The Awakening

Most of you believe that your mind is the only source that shapes the reality that you live. You believe, without question, that you are your name, your accomplishments, your family history, your education, your intelligence, your religion, and your occupation. Well! You are far more than those things! You have forgotten over many generations that you have handed over your sovereignty as a free agent of your spirit. You have handed over your free will and your choices to those who love directing you as if you are slaves to them. Without realizing it, just about every choice you have ever made in your life was controlled by your government, religion, and their leaders and followers. This includes your free will to choose. And I am speaking of choices that guarantee them that no matter what you decide, ninety-seven percent of the time, you will end up choosing precisely what they want you to choose, even right down to what you eat, what you buy, how you are educated, who to vote for, and what you believe about Jesus, God, and the Devil.

If most of you believe in God, Jesus, and Christ, then let it be known that you have not been following Christ or the words of Jesus since he left Earth because you have been too busy worshipping the man and his demise on the cross instead of his message. Doesn’t it seem odd to you that most on earth have been worshipping the messenger instead of his message? Do you really believe that Jesus wants your worship? No! Jesus wants you to study, learn, and awaken to the Christ within yourself as he did. You have been following the words of the Anti-Christ and how it has steered your focus on worshipping Jesus, the man, instead of the Christ ideal. Of course, let us hope that this blog will help awaken you and those who are ready and willing to do some self-study in what Jesus tried to reveal to us over two thousand years ago. And that is, you are a Christ also!

I know many of you may be thinking, what the hell is he talking about? In fact, you may even be saying to yourself that there is no way anyone can make me follow the Anti-Christ, or for that matter, who to vote for without me consenting to it. Well, allow me to ask you a few questions. Are you wearing a mask, or did you wear a mask during the COVID-19 era? How about the experimental vaccine? Because if you have gotten the shot without doing any research about what’s in it, then you have been following the Anti-Christ for a very long time. What’s been hidden from you is that you and the people of this earth have been locked into a programmed consciousness where these dark-minded individuals, called our politicians and church leaders, have been controlling every aspect of your life for centuries, even how you accepted and chose to believe in a God of death and destruction instead of a God of life, sovereignty, and freedom.

The perfect example of this is Jesus on the cross, as many of you still today worship this image of a man on a cross instead of revering and idolizing his message. It is okay to honor the man but not to idolize him as a God over you. The God and the message of Jesus that you worship today have been taken over and have been controlled by those in power since God’s (religion) inception, as you are very much asleep idolizing a false God that is solely based on duality, good and bad, lies, power, manipulation, right, wrong, judgment, hate, envy, destruction, and greed. Because of being brainwashed and programmed, you have actually forgotten that there is no soul involvement with your free will to choose your actions other than to follow those that programmed you many lifetimes ago. And it still continues today!

Why is this? Because everything you think and act on is mental and emotional, which is why you are conditioned and programmed to follow those who teach and believe Christ and God belong to only one man. If you continue to give up your free will and have no choice because of following others’ ideas of Jesus, God, and if not God, then others’ mental perceptions of what life and God should be in their eyes, then your programming will continue. Thus, your suffering becomes a big lie. And the best way to get out of that lie is to invite your Oversoul (Christ) back into your life. You have forgotten that your “I AM’s” Christ consciousness is your “Oversoul (higher self)” that brings in all the wisdom of your experiences from your past lifetimes right on up to your present lifetime.

Because of being brainwashed and programmed, you have actually forgotten that there is no soul involvement with your free will to choose your actions other than to follow those that programmed you many lifetimes ago. And it still continues today! Why is this? Because everything you think and act on is mental and emotional, which is why you are conditioned and programmed to follow those who teach and believe Christ and God belong to only one man. Since your life has been set up by external events that have nothing to do with “who God, Jesus, and who you are,” then you have forgotten that you are connected to your human name and your parent’s name, your grandparent’s traditions, your education, your vocation, your place in society, and most of all, how you are programmed into interpreting your good and bad stories and experiences in life as good and evil, truth and lies.

However, let it be known that you have been inadvertently programmed by the system without you realizing it. Thus, all choices come from your beliefs and what the system has designed for you to believe and experience. Some call it the matrix, and some call it socialism, collectivism, and even communism! If you would look into your thoughts and beliefs about Christ, your political viewpoints, and to whom you believe and trust without having to explain away your behavior patterns, you would see that these behavior patterns are what define you as to “who you believe you are today.” If you continue to buy into the definitions of your behavior patterns, then you can excuse almost any action you take, good or bad, by saying, “That is just the way you are,” which you are not.

Because of dual-energy beliefs, you become baffled about “why are you the way you are” compared to being the creator of “all that you are.” It has come down to the living and the dead, interpreted as to those awakened and to those who are asleep! For example, You assume that your beginning of life was when you were born on earth and that your biological parents are the ones who made it happen. For most, like me, I had this belief growing up that I never existed before I was born. However, after reaching the age of curiosity, I began to research the subject, and I uncovered something about myself that most would never consider. I found that my birth here on earth was not the first time living here on earth. Why do I say this? To my surprise, what I learned is that I overlooked the importance of my consciousness, my memories of dimensional proportion, and how my reality and experiences had come from them. I know that this may sound weird, but I did learn that it takes an absolute “act in consciousness” before energy is stimulated enough to bring about any idea or materialism or life before it can be played out here on earth.

However, before my awakening to this fact, I first had to be born on earth with a name given to me by my parents to identify me as someone part of the human race. It was also a time in my infant life when I had no clue that I was even conscious of my existence, let alone being God’s creation. However, after six months to a year of living on earth, I learned to recognize my human name as the name I answered to in this lifetime. Thus, it did not take long before I understood and judged my human name as to “all that I was,” and that I never existed before my birth on earth. Also, along with that belief, I was taught that good is God’s way and evil is the Devil’s way, with no middle ground for misunderstanding or interpretation. As I entered the first five grades of public school, I began to develop a certain type of belief that kind of fortified that my given name was indeed who I was as an individual.

For example, the first few school grades taught me that certain letters of the alphabet, when put together, formed words; and then those words were shaped into sentences that evolved into paragraphs, pages, and books. As with words, sentences, paragraphs, pages, and books, public schools taught me how to use numbers. And, if applied correctly, I could become a successful person in life. Without realizing it, you have become so occupied with your beliefs regarding these things on all levels. What is believed to be the truth about Jesus and God, according to your religions, and what seems real is what keeps you trapped in a world of deception, trickery, and delusions that you take as your truths without even questioning any of them as genuine.

Because of your physical body density, you only see what the brain understands as something that appears solid, and therefore it must be real and genuine. Therefore, if the brain only understands things as solid and true, then the eyes have no choice but to see what is understood by the brain as solid and true, even though science will tell you nothing is solid or true. If the brain is filled with hardwired beliefs with what you perceive as truth and nothing but the truth since birth, then how can you see beyond what you believe is real?

You have been taught for centuries that you must have a purpose in life. Even the human mind has been conditioned to believe that it has to have a purpose; otherwise, nothing is real. It is not about intelligence or your ability to be smarter and more powerful than someone else. Or if religion, government, schools, and others know more than you. It is not even how much money you make or how much you know about Jesus, God, or how much you go to Church. It is about knowing and being aware of your Christ consciousness, who you are following, and how the body and mind relate to your Oversoul’s wisdom.

Maybe you can now understand why the Bible states that the “serpent” in the Garden was the most cunning of all (Genesis 3:1), as this serpent represents your deceiving Cain consciousness working against your Abel consciousness of being aware that you are a Christ also. Thus, you moved from a higher state of consciousness eons ago to a three-dimensional consciousness where you, through time and space, incarnation after incarnation, created many ego-type Cain-personality aspects of yourself that worked in an opposing way where you ended up becoming a multi-dimensional being, having multiple opposing beliefs and lifetimes. And it was all due to this layering of your consciousness and the ego’s cunningness of having a Cain-type personality that you ended up becoming the “beast” mentioned in the Book of Revelation.

As most religions have been waiting for the Anti-Christ to appear, let it be known that the Anti-Christ is not just with one person. It is about your mind’s perception and your ego taken up as your Cain consciousness, a consciousness that is willing to play with the dark and light to learn the wisdom behind your choices and that of dual opposing energy (good and evil). Where else could your Christ consciousness hide the wisdom of the beast and the Anti-Christ but within your own mental and ego consciousness? Therefore, the real story behind the “fall in consciousness” was “choice” and not “sin.” It was placed before you to remain with the “whole of what is your Christ consciousness” or move into the unknown principles of a “three-dimensional consciousness” that took on the belief in power and a God that is outside of you. And, as depicted in the story of creation, most chose the “tree of knowledge of good and evil.” However, please understand that it does not mean that you have sinned or did something wrong or evil. It is that you made a “choice to experience the opposite to what you truly are at your very core.”

When you began your journey as an extension of the Spirit of One eon’s ago, her omnipresent universal consciousness (present everywhere at once) became your consciousness, thus bequeathing you (all souls) as the Mother-Goddess, the Christ, and the creator of “all that is today,” including what is known as a “universal omnipresent mind field of pure neutralized unbiased energy of light,” that Jesus called Father, and we humans call God. Henceforth, each one of us owns our “God Energy of Light.” In other words, no one owns your share of this “God Energy of Light” but you. However, one can steal your God’s energy by having you believe that some God above and outside of you created you and that good and evil are real, and therefore you need saving and protection.

Due to the strong belief in sin, your male side of the mind (the Anti-Christ) continues to dump all of your light and dark creations into the female side of your mind (your soul) without taking full responsibility for it. And to make matters worse, your Cain ego-personalities of many lifetimes continue to deceive you from the mind level into believing that God, power, and the devil are separate from you. Therefore, you believe you need to be saved by someone outside of yourself. In effect, the idea of you and all souls getting kicked out of the Garden for disobeying God is just symbolic of you creating billions and billions of positive (good) and negative (bad) potentials and beliefs for you and group consciousness to experience in the flesh to answer the question, “Who am I?” We souled beings, the Christ that we are, chose to take a big bite into this cloning of our consciousness and use dual opposing energy to create for ourselves as many potentials and belief patterns filled with opposing ideas and potentials to experience. This creation allowed us souls to experience the dark and the light because, in the end, it would deliver to our Christ consciousness (real self) the wisdom behind all those experiences.

When you learn to commit to seeing both sides of the coin, that is when you allow yourself to move forward in consciousness to where you begin to see that over two thousand years ago, the coming of Yeshua Ben Joseph (Jesus) on earth began the New Age movement, as the Christ seed consciousness was planted upon the earth, waiting for its germinating to grab hold now in this lifetime for many. Today, the new age movement has evolved to “New Energy Consciousness,” where one has the opportunity to move into the fifth dimension and higher. However, only a few will accept! Why is that? It is all based on “common sense and research.” Many fail to study what is being presented as truth from a more intuitive and spiritual way to learn the wisdom behind what you are experiencing today. Instead, you work with your mind and your emotions in judging your perception of facts according to your training.

Terry L. Newbegin


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