The Soul-Mind-Body-Spirit

Religions teach that we have a soul but a soul that cannot be understood in a positive or in a pure way because it cannot be seen or witnessed. Religions support the concept that as long as we are alive here on earth, the soul is with us, but once the body dies, the soul departs, either moving on to heaven or to a place of torment and anguish or somewhere in-between. For this reason, the soul is seen by mankind in a more negative way more than a positive because of the way our religious upbringing has taught us. Religions also declare that the soul is what causes the body to grow and have animation because, without the soul, the body would deteriorate and die, which is partially true. It is the SPIRIT that injects the life force into the SOUL that animates the brain-MIND and the EGO personality (human body) into taking action for the sole purpose of soul growth.

It is not that mankind evolved from the ape or any animal. It is about our SOUL learning how to intermix with materialism in order to emphasize the soul’s divine sovereignty through the mental nature of the MIND that occupies a physical body. To do this, it takes several lifetimes of soul growth, maturity, and experiencing with self and others. Our souls have gone through many versions of ourselves in developing our brain-MIND, SPIRIT, and physical EGO body. This happened even when we finally emphasized brains or mind over brawns, which gave us language, creativity, reason, curiosity, and the most complex social system that we can ever imagine, including the illusion of money, the media, religions, and religions, and politicians having power.

Because of how we developed our mind, through time, we took on the belief that “like attracts like” or “thoughts of good and evil attract thoughts of good and evil,” which was delivered to us by our religious leaders. Therefore, we can say in what we reflect or assign to money then attracts to us what we understand about money. It is the same way with religion, the media, and our politicians! If we assign power to money in the same way we assign power to these institutions, we assign how much power they have over us. This would be the same for family, friends, and businesses.

Because of the soul’s path of evolution that it took in the beginning stages of swimming with the dolphins and whales to where we have incarnated from dinosaurs to mammals and then to primates, it has left a deep-rooted mark on our soul. The real SOUL is, in effect, the wisdom of our own “I AM” speaking and expressing through our human EGO consciousness. For instance, I can write many books on the subject and the material presented in them because of the wisdom of my soul’s passage through many lifetimes and experiences filtering through, from my first to my last, and then to my human ego consciousness in this lifetime. My soul’s wisdom is the result of condensing all of my choices and experiences since my awakening in the first creation eons ago and then squeezing out the best of all my lifetimes where my focus was not on drama, heightened emotions, and my negative experiences. Thus, in the end, my oversoul became my enlightenment and my wisdom. 

It was I who awakened my oversoul and not some God outside of me. My oversoul became part of my divine plan to fragment my consciousness into multiple lifetimes to learn about health, wealth, illness, poverty, lack of common sense, death, and many other things, including getting totally lost in forgetfulness. By my spirit awakened my oversoul, thus giving me a chance to pretend that I did not know who I truly was and where I actually came from. Hence, it was my OVERSOUL that gave me a chance to enter many physical bodies so I can evolve in wisdom and enlightenment.

When you live from the MIND of reason, logic, judgment, sin, and death, and that your MIND is the master of intelligence, your mental soul level of responsibility (Eve) cannot bring forth to you the wisdom that you hold hidden deep within your consciousness. Thus, you become more and more separated from your OVERSOUL or the CHRIST that you are and the WISDOM you possess.

Terry L. Newbegin


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