The Four Building Blocks of God

Many of you have always questioned if God is real! Well! God is real, but not in the terms as you understand God. Many of you have heard that we are in the last days where Jesus and the angels are to come down from Heaven and save those who are worthy of him. And, as many know, religion has always made God, and the expression of the word itself, very confusing and mysterious because they want to maintain this God known in the Bible as coming from light when, in truth, this God known in the Bible comes from the dark. The bible is set up for religion to keep you asleep to the real meaning behind Christ’s return and an understanding of who God and the Devil are. By keeping you locked into a three-dimensional consciousness, where duality and this God and Devil of darkness prevent you from ever moving into the fifth dimension, it then becomes essential to know these “Four Building Blocks of God” before you can ever understand the real Christ, and how Ascension works. However, to clear up any confusion about God and the Devil, let’s understand them better, and the only way you can do that is to first understand the “beginning.”

First, let it be known that the “beginning” was not about a Garden, or even Adam, Eve, the Serpent, or humanity coming to earth. The “beginning” was about the “consciousness of the Spirit of One” and not about a white, male God that created the universe, humanity, and the earth as you appreciate these things. Instead, it was the “beginning” of you as a “souled being,” becoming aware of your own consciousness as an acting force in all your creations. However, the word “beginning” and the word “God” and the “Devil” themselves are not the appropriate words to use because, in truth, there was no “beginning,” nor was there a “God and Devil” It was an “awakening!” For instance, in terms of understanding all of this, one has to look at the “Spirit of One’s Consciousness and how it was voiced and presented as being the “Goddess,” and the “oneness of all that was,” was just us souled beings. In other words, the “beginning,” if you want to call it that, is where all spirits were “all that was in consciousness” and not some God as you understand God today. All souled beings not only represent the “Spirit of One” in her absoluteness, infiniteness, limitlessness, and everlastingness, with having no beginning or end, but all souls are also her consciousness, and she is your consciousness.

Thus, the “beginning” and this “God and Devil of the Bible,” in fact, is an “act in consciousness” where you, as a soul, begin to recognize yourself as the source. Therefore, the “beginning” was not about something appearing out of nowhere, like the Universe or Adam, Eve, the Serpent, and the Garden, but was the activation of the “Spirit of One’s” awakening to her own “consciousness where she recognized herself as being God, the Goddess, Christ, and “all that is, and ever will be,” for her awakening to consciousness became known as the “first creation” mentioned in the Bible. The term “first creation” is symbolic of the Garden and not that there was a real Garden. It is really about your own divine Christ-consciousness and how it represents Heaven and the Goddess that is within you. The Garden, taken literally, was to help you understand “not only your beginning,” but as in an “awakening” to your own Christ consciousness, where all souled beings created the “beginning of a Crystalline Neutralized Energy,” which, by the way, the angel’s call the “God of Light.” In other words, the real “God” is nothing but a “universal omnipresent mind field of a pure neutralized crystalline energy that appears as light.” 

This means that there was no God, as in an individual, and if there is no God, then there is no Devil, no Earth, no Universe, no ego-personality, and no crystalline energy with this “first awakening.” However, within a blink of an eye, or instantaneously, we souled beings (all gazillions upon gazillions of us), acting as the Spirit of One, followed in that awakening, like a microsecond afterward, created what the Angels call this “Universal Omnipresent Mind Field of Pure Neutralized Crystalline Energy of no Force that appeared as “Light.” And in that “awakening,” we souls, at first, had no division, no positive, no negative, no form, no gender, and no name or form to us. We did not even have weight, height, size, or that we were part of time and space, for there was only our Christ consciousness. In fact, nothing existed outside of our Christ consciousness because all that did exist was just consciousness. There were no stars, universes, planets, animals, vegetation, moons, or anything of an “energy nature” that the Spirit of One, us souled beings, could interact with other than our Christ consciousness.

But once we souled beings, acting together as the Spirit of One, became aware of our Christ consciousness, we instantaneously asked ourselves a question: “Who am I?” And it was from this single question that we souls, together, ended up generating a mirror image of ourselves in order to see ourselves. And, with this “act in consciousness,” the desire to express caused you (all of us) to bring forth what is called today “God’s Light (pure energy).” Therefore, the “Garden” religion speaks of is symbolic of your Christ consciousness. In simple terms, the Spirit of One and “all that was in the beginning,” if you want to call it that, was us souled beings triggering our own awakening in consciousness as the source of life and the creator of all that is, and not that some God above creating us. In fact, it was with this “act in consciousness” by you, all souled beings, in that moment of great passion in answering the question, “Who am I?” You fragmented your “oneness of consciousness:” into many, many parts and pieces of yourself. And in doing so, you set the pattern of creating a divine plan to learn who you are as divine beings. (Genesis 3:5). This means that every souled being, you, me, and everyone else, including those of the dark, are equal in spirit to whom religion calls God and the Devil.

Allow me, as a disciple of Christ incarnated, to explain what is said here. First, the Garden is symbolic of us souled beings being the makeup of the “consciousness of the Spirit of One,” also known as the Christ consciousness or the Goddess. Therefore, you, as a simple human here on earth, are absolutely divine, and you had no beginning other than having an awakening that felt it was a “beginning.”  And once you became awakened to your consciousness and existence, you instantly were given everything that the Spirit of One (Goddess) had: Individuality, Infiniteness, Absoluteness, Unlimited Abilities, Divineness, and the total Freedom to Express, Love, Experience, and Choose your own divine plan as a Sovereign Goddess. Therefore, you, as all souled beings, resided as a Goddess, individualized, but as one consciousness acting as the “Spirit of One” in creating a divine plan to learn “who you are as an “omnipresent consciousness” (meaning we actually have a consciousness that is present everywhere at once – thus, we are multidimensional).

This is what makes you a divine being and a Christ also, for you are everlasting and absolutely equal in nature as far as having the authority to do whatever you please as a living Goddess in your own right. And since you, all souled beings, are the collectiveness of the Spirit of One, you had the authority to give yourself the “Free Will” to choose and the “Authority” to create dual energy to fuel your creations. Thus, you, all souled beings, then created what is known as the “Omnipresent Universal Mind Field of Pure Absolute Neutralized Unbiased Crystalline Energy” that ended up appearing as “Light, of which this neutralized transparent energy became known as the “God of Light.” Therefore if there is “dark (Devil),” then it had to come from “light (Goddess),” which means “dark” (Devil) is an illusion.

In short, the angels call this “God of Light” “Crystalline Energy,” as it represents the “Father-God” marrying up with the “Goddess” (or your own “I AM” Christ consciousness). And together, you, as an individual Christ in your own right, and as a group, created “all that is and ever will be,” including this God and Devil of the Bible. In other words, “God is like a vast ocean, and us humans are the drops of water making up that ocean; and, if we took away all the drops, then there would be no ocean, therefore no God.”  Hearing this statement coming from the angels of the highest, and what has been said about the real God being an “energy of light,” and not as a super white male deity, you can now understand that it took the Goddess part of your Christ consciousness to create this “God of Light,” which is just transparent energy, but an energy that is divine and neutralized, and with complete unbiasedness, or no judgment of any kind, and is absolutely unchangeable and infinite. Therefore, it was you and all souled beings who created the real God and not the other way around. Haven’t you heard the expression that “God is Light?” Therefore, according to the angels of the highest, you are, in your natural form, a Christ, a Goddess, and you use this real God (this neutralized energy of light) for your creations.

This is where the misinterpretations of sin come from since you, and all souls, used this “pure energy of neutrality (the real God) to create an energy that spirals in a manner that feels opposite to pure and neutral. Hence, nothing can happen in physical life, like right or wrong, good or evil, light or dark, poorness or richness, health or unhealthiness, unless it happens first within your consciousness first. And yet, your consciousness is, was, and has always been infinite, having no beginning or end, and that consciousness part of you is the Goddess and the creator of what you experience in life. Therefore, what you understand as the Devil is nothing more than you building up your ego-personalities and not believing you are a Goddess, the Christ, and the creator of your world. We souls, acting as the Spirit of One, eons ago, and by way of a “consciousness act,” split this “Crystalline Energy” and generated (created) what the angels call “Crystal Energy.” And from this creation, we souls produced a new form of energy that seemed to appear as light and dark, where one part of it spiraled upward in the opposite direction from the other side. And from this, “Crystal Energy of Light and Dark,” and with its formula as appearing as opposites, we souls ended up creating a new type of energy called “Cosmic Energy.”

It was from this “Cosmic Energy of Light and Dark” that we souls all ended up formulating a mental version of what appeared as “light (God) and dark (Devil)” energy to appear as to oppose each other where we now come to earth as a male and female. That was when we souled beings set up a formulated emotional consciousness called our “Mind” and our “Soul Record of Responsibility,” which is symbolized by Adam and Eve in the Garden. Adam represented the masculine-positive-light side of the mind, and Eve took on the opposite role, represented by the feminine-negative-dark side of that same mind (still you). And together, it all represents the “tree of knowledge of good and evil.” And yet, this “Cosmic Energy of Light and Dark” just represents your mind (Adam) and your soul (Eve) partaking of dual energy and manifesting what comes to you in opposites, like positive and negative, good and bad, right and wrong, in order for you to experience your choices in the flesh to learn the wisdom behind your choices. All symbolized by the apple!

Thus, none of what you call good and evil, right and wrong, light (God) and dark (Devil), male and female, and positive and negative are actually real because your natural state is just consciousness. It was from this “act in consciousness” by all souled beings working on an emotional level of consciousness mimicking what we did in creating “Crystalline Energy” where we ended up creating an outer version of ourselves that came in the form of a dual-energy and dual-consciousness. And it was from this “dual mental consciousness” that our souls ended up producing what is called “Earth Energy.” And with this “Earth Energy,” we souls produced energy of such density and polarity our consciousness took on another layer of itself that ended up as our ego-personality consciousness, representing the God and Devil (Serpent) from the Bible that became physical and lost (asleep) to your higher Christ consciousness (the Goddess). And from this lower vibrating three-dimensional consciousness, along with a three-dimensional energy of duality, you ended up as being the fallen angel described in the Bible as Satan’s army by you opposing your own Christ Consciousness. And this is where religion gets its idea of everyone being born of sin.

There is no such thing as sin; only experiencing to gain wisdom from your choices, playing with the illusion of light and dark (God and the Devil of the Bible) in order to learn the wisdom behind you being a Christ. And, in the end, you eventually find your way back to your oneness of consciousness again. When an idea (thought) is born from within your mind, your mental Adam and Eve consciousness desire to materialize it using dense energy to experience the idea through your five physical senses. However, before the mind can service this idea and materialize it, such as having a physical body, the energy first must come from the Crystalline Energy of neutrality. Once the idea moves through your mental-emotional mind, a choice has to be made on what energy frequency you want the idea to be played out, either mentally using cosmic energy or physically using earth energy. Therefore, once you enter earth as a newborn, that is when the mind chooses to use either positive, negative, or neutral energy as the basic configuration to play out the idea of experience. In other words, do you choose to play it out as good or bad or play it out in a neutralized, compassionate, unconditional state of mind in the flesh?

Once you began to lean more toward desiring to experience both sides of a coin in a more outrageous observation, or the opposite of neutral or unconditional, and because of how your emotional mind works, you began to choose more of Cosmic and Earth Energy as your basic source for your creations. Thus, you became more conditional than unconditional with your creations. From man’s perspective, we have a hard time distinguishing the whole idea of there only being Crystalline Energy because of forgetfulness. Therefore, we only see Earth Energy as being all that there is. We souled beings have forgotten that Crystal, Cosmic, and Earth Energy all come from Crystalline Energy. But because of our mental and emotional nature, we only understand energy as duality, positive and negative, or good and evil, or God and the Devil.

And as long as you belong to a three-dimensional consciousness, you will always experience light and dark creations as if real because of the authority (power) placed behind the creation by the creator (you). Remember, you are God, the Goddess, Christ, and if you, at your core essence, feed your ego-personality physical consciousness with the belief in good and evil, then, because of your authority as a Christ and Goddess, you will manifest that experience to play out no matter if good or evil. Why is this? It is because of your deep belief in separation, sin, and punishment. This strong belief in sin is what kicked you, all souls, out of your higher divine Christ consciousness of neutrality. And this is why you, as mankind, live out of an ego-personality consciousness that believes in power, and a God and Devil, which is why you still participate in a wavering, interacting, dualistic “Earth Energy” frequency that is so dense and opposing, you feel and experience it as something real, and yet it is not real.

As you are a disciple of Christ, only those of a three-dimensional consciousness will follow this false God and Devil of the Bible. What needs attention is your “I AM” Christ consciousness, along with your “I AM” Goddess, as you and others together were the ones that created what you are experiencing today. Together, we can end what is happening to us by just doing some deep breathing and looking within ourselves for the answer to what we feel as fear.

Terry L. Newbegin


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