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Who is God

Who Is God? Many would answer saying, “All that was, in the beginning was God, for he is and always was, the original Oneness of Consciousness, complete unto himself.” Nevertheless, what may seem obvious to you about God and his existence as a white single divine supernatural masculine being unto himself may not be as obvious as you think. According to Archangel Michael, the angel of Truth, “All that was in the beginning was a “Consciousness of Oneness,” known as the "SPIRIT OF ONE," a feminine consciousness within us all and NOT that there was “a lone White male Supernatural Divine Being” that existed unto himself.”

Since the beginning, the “Spirit of One/Consciousness of Oneness” has been misunderstood and misread because of how we humans have refused to take notice of our own "I AM Spirit and our Consciousness" as the “Divine Creative Source” from which we all burst forth into expression. Michael speaks about us humans, and all the angels in the heavens including Satan, essentially came aware of our consciousness all at the same time and in concert with setting into motion an unbiased endless energy to use in manifesting many potentials for us souls to experience, either Etherically or Physically. Therefore, to whom we all call God is nothing more than the divine spark that is within each Spirit (all of us) known as us souled beings - for we all are an extension of the "Spirit of One/Consciousness of Oneness."

According to Archangel Michael, we spirits in the beginning were nothing but "consciousness," an "Isness" that was NOT aware of us being part of the “Spirit of One/Consciousness of One.” Meaning our consciousness was dormant and inactive as we all were asleep to our own consciousness, therefore unaware of our own existence. For instance: Look at the Earth as one massive ocean, no land, just water, and look at this ocean as just dormant water lying there in a state of no activity, as was the Consciousness of One. When you imagine this then appreciate and understand that this inactive ocean is illustrative of how the “Spirit of One - the Consciousness of One,” whom we all call God, was in the beginning, which was us souled beings asleep to our own consciousness.  

The story of Genesis in the Bible is not about a lone white supernatural male God out there in some heaven and who is our creator. It is about what makes-up the ocean (consciousness of oneness) and how each of us souled beings representing a drop of water, and together, becoming the ocean. Just imagine how many drops of water it takes to make a planet earth like ocean. The count would be in the gazillions upon gazillions and more! Thus, my friends, each drop is illustrative as a Souled Being (you and me) and an ocean (consciousness) unto itself. Therefore, we all carry within us the creative essence and sovereign energy of the entire ocean in a unique and personal way, for we are the divine spark that gives God (the ocean) life, and not that God (ocean) gave us life.

It was not until this “Consciousness of One” (the ocean) erupted, like an earthquake at the bottom of the ocean and burst forth into expression, where each drop of water/ocean (a souled being) came into an awareness and a knowing of having an intelligence that led us to ask ourselves, “Who Am I?” And, in doing so, each drop of water (souled being) became a “consciousness of one” unto itself that happened to become aware of an endless supply of energy that not only surrounded them but was part of them to use as they wish (free will).

Still, because of the unfamiliarity in the beginning about “who we were,” we souled beings took on a belief that we had to have come from somewhere, but where? Since we could not answer the question, for we were like newborns when it came to awareness, there consciously, but had no understanding, or wisdom of life, or where we even came from, we set into motion a challenge of discovery. A discovery that has led to multitudes of beliefs that led us all to where we are today. However, without us souled beings realizing it, we took with us the “original oneness of consciousness” (I AM a Christ Also) as our core essence. In other words, deep down within our own consciousness we know we are all part of the same ocean and all that it takes to become aware is to peal away those outdated beliefs.