What the Church Rejects About the Story of Creation

Nov 14, 2019

My purpose in writing this blog is to help those that are ready to remember who they truly are – for we are more than just humans here on Earth pondering over Heaven, Hell, or if we are good enough to be taken in a Rapture. As scientists learn more about parallel dimensions or universes and what separates them, they will find it to be the “energy frequency” at which individuals vibrate. With the understanding of “energy frequency,” it will not be long before scientists realize that “consciousness,” and the “energy” that surrounds us, is like a dimension that vibrates at a certain frequency. This all ties in with our own consciousness and how we are made up of many parallel lifetimes. And all of those lifetimes are vibrating at a different energy frequency than the one that we are currently vibrating at in this lifetime. This means we are having and living multiple lifetimes all at the same time. 

Why do I say this? It is because I was awakened by my “I AM” a few years ago, and my “I AM” informed me how it created the multi-dimensional consciousness that I am experiencing today. My “I AM” disclosed to me that my mind, soul, and physical body are all products of my “Christ Spirit,” as told in Genesis. And now, I have written a book, “The Forgotten Wisdom Behind Genesis Story of Creation,” about why religion rejects what I am about to say on the subject of “creation” and “dimensions” in this blog. In other words, and to keep it short, the first dimension is about our “I AM Christ Spirit.” The second dimension is about our mind and our thoughts (beliefs), as they represent our truths in what we are experiencing in the third dimension (physical lifetime).

When you understand that your Spirit consciousness is a Unit of One, but layered into many diverse cosmic dimensions (cosmic as in your mental consciousnesses), then you will know that your soul has created many concurrent personality aspects of you called lifetimes to be played out in a parallel earth in order to learn all possibilities of life using choice to gain wisdom. You will know that your soul is not just a record of all your choices but also the vehicle for you to remember “all that you are” when it comes to knowing your many lifetimes. This means you are meant to know every dimension (lifetime) about yourself, but to get there, you must learn to change the way you look at your soul and the belief that you only have one lifetime. If you fail to open up your mind to the possibility that you are a multi-dimensional being playing in a multi-dimensional universe, then you are doomed to repeat what you are experiencing over and over, again and again. If you fail to feel into what your soul is trying to tell you about what it knows about your existence and who you truly are at your core, then you become trapped in a belief (a box) that becomes unyielding to the wisdom of God and Christ, and who they truly are, you in disguise. 

By being aware that your soul holds the wisdom to “all that you are and ever have been,” it triggers within you the rising of your “consciousness frequency” to where you can tap into all those dimensions (lifetimes) at will. This is what I do and how I can write what you are reading in this blog. In other words, it is not about praying and looking up to heaven to find God or the truth. It is about looking within your own consciousness to find both – for you are multi-dimensional. When you understand that your spirit consciousness is a “unit of one” and “all that you are,” you learn that each lifetime on Earth is just a hologram created by the “I AM Christ” within. In other words, the “I AM” within you (higher self or Christ) is the projector, and your soul is the mirror projecting you out into many concurrent dimensions (consciousnesses) where you are playing out many lifetimes in this now moment in order to learn the wisdom behind all possibilities of life, positive and negative.

When the “I AM” Christ asked the question “Who am I?” eons ago, that was the beginning where we souled beings came together as “one consciousness,” creating what is called cosmic energy. And from that energy, we created a “mental consciousness” that produced a multi-dimensional universe and Earth as a place to express and experience all possibilities. From this mental process, we ended up producing positive and negative (duality) as something that felt real, which led to having us judge it by our minds as either good or bad, even to the point of us judging the “unit of one” as something questionable because of feeling it outside of us, and therefore, maybe not real.

When we souled beings learned to project our consciousness outward from our “I AM Christ consciousness,” we created a mental consciousness that consisted of a mental force of duality for us to see ourselves – for we, after all, were only of consciousness at first. Actually, we had no form to us at all other than light! And, in that process, we created a consciousness of opposites. One being of a mental nature and the other as our spirit illuminating that light. The light became part of our spirit, and the dark became part of our mind of a mental nature. And this is why we cannot use the process of our mind to understand who we are or what is light and what is dark. It is that we need to feel deep within our consciousness to understand and know who we are at our core level. This is also why religions of the world keep us looking outside of ourselves – for they do not want us looking within for God because we may find him/her to be the self.

Here is something I read from Crimson Circle, a website that channels Adamus Saint Germain, and I paraphrase it here. Imagine yourself standing up against a wall in a dark room with a floodlight in front of you but set at a distance from you, and when you begin to walk toward the light, your shadow (the mind) begins to get larger and larger, to the point that the shadow (mind) overcomes the real you to the point you believe that the shadow (your mind) is all that you are, your reality. This is why positive and negative are not about good and evil, dark and light, but only a dual consciousness that we created in order to experience many different realities (lifetime stories) to learn wisdom. In other words, we can read many books about someone’s experiences in life but never can we actually understand them unless we experienced them. Therefore, it is not that we can only choose light to experience them. It is that we need both light and dark to experience them. How else would the “I AM Christ” within learn the wisdom of our experiences? It is the same with teaching others about God instead of learning about God through experiences. Teaching someone about God is impossible, but when one learns about God through choices and experiences, one becomes God. 

In fact, the light (or spirit and neutralized energy) became our purpose, and the dark became our mission to learn the wisdom behind it. Yet, it is just us souled beings experiencing our many layered consciousnesses to learn all possibilities of life. If we could look at a consciousness frequency wave-length, the wave frequency would be traveling in an up and down wave, just like how the sea waves hit the shore. And, as the waves move to their lower motion, it produces negative, and when the waves move upward within that same motion, it produces positive, yet it is still the oneness of the wave moving in and out. It is not that frequency waves only created positive and negative. It also created time and space and the feeling of separateness.

In other words, instead of seeing ourselves as a unit of one, we all began to see ourselves as two – light (positive) and dark (negative). And it was in that creation where we pushed ourselves outside of ourselves and became the shadow (mind) where we, in the end, created a third dimension called our physical consciousness that eventually became our believed reality. And yet, we are still one consciousness but having our “I AM” consciousness layered with many light and dark consciousnesses (lifetimes) to the point that each layer (or shadow) now vibrates at a different frequency wave. This is why it becomes very important for us to open up our minds and become curious enough when it comes to spirit and what we have been taught as our truth.

Know that we began with just our spirit consciousness, then we ended up creating a mental consciousness of duality in order to see ourselves, and from there, we created a third dimension called our physical consciousness to feel and experience all possibilities. And yet, all that we understand about ourselves is that our physical consciousness is all that we are, forgetting that we are made up of three different levels of consciousness (dimensions), and they all come from the same unit of one consciousness. This is when our soul, instead of our spirit, became the projector, and our many different concurrent lifetimes became our stories being played out in many parallel earths and all vibrating at a different frequency. Not only are we experiencing parallel earths, but also the parallelism of what we are experiencing on this Earth in our now moment. In other words, this explains why one seems to live life here on Earth much differently than another because each one of us is vibrating at a different frequency, thus creating for ourselves different experiences. And yet, we are all here in this same dimension!

Know that your spirit is the creator of your soul, and your soul is the creator of your many light and dark lifetimes being played out in many concurrent lifetimes here on Earth. The trinity we all heard about is that of your “I AM Holy Spirit” creating your “Mind,” the son, and then you (by way of your mental nature) forming dual energy that ended up creating matter (like the universe, planets, stars, moon, and your physical body) to learn about all possibilities of life. Therefore, you are not a sinner; you are an experiencer and an extension of your own “I AM Christ consciousness.” Your mental and physical consciousness became the vehicle for your “I AM” to learn the wisdom behind all possibilities, good and evil, and how you chose to experience them was up to you. This is why everyone needs to take responsibility for their own creations and not blame others for their suffering. 

In other words, since you are all levels of consciousness (good and bad) and that you projected yourself outward into many dimensions (abyss), then what you have been taught about having to put others first before yourself in order to get into heaven then becomes you missing the real point – for unconditional love is not about loving and putting others first but loving yourself first since you are outside of yourself looking back at yourself playing in a physical body for the benefit of your “I AM” to learn all possibilities of life to gain wisdom. When you understand that your “I AM Christ Spirit” is the Goddess that you have been looking for, then look at the universe, the Earth, and everyone as a big mirror, and what you judge in others is just a reflection of what you have to work on and integrate with your own “I AM.” It also shows where you are vibrating at in consciousness.

Understand through cause and effect (karma), a force that we created together a long time ago and not some God above us, allowed us to experience opposites as much as possible in order to learn who we are at our core and the wisdom gained in the journey is always passed onward to our “I AM.” In other words, by way of our physical, emotional, and mental consciousness, we live in a dream that we purposely chose to create and experience together to learn the wisdom behind our choices. This is why we forget that we are a Goddess/Christ and that we are connected to all ego-personality aspects (lifetimes) of ourselves that are now living in other dimensions at this very moment. We express and form our beliefs about good and evil in order to raise our consciousness frequency until we become aware that our consciousness is, in fact, a unit of one, and anything outside of that is just an illusion.

When we get to this point in consciousness, that will be the time when” each of us will experience the rapture that religions preach. The only difference in their interpretation compared to the “I AM” is that it all means; when we move in and out of many lifetimes, we eventually raise our consciousness frequency to the point that we lift and integrate “all that we played out in many lifetimes” and become one again with our “I AM consciousness” – for it is our “I AM” that is the Christ. Therefore, the rapture taught by religion is not about God taking the church and its followers to heaven and leaving the rest behind. The real rapture is that of one coming into a knowing that one is the Christ and, therefore, raises one’s consciousness frequency to where all lifetime aspects integrate with the “I AM Christ” within. Thus, no harm can come to them here on Earth. It will actually feel that one is experiencing heaven on Earth, and yet, one is still part of the earth realm watching people continuing on the same lower consciousness frequency over some belief that one is a sinner, a Catholic, a Baptist, a Democrat, a Republican, or Independent. Know that the difference between the them is that one is vibrating at a consciousness of divine neutrality, and those that are suffering are still playing with the belief that one is right and the other is wrong.

Yes, you are born in the flesh, you grow in consciousness, you reproduce, you learn to integrate, and then you die, for dying frees you from your creations so that you can transcend each lifetime beliefs and become one with your “I AM” consciousness. This is why you incarnate repeatedly, and what is meant by “wisdom is when you can feel the real truth within your heart center and not that you have to be taught the truth” – for everything in this Earth comes from a mental and emotional process. Therefore, dimensions are nothing more than the oneness of your “I AM” consciousness playing in its multi-dimensional mental and ego consciousnesses concurrently and not in a linear way, like one lifetime after another. And, as each ego-personality aspect of your “I AM” expands in consciousness, you raise your consciousness frequency to meet up with your “I AM” Christ consciousness. This is when you understand that you are the creator God, the Goddess, and a Christ also. Therefore, know that it is not that light and dark are good and evil. They are just a way for you to see the light within you to the point you understand your shadows role. It comes down to respecting every “act of consciousness” as we, the mass, have written every act and not some God above.

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