An Unexpected Communion with my Oversoul: The Unknown Made Known
$ 14.99

It began on a cold rainy December, when I decided to walk on the treadmill downstairs instead of outside. And once I begin my walk, I unexpectedly began to commune with my Oversoul. The unique part of the experience was when I witnessed my total existence as just consciousness with no physical body. And what I heard did not seem like words but felt more like a “sound” that my mind interpreted as words. And yet, that “sound” came across as an energy frequency of “pure white light” that transmitted a “distinct frequency” so my lower physical consciousness could interpret the meaning behind the “sound.” That is when I instantly found myself honing in on the beginning of my existence as a “souled being” and not as a “creation of God” as per the Bible.

Though I witnessed my beginning, I knew what felt like a beginning was that I had “no beginning” other than becoming “aware” of my “I AM Consciousness” and how the energy coming from it appeared as “Crystalline Energy” that appeared as “Pure White Light” that had no division and no two conflicting or opposing energy frequencies. The experience gave me the feeling that I was more than just a three-dimensional being locked into this three-dimensional world because of my perception that a God above created me, and what fortified it was my belief in it.

This experience made me feel alive, independent, and completely free, as if I were the absolute supreme source for my creations and not a single-minded God above me. This communion with my Oversoul awakened within me not only whatever I desired to experience I could create. It gave me the insight that whatever I create will always begin with consciousness and followed up with an endless pure white light energy frequency to give those creations form, animation, and a playground (dimension) to experience them as my reality.

185 Pages
6 x 0.47 x 9 inches
ISBN 13: 979-8986624402
Available In: Hardback, Paperback
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