Terry L Newbegin
A Bringer of New Energy Consciousness
Discover Who You Are - for You Are A Divine Human
What Is The I AM

Where did I truly come from? Where was my beginning? What a great question to ask yourself or your own soul. I did ask my soul, and the answer I received was not quite what I expected - for my SOUL conveyed to me that my true beginning was not with my parents but began a very long time ago when I was first awakened (born) from out of myself in a place called the First Creation. Most of us call it the Garden of Eden, before the eating of the apple. By the way, the eating of the apple is symbolic and not to be taken as literal.

As the answer from my own soul may have puzzled me, because of my understanding in what I was taught that I came from God and my physical parents, I knew that what I heard in my mind did not come from my mind because it sounded to me as something of a higher nature, as I heard my soul speak to me saying - "You have been programmed for hundreds of centuries to come from a rational persuasive and susceptible mind when it comes to understanding God, your human self, where you come from, why you are here on earth, and who created you. And now, you are ready to unlock your consciousness memories to who you truly are, where you truly come from, and who truly created you."  

Hearing this coming from my soul, my soul then began to inform me of my beginning, and it was long before I was born into this lifetime. Feeling deep within me that that I was part of the First Creation I allowed my soul in, to open my memories, and when I did, I heard again my soul convey to me these words - "My human aspect (my soul referring to my human identity in this lifetime as Terry) you do not realize that you were personally part of the story of creation foretold by the prophets in Genesis. It is just that you have forgeotten because of your many lifetimes on Earth. So, allow your human ego to open up to me about what you have been taught on the subject. Allow me, your soul, to introduce myself to you - for "I AM" of no name that will assist you in unlicking your consciousness to who you truly are."  

Since most people are familiar with the text in Genesis and its historical account concerning man, earth and how we were conceived and formed then the story of creation foretold by the prophets plays an essential part in what we all believe about ourselves, God, Satan, Earth, good and evil, and our beginning.

Man has always pondered over his origin, his soul, his purpose, why he’s here on earth, his suffering, and if he is good enough to make it to heaven when he dies. The Church has always taught that the Bible is God’s word entrusted to them in handing down the written word that was taught by the prophets. The Church maintains, and I paraphrase here, that whatever was written in Scripture has been written for man’s instructions, how he should act, worship, pray, and follow to the letter the word of God.

So, I ask you! Is it meant for you to never understand God, Satan, Earth, or why you are even here on earth unless it is studied and presented to you only from an intellectual and conceptional point of view? Don’t you think you are being taken for granted here? Why would you want to limit yourself to only abstract thinking and reasoning, and only to religious views?

What man and the Church has overlooked and ignored for centuries is the true nature of God, for he/she is absolute, divine, compassionate, unchangeable, as in unconditional, and is in the form of Spirit Consciousness first and foremost. And, that God is a Omnipresent Divine Mind Field of Neutralized Energy. Thus, the remnants of what man describes as God is nothing more than man-made, including man’s idea of God’s laws, sin, punishment and the physical universe.

This means God’s true composition, which is very important to understand, is that God is a Goddess or Spirit Consciousness only, and that her makeup consists of all souled beings (you and me) that are infinite and divine in nature. And, that we transform this "Omnipresent Divine Mind Field of Neutralized Energy" into a molded composition. Therefore, the God that you understand as a white male Hebrew supreme Being who created you, and all things, is not an individual personality unto himself but is the makeup of us souled beings. Therefore, you, I, and all angels and humans alike, are infinite, unchangeable and divine in nature. Otherwise, there would be no you, me, life, or earth.

If God, and or Jesus, is/was the original expression of creation, the divine spark, then God would have to be the pause between the desire to create and the beginning itself. Do you agree? So, because creation exist, then this Omnipresent Divine Mind Field of Neutralized Energy (God) has to be the explosion and the Spirit of One (Goddess) has to be the implosion, the movement and the motivating spark because it takes awareness, imagination, expression, compassion, and focus, not withstanding sacred geometry, to bring anything and everything into existence, including your human identity, mankind as a whole, even Jesus and the Kingdom of One.

If you look at God as representing this "Omnipresent Divine Mind Field of Neutralized Energy," and as the out-breath that brings forth this pure energy that the son (all souled beings) delivers, like planting a seed, to the Goddess spirit/soul side of himself for expression, then the Goddess side of you, or your spirit, is the in-breath that is never-ending, and that you have no mind other than your connection to this Omnipresent Divine Mind Field of Neutralized Energy (God, the father). 

Therefore, since you are in the image of God and the Goddess, then the in-breath of your spirit (the Goddess) is the divine mother and the womb of all your creations awaiting the awareness of your “I AMness of no name” to trigger the God side of you (your connection to this Omnipresent Divine Mind Field of Neutralized Energy) in manifesting your choices.

Since you are in the direct image of the Goddess,then your choices must consist of you having compassion, unity, focus (power) and that your expressions and creations must consist of pure unadulterated energy, which then causes the out-breath of form to appear (something of structure, like earth or the physical body).

It was the Spirit of One (Goddess) that maintained the link between us souled beings and the oneness of consciousness of all that exist in form and non-form. The out-breath of God (Omnipresent Divine Mind Field of Neutralized Energy) occurs simultaneously with the in-breath of the Goddess (your spirit), and with you having no beginning and no end. The in-breath of your spirit (Goddess) becomes the final and absolute return of the form and formless back to the out-breath of your connection to this Omnipresent Divine Mind Field of Neutralized Energy (God) for manifestation.

For instance, the extensions of the Mother-Father God-Goddess are the prime example of the in-breath and out-breath of the Spirit of One (Goddess) in action playing with this Omnipresent Divine Mind Field of Neutralized Energy (God). Therefore, the expression or the phrase that communicates the idea of the word God and Goddess is just a way the reasoning mind can convey to the human ego the thought of something being more powerful than itself or your human self.

This means that with each eternal moment of the Spirit of One, the God-Goddess, you, as it is for all souled beings, were expressed and created (form-awakened) into existence at the same time, and with equal authority and divineness. Hence, no soul is older, younger, has more power, or is better than another soul no matter if one is in spirit, or in human form as black, white, yellow, red or brown, male or female, or that one is good or one is bad, for all is a God/Goddess, and the God/Goddes name is "I AM That I AM," for I am of no name.

You, like all souled beings, are a continuous (eternal) consciousness spirit that uses the in-breath of your own spirit (mother) and the out-breath of this Omnipresent Divine Mind Field of Neutralized Energy (God) in triggering this energy in unendingly birthing from the abyss of darkness and nothingness (the womb), conditions of things into manifestation.

In and from the beginning, your spirit was patterned (and still is) in a divine unrestricted love state where it held no form (physical body), no positive, no negative, no light, no dark, no judgment, no guilt, no sin, no fear, and no name. However, once you were introduced to the mind of a mental nature and the perception of having a split consciousness that consists of two parts, you took on a consciousness of separation. This developed into what is called today positive and negative. The Bible calls it “the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.” All of this coming from the "I AM Consciousness," the creator of all that you experience.