion, governments, the media, and big businesses such as the pharma industry. If allowed, our Abel consciousness carries a much higher frequency that can connect us to our God-given DNA (Divine Natural Authoritative) state of sovereignty as a Godlike being where we could manifest nothing but magic in our lives. However, what stops us from this connection is our strong belief in a God that holds to religious teachings that one is a sinner and therefore needs a savior. It comes from the belief in this God of the Bible that causes the male gender to feel superior over the female. All because we (male or female) work only from out of our emotional, rational minds. And it works that way because we, from our DNA state of Christhood, have passed all authority (power) over to our “deceptive divided mind” where the masculine side (Adam) judges our thoughts as either good or evil and then stores them in memory (feminine soul Eve side) until such a time those thoughts are passed back to the masculine side of self to choose what to experience to learn wisdom.

In the beginning stages of our Divine Natural Authoritative state of sovereignty as a Godlike being, we had no form other than the light generated from our union to the Christ consciousness. In other words, our connection to the Christ within is real, even with our mind-soul mental consciousness and our ego, meaning we have the authority to create images of things to experience to learn the wisdom behind our choices. It was from this connection that led to a question eons ago! How can we souls experience something if we are only consciousness, expression, and light? And it was from that question, we all began to express more and more of our thoughts outward and into what the Bible calls the abyss that soon formulated in denseness (earth) to experience. We did not just want to imagine things to experience; we wanted to manifest these things to feel, taste, smell, hear and see the experience first had to learn the wisdom behind it. So, by creating “belief systems” and “dual-energy,” we gave ourselves the ability to do all these things and then acquire the by-product (materialization of things) of learning the wisdom behind the meaning of free will and choice. Thus, becoming a sovereign Christ and God in our own right! Each soul created their own “divine plan,” and the earth became part of the divine plan for many of us where we would renounce our Christ Sovereignty (Divine Natural Authority (DNA)) and move into a mental-soul and a Cain ego-personality consciousness to learn the wisdom of us being a Christ in human form. Jesus showed us how it was done by fulfilling his mission when he walked the earth, and now it is our turn to do the same.

When we souls moved upon the earth’s surface in a perceptual mental and physical mind and body, we misunderstood this power to be inclusive in scope to only this single solitary white male God of the Bible. And, when we looked upon this God as all-knowing and all-powerful, and to where this God, at will, can destroy, protect, heal, and defend us, that was the time we felt our divine plan come into action. For this reason, we now define our reality and shape our world based upon our strong religious beliefs in an illusionary white Hebrew God that was actually created by those in power eons ago to keep us asleep to the real God. We fail to see that no matter how much we pray to this false God for peace, salvation, and protection, all that we get are more problems, more wars, and less freedom. We, the people of this earth, have become so hypnotized and brainwashed by the world’s elites, such as our medical profession, our professors (teachers), religions and their teaching of a savior because of sin, the media, big businesses, that Socialism or Communism are better than Capitalism, and our politicians on all levels of government – all of which we have become dead to all that is real. My friends, our connection to the Christ within, through our own DNA, is the savior and not someone outside of us, not even Jesus will come and save us. Jesus was the example of our connection to the Christ within. Thus, it was through “choice” about why we left our divine natural authoritative state of consciousness and not that we have “sinned.” Sin is nothing more than falling short of “knowing who you truly are at your core consciousness.”

People follow these professions blindly because of being taught to feel unworthy, shameful, guilty, and to fear God. We have forgotten that we are the unspecified and nameless intelligent designers that have evolved through the process of evolution and reincarnation, and not that we are a product of some sin or white male God that hates, loves conditionally, and demands worshipping. We gave away our freedom, power, individuality, and the truth of being connected to Christ within long ago to support an instilled intellectual and emotional belief to benefit from feeling secure and being part of something. And all of it was instituted by religion, our intellect, and our politicians promising us they will guide and protect us from ourselves as if they are our gods and them knowing better than we do. Whether you are aware of your consciousness (spirit) as being the life-giver to the creations of your reality or not, just know that energy will always respond to your consciousness acts (truths). So be careful of your truths because that is where your reality is felt!

Terry L. Newbegin


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