My Modest Beginning

From the time of my birth in 1948 there was a brief moment when my identity, other than being a baby boy, was not known to me, my parents, my brothers, or the world. Then within a few minutes, my parents set in motion an idea that celebrated my birth by giving me a name. With this name, I was then introduced to my family, the church, and the world. Then once I was baptized, I belonged to God and the Roman Catholic Church. It was from that point where I was expected to obey, follow, and support the beliefs of my parents, their parents before them, and the Church. However, in my late teens, I grew mystified by what I was being taught about God and Jesus. This confusion led me to question the Church and its teachings. From their teachings about “a common person could never reach the divineness of God or Jesus’s distinctive royal presence unless God’s priests were there to administrate his truths, I would never be worthy enough to walk in Jesus shoes or sit in his “chair” is what helped me make the decision to leave the church at a very young age. This explanation created within me a sudden loss of my own identity. It was at that point where I asked himself, “Who am I?”

I came from a family of seven and we were what most people would consider poor; for we all lived in a house of about one thousand square feet. The exterior of our home was that off boards and tarpaper for waterproofing. Growing up in this small town in northern Maine my parents did their best in creating opportunities for us children to achieve some type of success. And, with no hope of me ever attending higher education, all that I could do was work toward opening my own business if I would ever see or experience success.

My first experience with seeing spirits started when I was about eight years old. I remembers lying in bed next to my four-year old brother seeing faces that were not of this earth staring at me. It was not until I was about ten years old before I gathered enough courage to stare back at them without using my blanket as a protector. Without realizing it at the time, the spirits that showed themselves to me were Jesus, Mother Mary, Melchizedek, Moses, Tobias, and Kuthumi Lal Singh – for these are the same Ascended Masters that work with me today. However, when I was thirteen years old (1961), my ability to see spirits completely stopped. It was as if someone turned off a switch, and then they were gone, not to be seen or heard until 2004.

During my high school years, I was not much of a student when it came to academics. But in 1966, at the age of seventeen, I graduated. I was never a showing person. I was very shy and never did I assert myself into something that made me feel uncomfortable. However, in 1968, I found a job as an automotive parts runner for seventy-five dollars a week. With this job I noticed that I had the passion in learning about vehicle parts by studying its manuals. It was because of this passion in 1971, I learned all the workings of automotive government contracting when it came to purchasing vehicle parts for the military. So, in 1971, along with three other partners, I opened an automotive parts store with me as its president. However, because of very trying times, I and the company went bankrupt three and half years later.

Then something happened that changed my life. It occurred right after the bankruptcy in 1975, when my wife and I ran completely out of money three days before payday, leaving us without any money to buy food and milk for our children. It happened while I was at work, my wife turned over our last few dollars to a neighbor that needed it more than we did. It was within that same day; my wife won a twenty-dollar drawing at a local food store. And, to our surprise, the very next day my wife again won another twenty-dollar drawing at the same food store. This gave us forty-dollars two days before payday. Of course, in 1975 forty-dollars bought a lot of food.

However, to top it off, I was lying in bed late that night, looking up at the ceiling, trying to go to sleep. And, out of nowhere, some kind of distortion took place with the ceiling above me. Captivated by what I saw I watched the darkness of the bedroom and the ceiling give way to the brightness of the night sky and how it was filled with glittering stars. Then all of a sudden, I saw three Franciscan Monks emerge from the darkness that was once my bedroom. Once I became aware of them, they began to walk toward me. Then the Monks stopped near the foot of my bed standing shoulder to shoulder gazing at him. And, that is when I noticed their clothing was of traditional brown robes that Franciscans wear. Then one of the Monks moved closer to me. And, as the Monk pulled his hood off his head, that is when I noticed his grayish hair and kind face.

As I laid in bed gazing at him, he began to speak to me, saying: “Hello Terry, how are you doing? Of course, I said fine! Then the Monk spoke again, saying: “Terry, you were with us in another lifetime. And now, in this lifetime, it is meant for you to know the truth.” That said: my reply was “then what is the truth?” That is when the Monk standing next to my bed joined up with the other Monks at the foot of my bed and disappeared. A few days later my thoughts began to focus on reading the Bible! Therefore, in the following months, I read the Bible from cover to cover. Once finished, I began to feel the urge to go back to Genesis, the beginning. That is when I began to have this feeling deep within me to write a book about Genesis. But the moment I formed this question in my mind, I said to myself that I cannot do that because I was no writer! Right after that thought, I felt a very strong vibrational energy move throughout my body. And, that is when I heard a voice in my head, saying to me: “Write a book about Genesis. Learn to understand the wisdom of the book and then write what you feel is the interpretation of that wisdom.”

So, in the late 70’s, I began to study Genesis, chapter by chapter, verse by verse, and that is when I began to notice a hidden message behind the literal words, and even how the verses were laid out in each chapter. However, at the time, I found myself conflicted because my passion was to get back into business. So, I pushed aside what I heard from spirit and went back to focusing on getting back in business. It wasn’t no more than eight months after my bankruptcy, I found a way to get back into business. Once in business again, a few months after that, I bid on and won over twenty-six government contracts throughout the United States, selling vehicle parts to the military. However, after eighteen years working with a partner, I was kicked out of my own company.

Then one day sitting and doing some deep breathing, out of the blue, I began to feel someone speaking to me again from beyond the physical realm. When I first felt this vibrational forum, for it was awhile since I felt it, I suspected my mind was playing with me. Yet, in spite of what my mind was judging it to be, I could feel the sincerity of someone beyond the physical realm talking to me. It was then that I intuitively knew that someone not of this world was actually conveying a message to me, via consciousness to consciousness. And, what I heard was amazing. The message: “It was not about my business, a signed agreement, family, education, where I was born, my intellect, or my failures, or even about God. It was about the wisdom that I had learned from every experience and every encounter that I had with myself, with my past lifetimes, and with others in this lifetime.”

That was when I learned to trust only in what I was feeling coming from within my own consciousness. And, once I let go, it was in that moment I felt, not only my higher self speaking, but other spirit entities around me as well; as they again gave me a message, saying: “Along my path of many lifetimes contains the wisdom of my experiences, and when I place ‘all that I am’ as in this lifetime only because of those beliefs, my upbringing, and who I think I am, then I cannot bring forth the wisdom of those experiences to my outer consciousness. And because of it, I have been separated from my higher soul self and all the wisdom it possesses. Therefore, being aware of ‘who I truly am,’ is more important than all the treasures, education, and power in the world.”

Immediately after I heard the messages, I again heard the words in my consciousness saying, “Once I understand this, then all of those things and more will come to me automatically anyway because I would be ‘aware of who I am as a God also,’ therefore drawing toward me all that comes with the knowing of who I truly am.” That was for the first time in my life that there was nothing to fix about me, other than perhaps a little love and care for myself. It was in that very moment I decided to open up another company in 1993, using my own name. And, today, 2021, my annual sales are in the millions, and I have written seven books with the Ascended Masters at my side guiding me all the way.

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