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What Is Sin

The Big Lie!

The Church teaches that our sins are forgiven through Jesus and then instructs us that this forgiveness does not really cancel out the suffering that is a result of sin. Therefore, even though we are forgiven, we still have to pay for our sins either in this life or after we die. And of course, the severity of the sin committed will always determine the extent to which we will pay for our sins. The real question is; how does the Church define sin? 

From my understanding of the Church’s definition of sin it all depends on the extremeness and severity of the sin. A severe sin may cause death, bodily harm to an individual, stealing, or the destroying of personal property. A less offensive sin is what is called an easily forgiven sin; such as using God's name in vain, little white lies, or many less serious sins. However, whatever the sin, the Church looks at these two types of sins as deeds contrary to the eternal laws of God.

The most concentrated sins defined by the Church are those serious offenses committed deliberately and with full knowledge, and therefore these sins remove the blessing of any grace for the transgressor no matter if they turn to Jesus or not. The easily forgiven sins are less grave and therefore the blessing of grace remains. Also, the blessing of any type of grace is considered holy and an unmerited gift of God's presence that redeems the soul, ensuring the transgressor eventual entrance into heaven. 

According to the Church, a short term punishment ought not to be considered the wrath of God but to be accepted as a punishment of grace in order to right a wrong. Moreover, the Church looks at a punishment from God to correspond to the severity and nature of the sin committed, which can be served by prayer, like Hail Mary's, as an offering, works of mercy, service to a neighbor, sacrifice, and above all, the sinner's acceptance of the cross that they must bear.

In contrast, to those that die without seeking forgiveness from God for the extreme and severe type sins, they will suffer the pains of hell or eternal fire, which is a state of unending agony forever and ever because of their complete separation from God.

Nevertheless, the Church as a whole advocates that one of the main principal purposes of living a life here on earth is for God to test us and to see whether or not we will keep to his commandments. Therefore, the Church looks at the life that we have here on earth as a trial by error or some type of probationary life, and God is the supervisor where we must regularly report to him to see if more testing needs to be done. And then, in the final judgment day we will stand before God to be judged according to our works. Also, with the Church, for every sin there is a punishment affixed to the sin and those of us who have broken the commandments and have not repented in this life will stand with shame and guilt before God after our death.

The MISINTERPRETATIONS by the Church on sin, punishment, and God's judgment upon us is about NOT knowing the REAL God. The real God is filled with compassion for every choice that we have made in life good and bad, for it has been for the discovering of "who we are as a God." Therefore NOT sin at all. There has never been a bad choice or sin committed by anyone not even the worst of the worst of us. Oh! The real God may say to us however, that there have been some interesting ways that we have done things, but the facts remain, the real God does not judge, send us to hell, or anywhere in-between, period.

It is not about sin, punishment, or judgment at all. It is about having honor and compassion for understanding one's chosen journey in the discovery of one’s awakening to his or her own God essence withint self. It is giving honor and compassion to one's decisions, as they are all based on what they want to learn, experience, and then eventually share in helping others become awakened to who they truly are. It is about understanding that every human on earth has planned their own divine path in seeking out the answer to the question, "Who am I?"

Therefore, SIN is nothing more than us humans bringing in the energies of duality because we believe in it as it is real, and we do it for balancing our energy. It is time to open up our heart and allow our belief in sin to loosen the reins on our life. This will help allow us to open up to healing, which in the end, allows us to feel free from sin no matter what we think that we have done.

We took on the flesh to feel what it was like to live inside of our creations. It is one thing to imagine what it is like to experience something but quite another to live and feel our creations first hand. Just know it was us souls, and not someone outside of us, that took the divine life force energy and was able to put it into the flesh and bring it to life.

You are the one that chose to be here at this time so make the best of it and open your heart and allow more of you to come forth as a God, and not one looking for God.

My dear friends, there are no such thing as sins like the Church advocates. And if there is no sin, then there is no purgatory, evil, or hell to fear. In fact, it is all about life, embracing it for what it really is, and what you are reflecting outside of yourself that makes you choose what you want to experience. So, stop being angry with yourself, stop hating, learn to forgive, especially yourself and then others, then embrace life with a purpose of learning about who you are as a God. Karma can stop just by learning to forgive yourself and others with meaning.