a lifelike experience

Oct 28, 2019

It happened early one morning when I found myself standing on a shoreline next to a large area of water that seemed endless. From what I witnessed, I knew that I was not on Earth – for when I looked up at the sun, I noticed the size was at least a thousand times larger than the Earth’s sun. Not only that, I could actually feel this sun’s light as if it was part of me and I part of it. And, when I focused on the blue sky, I noticed the atmosphere surrounding me seemed to have a more pleasing disposition than the Earth’s atmosphere. 

Standing there feeling all of this, I decided to gaze right at this overwhelming large sun, and when I did, I felt immense love emanating from each beam of light radiating down upon me. All with such grace that when I stared up and into this large sun, I did not have to turn away in fear of it hurting my eyes or it burning my skin like the Earth’s sun. From what I was feeling, I knew that I was experiencing some other dimension than that of Earth’s dimension, which is why I speak of it as a “lifelike experience” and not a dream.

After viewing, experiencing, and feeling this enormous sun beaming radiant light down upon me, I then noticed the awesome landscape surrounding me. It was overwhelmingly beautiful and breathtaking, to the point, I may have a difficult time explaining to you about what I seen and experienced. From what I felt and witnessed in that dimension, Earth’s dimension is like no experience we humans ever experienced on Earth. However, I will do my best to find the earthly words to describe this dimension.

As I stood on this shoreline in amazement and wonder, my focus again fell upon what seemed to be endless water. And that is when I felt my connection with every drop that made up this large body of water. As I became aware of this intense connection with this seemingly endless water, I instantly became aware of the air that I was breathing. The air felt alive when I took deep breaths of it. This lively felt air caused me to become aware of my own consciousness as if I was not aware of it before. This feeling of awareness of my consciousness for the first time made me feel that I do exist, and I have always existed but was never aware of my existence.

In fact, this experience made me feel so vibrantly alive, like I was someone special! I felt exceptionally unique, powerful, and very aware of how much I was in control of what I was seeing, feeling, and experiencing. I even remembered that I was becoming more and more aware of my existence and uniqueness with each breath I took into my beingness. I truly felt the consciousness of the air and the water as if they were confirming to me that not only do I exist, but they too were alive, active and that they are part of me as I was with them. The deeper breaths I took, the more I sensed my individuality, my uniqueness, and how powerful and Christ-like I was – for out of this feeling, I could formulate within me whatever desire I wanted to express, formulate, create, manifest, and then experience it if I choose. It felt magical! It was magical!

Feeling all of this, I then began to experience some kind of intelligence stirring within me that caused me to ask myself a question, “Who am I?” And, as this question bewildered me, I continued to breathe in this irresistible large sun, what seemed to be endless water, and this very active and vibrant air. And, when I did, I felt my existence, uniqueness, and intelligence to create whatever my heart desired. And, all that I had to do was just breathe in and out all that I was experiencing.

After absorbing all that I was seeing and experiencing, I then noticed that there were about five to six other people standing not too far from me doing the same thing that I was doing. And, as they stood there, I was prompted to walk toward them to introduce myself. But, as I moved toward them, stepping on the rocks and the ground beneath my feet, I noticed with each step, I was amazed how I was feeling the consciousness of the rocks and ground. Not only that, I began to experience frequency-sounding type vibrating waves of pure perfection moving up and down my body, whispering to every cell in my body that I am perfect, pure, eternal, and that I exist as a Christ also. And, when I heard this, it felt odd and yet, magnificent – for I seemed to have a knowingness that I am a self-governing Being and that I had the authority to create whatever I pleased as long as I did not interfere with the others standing on the shoreline with me.

Right after this phenomenon, while walking towards the others standing on the shoreline, it simultaneously felt as if we all were new to this mind-boggling place that I found myself in. Wherever this dimension was, I know if you had seen and experienced what I had seen and experienced, many would conclude that I was visiting heaven or some higher consciousness. However, no matter what you may surmise, I just knew it was not heaven as you suppose heaven to be. It was more than that! It was an awareness and a knowingness so deep within my Being; I clearly knew that I was a self-ruling Christ-like individual, free from any caught-up belief that some higher being created me. It felt as if I was my own creator – for all that I knew, I was experiencing more than what seemed as consciousness; I felt my existence on a scale of: “I always existed, and I will exist forever.”

I felt alive, eternal, absolute, powerful, and incredibly pure and Christ-like in spite of everything that I, as a human, was ever taught by the Church when it came to describing heaven, Christ, and that someone created me. I felt life in everything: the vast sun, the disposition of the blue sky, the air I breathed, the endless water, the ground and rocks beneath my feet. I even felt the consciousness of those that we’re standing on the shoreline next to me. And yes, that felt odd too.

Then from out of the blue, I clearly heard a tone-like sound coming from the vast sun, the blue sky, the air I breathed, the water, and the ground and rocks beneath my feet. All of these elements resonated in a type of a sounding code, telling me: that they were there to serve me, “for they are part of me as much as I am part of them.” The difference being, “I am” the creator of me and no one else. What I heard and felt, I seemed to knew in an instant that I did not come from a separate male white God outside of me. In fact, this experience, the feelings, and all that I saw answered the question: “Who created me?” It was me who created me! I felt free from any judgment no matter what I decided to create, good, bad or indifferent. It was as if it made no difference what I chose to experience as long as I am experiencing something.

Because of this feeling of “no judgment,” I felt a strong pull to walk toward this endless water. So, I did! And, once I was by the water’s edge, I noticed that the others that had been standing next to me never moved. Then I felt, as I knew the others did also, the spirit of the water invited us all to enter.

However, I noticed that we all stood unmoving; due to feeling some type of fear. Nevertheless, even though I felt fear bubbling up within me, I entered the water anyway. Stepping in, I walked along the bottom until the water reached my neckline. That is when I presumed that the others, who were standing next to me, did the same. But, to my surprise, when I turned around in the water and looked back toward the others, to my surprise, they were still on the shoreline. It seemed that they were frozen in their tracks, too afraid to enter the water.

And, as I stood there, water up to my neck still feeling some fear, I asked myself why the others did not enter the water as I had done. As fast as this question formed in my mind, I noticed that my whole body, from my neck down to my feet, disappeared as if I was “one” with the water. And yet, I still could feel my existence, my individuality, my mind, my body, and my consciousness. In fact, I hesitate to describe how this water felt because I have nothing to compare it to. Nothing on this Earth that I know can match the sensation and awesomeness that I was feeling and experiencing in that heavenly water. Truly, there is nothing matter-wise, language-wise, mental-wise, or intellectually speaking that can illustrate what this water felt like – for it made me feel individualized even though I was one with it. It made me feel complete, awesome, protected, and very powerful but with an undefined power, unlike what power is on Earth. I felt like I could do anything, create anything, and be anything no matter what it was!

That is when my consciousness moved toward the idea that I can be anything I chose: a tree, an insect, a planet, a star, a pond of water, and yes, even a human (male, female, black, white, brown, yellow, red, rich or poor and even good or bad). It made no difference to what form I wished to experience. That is how powerful and absolute I felt – for I was one with the water as if I was one with all consciousness. Even though I felt some fear about entering the water, my fear vanished once I felt the water as part of me and I part of it. That is when I felt all fear depart, and as it departed, it triggered my consciousness to lift my right arm out of the water. And, when I did, not only was my arm attached to me, it was completely dry. This intrigued me to place my arm back into the water. And, when I did that, it disappeared once more as my arm once again became one with the water.

That is when I decided to completely go underwater, submerge my head along with the rest of my body. And, what I felt was beyond profoundness – for I became totally one with the water. This is when I felt the water’s spirit, and yet, I could still feel my individuality and existence as an “I AM” unto myself. And, if someone were standing there watching me, like those on the shoreline, they would only see water. This lifelike experience said to me that “we humans only see ourselves as humans and not as a divine being, for I was purely part of the water’s spirit, and yet I felt my individuality. Because when I lifted my head out of the water, “I EXISTED” as I existed when I was under the water.

It felt peculiar and yet glorious to the utmost degree; as if I had no mind, head, arms, legs, or any physical parts – for all that I felt was just pure Christ-like consciousness, telling me who I truly am at my core, as I was connected to everything and all things, and yet individualized. It was marvelous and yet hard to describe to those that dare not to enter the water’s spirit. And therefore, when linking the water’s consciousness as representing the Spirit of One and that of my own consciousness, I automatically knew that I was part of the oneness of consciousness – for we are all ONE. It is just our beliefs that make us feel separate!

My friends, words seem insufficient to relay to you this grand event that I experienced. I felt utterly free, unique, sovereign, and entirely powerful as if I was God himself. In fact, I was told in this lifelike experience that I am God and the Goddess – for I noticed that I had no size, depth, or weight to me while in the water. It was, without doubt, me, but without a mind or a physical body anchoring me down to some belief that I am only human, in dual-energy. I felt nothing but supreme knowingness that I, too, am part of the Spirit of One – for I could feel my creativity, my spirit hugging me, being very Christ-like and powerful. I seemed limitless, for I have at my disposal boundless pure white light energy to serve me. In fact, everything that I was experiencing in this life-like experience had no complexity. It was as if I was just pure Christ-like consciousness, no form whatsoever.

 Awesome experience Terry! Thank you for sharing it. 

— Margarita on August 18, 2020

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