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Who Is Satan/Anti-Christ

The name Satan originally came from the Latin word “Lucifer” which was introduced to man in the early fifth century. In Isaiah 14:12. “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning star? How art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations?” The Catholic version, Isaiah 14:12: How have you fallen from the heavens, O morning star, son of the dawn! How are you cut down to the ground, you who mowed down the nations?

In 2 Peter 1:19: Moreover, we possess the prophetic message that is altogether reliable. You will do well to be attentive to it, as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until “day dawns” and the “morning star” rises in your heart.”

As you can see in 2 Peter 1:19, and according to Isaiah 14:12, Peter is identifying “day dawn” and the “morning star” as relating to “Lucifer,” the angel, and not Jesus. Jesus represents the Christ Principle within man, and then after one’s journey through many lifetimes, integrates his Christ Consciousness with one’s outer Lucifer Consciousness, thus the two become one again. (As in the beginning so shall it be in the end).

What Peter is talking about is that mankind needs to learn to be attentive to the “day dawn” (one’s Lucifer consciousness), like “to a lamp shining in a dark place,” for the “lamp” is referring to one’s own hidden wisdom (light) deep within one’s own consciousness. However, this hidden wisdom is beginning to break through to one’s outer “Lucifer Consciousness,” the ego, because the angel bringing it in is indeed, “Archangel Lucifer.”  

What is missing in mans teachings about “Lucifer” is that he is actually an aspect of “Archangel Luceffa,” which is one of the 144,000 Angelic Families that belong to the Order of the Arc (The Guardians of all Creations). Man has been mislead for centuries about “Archangel Luceffa” and his mission, for “Lucifer” was assigned the task to help mankind come to an awakening to his own Christ Consciousness which is why the name “Lucifer” became known as “Satan,” the “Devil,” and “Shaitan” to the Muslims, once “Luceffa” was theoretically thrown out of heaven by God.

We humans have failed to notice for centuries that “Archangel Luceffa” plays a big part in our climb to greatness. Luceffa, by having us feel that he too is a fallen angel, we have become trapped into believing that there is an evil spirit directing and manipulating us in an effort to steal our energy and power. By us humans not taking full responsibility for our creations we came to a place in consciousness to where we lost are awareness of being a Christ also. It has been since then that we have been avoiding responsibility, by convincing ourselves that Satan and his armies of bad angels are always pushing us to do his bidding.  

Since “Archangel Luceffa” (Lucifer) is the “bearer of light,” the son of the “morning star,” and the “Day Star,” according to Isaiah 14:12, then “Lucifer” has no mission or assignment to steal our soul or pour down upon us any evil misgivings. “Archangel Lucifer” is there, on a physical and mental level, to help us humans to become aware of our own demons and choices, which is why there is no devil, Satan, or evil spirit to be afraid of, just like there is no God outside of us or separate from us to be afraid of either – for us humans, and all angels alike, are God and Satan in disguise, as we all are one and the same.  

“Archangel Luceffa” (Satan) was entrusted and appointed by the Order of the Arc to shift our energy of positive and negative, and our misunderstanding of its nature, back to its “original form of balance and Oneness” (As in the beginning so shall it be in the end). Therefore, in order for “Archangel Luceffa” to accomplish his assignment he had to have us humans believe and feel that he too took a plunge (fall) in consciousness, to a “consciousness of deceit and perception.” Hence, us souled beings would then take on a human incarnation and the belief that all that there is, is a force that creates opposites, like good and bad for example. Thus, guaranteeing that we humans, through our choices, no matter if good or bad, would in the end work toward our own Christ consciousness.

However, this appointment by the “Order of the Ark” also branded “Archangel Luceffa” as the angel of death and the creator of evil and yet, Luceffa (Satan) is neither, for he is an angel of “light,” as is Jesus, in helping us humans eventually bring in our own “wisdom” (light), for we all are a divine human. 

Before us souls came to Earth in the flesh, the Christ consciousness (synonymous for Jesus, the Christ) was forgotten due to our fall in consciousness from a oneness of consciousness to a consciousness belief of two, duality. Therefore, “Archangel Luceffa” (Lucifer) became the “bearer of light” (lamp) and the “morning star” for us souls until the Christ within each of us, which is represented by Jesus and his resurrection from death, awakens us to whom we truly are. Death is just symbolic of not knowing who we are and the resurrection of the Christ is symbolic of our awakening to the “I AM God” also.  

According to the Ascended Masters, when we souls first moved from out of our divine essence (the first creation – The Garden of Eden) and into our mental and physical state of consciousness a long time ago (the second creation), we chose not to take responsibility for our actions and our choices. Thus, we all created a force of accountability or what is called today, karma, cause and effect, and as sowing and reaping. This in effect introduced us to an outer reasoning and perceptive mind called the Adam principle that eventually became part of a dualistic energy force called positive and negative. It was from this dualistic energy force that became our avenue to play opposites. Like in one lifetime playing a male and in the next playing a female, or a victimizer or a victim.

Through time, the forces of opposites became the manner in which we soon became lost in a consciousness of ignorance, darkness, and duality (the tree of knowledge of good and evil (death)) that we literally took on as our reality and our truth. “Lucifer” then became synonymous with us humans in expressing our rebellious and unruly nature that eventually became part of a consciousness of judgment and physicality. Thus, the name “Lucifer” was changed to the name Satan, the Devil, Sheol, the “Anti-Christ,” the “Beast,” the “Serpent” in the Garden, Shaitan, as well as “the King of Babylon,” just to mention a few – for he was described as an enemy of God and the tempter for all of us humans and yet, he worked for the Godhead as much as Jesus to help bring awareness to our many choices.

Therefore, it isn’t that Lucifer (Satan) is the tempter for us humans it is our belief in a force that holds two parts, one being positive and the other having a negative to it (the tree of knowledge of good and bad). And, it was that duality that became the enemy of our Christ Consciousness (symbolized by Jesus and God). “Luceffa,” like Jesus, became the escape goat for all of our twisted beliefs and ideas of good and bad – for we humans still refuse to take responsibility for our actions and creations.

By us souls feeling separated from our own “I AM Christ Essence,” for we are a Christ also, we moved our oneness of consciousness into a consciousness belief that everything was of a dualistic nature, thus giving us an avenue to experience opposites. This belief in opposites then gave us the means to gain overwhelming wisdom from the experiences we chose to express outward in a physical body. However, what happened is that we became lost in this outer dualistic consciousness to the point of no return.

Therefore, the Order of the Arc had to come up with an idea to bring us back to the remembrance of who we truly are. Thus, Archangel Luceffa came forward, and his task (Lucifer) is to reunite us with our own demon aspects (lifetimes past) that we continually refuse to acknowledge as our creations. With the help of Archangel Luceffa, again representing our own Lucifer consciousness, we eventually become closer to our “I AM Christ Essence” with every lifetime. Thus, we, the Son (our mind) and God (our I AM Christ Essence), finally “resurrect the body” to an “everlasting body” that holds all of our fears, secrets, treasures, and our inheritance to the throne (wisdom), which is our “I AM Sovereignty” as a God/Goddess unto ourselves.

Because of Jesus, representative of the Christ within each of us, along with Archangel Luceffa (Lucifer) representing the ego personality of separateness, helped in formulating the avenue for Lucifer (Satan) to come in and bring to us the wisdom behind our choices as we journeyed through many storied lifetimes playing with the forces of opposites (positive and negative). This in the end gave us the route in finding our own light once again, which is a good thing and not a bad thing, for the “I AM Christ Essence” learns the wisdom of those experiences through the rebellious nature of our human (ego) Lucifer personality. How else can God come to know all things?

Death is always the result of the failure to recognize our own spirit (soul) as the source of creation and the wisdom we all possess deep within our own consciousness. When we fall short in this respect, we become the crucified Christ, hidden (buried) in a physical form of ignorance (darkness) and in a place of torment (hell). However, Archangel Luceffa (Lucifer) is there reminding us of our own deman creations in bringing us back to the Christ within ourselves each time we incarnate here on earth. And, it is done by us souls journey through time and space in a physical body playing with the forces of positive and negative, working out the karma (sin) we and group consciousness have agreed to experience.

Once you journey through many lifetimes in a 3-D consciousness (spirit, rational mind, and body), which is signified by the “third day,” you too will “rise for a second time from your sleep state (dead)” and move into your "I AM Christ" state where your consciousness of disobedience finally ascends to a higher state of mind (heaven) that ends up leading the ‘human ego personality’ (Lucifer) to integrating the wholeness of “all that you are,” back into the oneness of your Christ consciousness once again. However, this time around, you have the wisdom of your many lifetimes to guide you in becoming a self-governing Christ in your own right. Lucifer’s message to us is not about hate or rebellion. It is about him taking our human personality through the path of hell to meet up with our Christ identity.

The time has come now to open up to our own Lucifer (ego) personality consciousness and allow it to open the door to a new consciousness of understanding, compassion and wisdom. This compassion consciousness leads to New Energy (New Earth) if we are willing to move past the idea of hell and brimstone – for that is what we all have been experiencing ever since our first incarnation on earth.

Do not be afraid of change because everything does not appear as it seems. Feel into the energy of Archangel Lucifer, this fallen angel, the bad guy, and the devil, and when you do, remember it was you that became the mischievous spirit, the fallen angel, the bad guy, and the devil that has played upon this earth and not Archangel Luceffa himself. Take the time to observe how your human personality is still rebelling and refusing to look past the disobedient human (Lucifer) personality because of the fear in what you might find, like reincarnation.  

A belief in a Satan personality outside of you carries a great deal of doubt, fear, and death because the rational mind cannot understand the grandness that you are. The rational mind keeps you in a place of wondering what is right and wrong, who to blame for what you are experiencing, and what you do not have in life. However, once Lucifer helps you to understand and acknowledge that your demons belong to you, and that there is no outside influence that has control over you, that is when you will awaken to your own wisdom (light) and to the Christ you are. Therefore, there are no demons, Satan, or an army of devils that are going to consume you, other than you believing in it. Thus you doing it to yourself.

There are many roads that lead to your “I AM God Essence,” as Archangel Luceffa and Jesus are just a couple of them. Because of the Church, you love the idea of a Devil - for it actually gives you the avenue for not taking responsibility for your actions and your suffering. You know the routine! I guess it is better to complain about what you are experiencing or not getting in life than it is just to create what you want in life.