The Autobiography of Terry L. Newbegin: The Time Traveler
$ 14.89

With the writing of Terry’s autobiography, he aspires to bring the reader face to face with what he has learned about “himself, the business world, religion, the educational system, governments (top to bottom), and his relationship as a “Modern-Day Prophet,” followed by becoming a pioneer in “New Energy Consciousness.” If you ever saw the “X-Files television series in the 1990s, you heard the phrase several times: the truth is out there. This is most certainly true. The truth is out there but has been hidden from us for centuries. The powers that be have controlled us through science, technology, medicine, and even organized religion. It gave birth to organized chaos so that we bend to the full will of the powers that be. These are the people who want to control the world and our minds as they wish. They want to feed us the news they create so we buy into their supposed truth which are lies.

Because of our emotional minds, we have locked ourselves into an unavoidable reality where we experience only one television channel (one truth). Thus, leaving out the possibility of other channels (realities/truths) that surround us as “frequency waves” where we can live the very life we desire. This book is a wake-up call to the truth that is out there and waiting to be told.

Terry writes a compelling autobiography of himself that forces and pushes us to think outside the box and learn the truth that has been hidden from us for ages and that we deserve to know. He calls himself a modern-day prophet calling readers to the “New Energy Consciousness.” He has based this on knowledge acquired from the Council of Nine Angelic Masters, including Yeshua Ben Joseph (Jesus), Archangel Michael, and Raphael. Terry learned how we are all “Oversouls,” Christ and the Godhead. Terry’s autobiography is destined to change your thinking and how you view religion, business, and all aspects of life. It will give you the power to take charge of your life and decisions and not adhere to the powers that be. This empowerment will take you to greater heights and enlighten you about many truths that were hidden from you. Read his autobiography and change your life, and it is never too late to know the truth!

273 Pages
6.0 x 0.6 x 9.0
ISBN 13: 979-8854993166
Available In: Hardback, Paperback
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