The Awakening

Most of us of us believe that our mind is the only source that shapes the reality that we live. We believe, and without question, that we are our name, our accomplishments, our family history, our education, our intelligence, our religion, and our occupation. Well! We are far more than those things! We have forgotten …

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Other Lifetimes

Who we truly are at our core” (the revealing of our divine plan).   When the Spirit of One, in the beginning, became the implosion and explosion, the movement and the motivating spark for the in-breath and out-breath that delivered the composition of us souled beings as absolute, unlimited, and in the form of an infinite …

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All of us have been taught for centuries to put others first and at a great cost. We all have fallen into this type of teaching trap because of our emotional ties to a God and a church that only values serving themselves, all because of power and control. This is just one of the …

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