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The Fall of The Church

The Fall of The Church 

Chapter 8

 The Fall of Consciousness

The traditional teachings on the "fall of consciousness" by the Church are based on the perception of man's defiant nature (sin) and not about "choice." The real story of man’s downfall was of "choice." It was placed before us to either remain with the whole of what was our divine nature or move into the unknown principles of a dualistic consciousness that took on the belief in positive and negative, right and wrong, good and bad, as being real.

As depicted in the story of the Garden, we chose the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. This symbolically means that we souls separated ourselves from our divine state in favor of a mental and physical state of consciousness that resulted in us forgetting (like death) our divine state. Since the emotions are part of our mental state,  we feel  separated from God and yet, it is all an illusion including death. What the Church defines as sin and death has nothing to do with death in the physical or with sin. This death that the Church understands as "damnation" (Adam's fall) is actually about us souls, in the beginning, losing our awareness of being God which, in fact,  represents the first death.

Unfortunately, the Church teachings of death when it comes to Scripture is about the end of the physical body and where the soul often ends up in some tortuous hell or somewhere in-between because of sin. However, the true understanding of death is not about sin. Rather, death is about a self-induced isolation from being aware that we are God and the Source of our creations, both positive and negative. When we awaken to this awareness, we will then work with pure energy, leaving out all distortions tied to what is not real.

The dark forces of the Church fail to look at our beginning as an awakening to our own divineness where we spirits first split our consciousness into three major levels: Spirit, Mind, and an Ego. These can get carried away if not attended to. If the Ego (symbolized by the serpent) and our mind (symbolized by Adam) of free Choice had retained the wisdom of us being God and carried out the divine plan that were idealized in that wisdom, we would have created a balanced Spirit, Mind, and Ego personality consciousness instead of seeing and feeling them as separate.  

Instead of following through with the concept of our three levels of consciousness as "one body of consciousness," we undertook a great desire to experience and feel our creations first hand. We created within us a consciousness belief that allowed us to descend (fall) into a consciousness that feels separate from our Spirit and to all that we are. The only way we accomplished this was to lose all  awareness of ever being a Goddess-God in our own right. The story of Adam, Eve, and the serpent in the Garden is symbolic of that fall and not to be taken literal but rather a myth (a story). Designed to help us understand our choices, our ego deceived us by not taking full responsibility for our creations once we left our divine state.

For years, the dark forces of the Church has adhered to a male, white supreme God having all authority over us as if we all were his creation. This teaching of the Church is completely misleading. Our Ego (male/female) is tied to both sides of our dualistic consciousness. The outer coarser consciousness is that of the male-positive-masculine side;  the inner refined sub consciousness denotes the female-negative side of us. Adam represents our mind of a mental nature and Eve represents the inner soul consciousness as a life giving force, the source for what the mind (Adam) chooses to manifest.

Because of how the Bible has been  interpreted for thousands of years, the male has taken on the belief of having a more important role than the female. This is simply not true. Men get this idea from the dark forces of the Church.  Their teaching of Eve's cooperation with Satan getting man thrown out of the Garden is false. Remember, it was all about choice! If we souls robotically came to Earth already refined, then there would be no depth to our understanding of life, let alone any understanding of how we got there.

You see, it is the process and journeys that is the best part to understanding life and that one is the real God. The reward of course is enlightenment, wisdom, and overwhelming understanding. Of course, if we all accept what the dark forces of the Church teach about a God that created us and that women are less than men, then it demonstrates my point about how the Ego has become the testing portion for our Spirit.

In fact, the Ego aspect of us, no matter what gender, actually comes from the emotional part of our feminine nature rather than from our masculine nature. This also explains why the masculine side (the male) feels more important than our feminine side. This is why the Church and men look at women as second class citizens. Yet, it is just an illusion placed there by our mind in order to grow in wisdom and understanding.

When we read in the Bible the phrase: the “Son of Man” and the “Son of God,” they represent two different aspects of the same consciousness, no matter if we are male or female. The “Son of God” symbolizes one's outer positive-masculine side of the mind (Adam Principle). The "Son of Man" symbolizes one's ego personality in the flesh as well as representing the Beast in Revelation and the Serpent in Genesis.

In other words, this pure energy that is white light comes from one's "I AM Christ" consciousness. When passed down to one's mind (the son of God) and one's ego (the son of man), the ego becomes the conduit for that light. If one's ego (the beast) pollutes that light with its delusions of truth, then what becomes manifested in the flesh to experience is the delusion. Therefore, who sinned here? Was it our "I AM Christ" self, our mind, or was it our ego?

The answer is both: the mind and the ego! Why? It is because the ego (man's outer personality) has to take full responsibility for all that the mind chooses to manifest. Why? It is because it was our ego nature that became the pretender and the deceiver, which means that our ego aspired for power and control over the mind (Adam) and soul (Eve).

Because of this, if the mind (son of God) has strong beliefs in good and bad and yet, wants to change those beliefs to a more spiritual understanding, the mind has to pass those beliefs through the ego before the mind can make the choice. If the thoughts clash to what the mind and ego already knows or believes about themselves, then the energy coming from the "I AM Christ" self allows the ego to  taint the pure energy to what it believes is right or wrong. Hence, suffering.

The Church teaches that we must follow the "will of God." However, in that teaching, the Church makes it seem as if we are giving away our free will to someone outside of us which then frightens us and causes much anxiety. Of course, the dark forces of the Church know this. The Church continues these teachings of fear because it allows the dark forces to steal our energy.

When Jesus walked the earth over two thousand years ago, his ego personality had the name Jesus (actually he was born Yeshua Ben Joseph, later changed by the Church to Jesus). He was called "the son of man." Later, after Jesus' baptism, the ego personality of Jesus and that of his mind, gave way to the "I AM Christ" personality of Jesus. Thus Jesus became not only the Son of God, but also God. Not a God over you and me, but a God unto himself.

Jesus was THE example showing us how he allowed all parts and pieces of his consciousness to become "one," eliminating all fear and false separation of Oneness/ being  God. Jesus allowed his Christ self, his mind, and ego personality to become one with that pure white light energy, which is also why Jesus became a perfect example of helping others heal themselves. Of course, there were forces from the dark side that did not appreciate what Jesus was doing.

Working through the Church and that of Rome government, the dark forces devised a way to dim that light and eliminate it. However, what has been overlooked by the Church’s dark forces, their allies, the government, and those that love power, is that those of us that walked with Jesus have returned. We work to bring that pure light to full illumination. You see, the dark forces of the Church did not understand reincarnation!

It is important to take time out from your busy lives and do some deep breathing on what you are reading here. Through deep breathing you can learn that you do not have to force things in your life, but simply allow what is to happen, happen. Eventually, the energy coming in will follow through to the mind and ego without having any judgment. Thus, healing occurs in all aspects of your life. If your ego and mind are filled with delusional beliefs because it fears God, then the energy coming through will manifest  from those beliefs.

You see, as you let go of your name, your story in this lifetime, and to all that you believe you are, and then take up who you truly are -- a God and Christ in your own right-- then what follows is the elimination of fear, guilt, sin, and what is known as karma. Once all of these things are balanced, no one, not even the dark forces of the Church, governments, the media, businesses, your family, and friends, can ever steal your energy again. You can remain as friends, even with family or whoever you meet in life as long as you do not allow them to steal your energy. And, believe me; you will know if someone is trying to steal your energy.

Jesus became the example, the standard. He showed us how to integrate all multi-levels of our consciousnesses along with their belief systems; to become one again with our "I AM Christ" state. This clarifies the statement, Mathew 24: “As it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end days!” The baptism of Jesus is symbolic of us souls coming from the same source, as each drop symbolizes a souled being as a God in their own right. When Jesus called God father, it is symbolic; He recognized this pure omnipresent white light energy as the source for miracles.    

It was from this descended personality within us where our ego (beast) first made its appearance on earth. Since our ego personality became part of both the outer masculine and inner feminine side of ourselves,  our masculine consciousness (Adam Principle) was the one that began eating or appropriating the idea of two powers, positive and negative,  symbolized by the eating of the apple. The result is that we, from a conscious level, male and female, fell away from our spiritual life as a "divine being." We moved into a belief system of two powers, positive and negative, God and Satan, as being real.

The story of man (Adam), woman (Eve), and that of the serpent (Ego) in the Bible are all symbolic for this fall into duality, and not that a single, male, white God created us. Man, woman, and God are all equal, because man, woman, and God are God. In the truest sense, we can and do take on the energy of being either a male or female in any given lifetime. This is why we occasionally see a man wanting to be a woman or a woman wanting to be a man because one may have been a woman or a man for many lifetimes. Therefore, this person feels uncomfortable in the gender that they have chosen this time around.

The belief that males are more esteemed than females and that there is a powerful God above us is a big reason  why we humans have wars, illnesses, pain, hate, jealousy, and sadness in our earthly experiences. Why? Our outer masculine side gets into a power struggle with our ego personality; then our inner feminine soul side uses the distorted energy allowing this to manifest. Because of it, the ego personality and the mind of reason, will not take responsibility for their choices.

What perpetuates this is our ego personality acting like the beast it is, continuously deceives our outer masculine side of the mind (male or female) into believing the feminine side is to blame for getting us kicked out of heaven because of sin. Of course, this is far from the truth.

Due to this belief in sin, our masculine side (the mind/Adam) continues to dump all of our light and dark creations (good and bad) onto the feminine side (the soul/Eve). To make matters worse, our ego (the serpent), while we are in human form or not, continues to deceive our mind (Adam) into believing that God is separate from us -- that there is a white, male God entity that is outside of us and who created us. This presents the misconception of God giving more preference to a man than to a woman. 

Our ego personality was born from out of our own Mind (Adam) and that of our soul consciousness (Eve).  However, it remains that our ego (serpent/Satan) actually has no authority to make choices. That part of us was created as the consciousness that must incarnate into physical form rather than our Soul and Mind to engage  duality, even though all three consciousnesses are as One, you, in human form as well as you in Etheric form.

Our ego (the beast) used persuasion as the means to motivate our mind and soul into activating many life potentials (beliefs) for us to experience to answer the question, "Who am I?" Hence, our ego  ended up as a grand friend of our Spirit-Christ consciousness. The reason being that it takes our physical ego personality (beast) working with our mind (also known as the Anti-Christ) to eventually awaken us to the Christ which we are.

My dear friends, it was our “I AM Divine Essence” that set us up to "fall in consciousness." We did not even realize it. By allowing our ego to lower our vibrations, we descended -- to a level of having a personality that became the judge, jury, and executioner for our choices and beliefs/truths.

Believe it or not, this was all appropriate. Via our descended ego personality playing the outer positive-masculine and the inner negative-feminine-soul sides against each other, we ended up learning the wisdom behind our choices. Once we learned these lessons, then the wisdom of those lessons became part of our Spirit and our total consciousness, providing abundant wisdom. This is how we work our way back to our "divine oneness" again.

It is important not to lose sight of our feminine-negative side and how it comes from the same energy as our positive-masculine side. This is very important for us to understand.  What this means, is that our dark side comes from the same energy as our light side. So again, where is the sin? It is astounding how we humans fight against each other for power. Power is just symbolic of our authority as a Goddess and how this authority belongs to each of us equally regardless of who we are.

As mankind, this  demonstrates how deeply we are asleep to those that love control and power. Imagine what would happen to the masses if we awaken to the fact that our negative and positive energies come from the same omnipresent mind field of pure neutral energy that the Church happens to call God. Duality, death, good and bad, truly do not exist. That is what is meant in Matthew 17:20, when Jesus said (I paraphrase here): “because of not believing who we are, we could say to a mountain, remove from this place, and it shall move, for nothing is impossible.”   

To explain how much the dark forces of the Church (in all religions) are deceiving us on a scale that is beyond belief, I use Scripture as the Church does.  The Church/religions take the Bible and present it to us using only literal interpretations. From what we have been taught, the Bible was supposedly not written by man, suggesting the words are of God. Yet just about every word found in the Bible today has been rewritten by the dark forces for the benefit of selling us a God that reigns over the Church and us. Who exactly controls/owns the Church?: those that give away their power out of ignorance to a group of dark-minded souls that intentionally want to steal our energy.  This keeps them in power and in control.

When we look at Genesis 3:1(I paraphrase): "the serpent being the most cunning of all the animals." This is referring to our ego. In the beginning before earth ever was, the ego became the main focal point in what we desired to express and manifest to experience. It illustrates this by the "serpent asking the woman," (i.e. our ego personality asking our soul) "did God really tell us not to eat from any of the trees in the garden?"

We are a three-dimensional consciousness, having a spirit, mind, and ego personality. They are all part of our physical body of consciousness.  In the beginning, our spirit-soul handed down all authority to our mind permitting us to feel and experience life which is symbolized by Eve(soul) giving Adam(mind) the apple. The apple is nothing more than us souls  expressing ourselves from a mental and physical nature. 

From this verse, we can see that our mind was not developed enough for us to venture out in a journey of discovery. Everything we expressed, at first, was from a mental and emotional level and not from our "I AM Christ" self - whom we truly are. Because of this act, we ended up putting our focus on our ego, for it was our ego that made us feel independent.

It was the ego that activated a movement in our consciousness. The outcome created a personality that became very defiant to our original divine nature. Once this personality of an ego nature was formed within us as feeling real, we then asked the question that mimicked our spirit which was "Who am I?" Additionally, since this ego personality made us feel independent and separate from our mind and spirit-soul, the question of "Who am I?" was only heard/filtered by our ego.

Our ego then interpreted this sound wave  to mean: "What is the purpose of our mind and spirit/soul anyway?" Without realizing it, this question formulated by our ego actually came from what seemed to be connected to some type of emotion which Eve represented once we came into the mental and physical level. You see, in the beginning, our spirit  could not feel or experience life. Therefore how could spirit learn to know all things? Our Spirit had no way to know all things if it remained as spirit.

In order to remedy this, our soul needed a way for us to forget that we were actually the source in creating energy. We all needed some way to experience our creations without knowing that our spirit is indeed the creator of energy that is being used for those creations. Our souls-spirits needed something to help us forget about being the source and the creator of energy. So our spirit came up with an idea to create a personality called the ego. The ego interrupts the "energy flow" coming from out of this omnipresent mind field and then judges it as either positive or negative.

This is why the ego took our Spirit's question of "Who am I?" and judged it to mean, “What is the purpose of our mind and spirit/soul ?" Our ego robotically moved our outer, mental consciousness (Adam) to a negative thought pattern when it came to understanding self as a God/creator. Once this setup (creation) was done (via by way of our own spirit),  on an ego level we souls eventually came to believe that positive (light) and negative (dark) were two different sources of energy that could be used in our creations. It gave our soul the opportunity to pass down our choices to the mind: to move that choice outside of our spirit and into a mental (Adam), emotional (Eve), and an ego (the serpent) consciousness so that we could learn about life and responsibility.

To keep everything balanced from our soul's point of view, we brought in a belief system that is called the "Law of Cause and Effect." This maintains some type of balance to the energy we use in manifesting our ideas, ideals, and beliefs. Once we created this belief in "cause and effect" as being real, then the energy of positive and negative took on the principle law of always seeking balance. It was perfect! This means that Satan, the beast found in the Book of Revelation, is not what the Church has been portraying it to be. This character Satan (the Serpent) is just symbolically representing our own ego moving into defiance with our own Mind and Spirit.

It was our Spirit that set up this avenue, to answer the question “Who am I?” and to gain wisdom in everything that the mind, soul, and ego chose to experience. It was a brilliant idea by our spirit. By our "ego of defiance" coming between our own spirit-soul (Eve) and our mind of a mental nature (Adam), it allowed our ego (the beast-serpent) to be in service to our spirit (God-Goddess). With this service, our "I AM Christ" consciousness would gain a great deal of wisdom.

This again actually shows how intelligent our spirit is; it was our spirit that set up the divine plan to become an "all knowing" Goddess. Not only did this act allow our Spirit to gain much wisdom, it also allowed us to become a multi-dimensional consciousness. This set the pathway for separating our consciousness and energy into billions and billions, if not more, of positive and negative potentials and ego personality aspects of ourselves (lifetimes), where we came to Earth to play them out. Infinite potentials, good or bad, were chosen. It made no difference to our Spirit because all that our Spirit desired was the experience to learn the wisdom of the experience.

In truth, this means that there is no such thing as sin, death, or right or wrong. It was our Spirit that created it all in order for us to answer the question, "Who am I?" At the same time, we learn to take responsibility for our own creations, including our suffering and our healing. Therefore, sin is simply us believing in sin and it is the same with death and evil. By understanding this about our spirit then it is easy to see that the Church is deceiving us when they say that sin originated from Adam and Eve. How can this be if Adam and Eve are just a myth, a story to help us understand ourselves?

Even though sin is a myth, to keep track of all parts and pieces of ourselves, we created a means of measuring our actions through what is called time and space, good and bad. Since at our core our energy is pure light and neutral and not of duality; it will always seek resolution (like cause and effect) back into itself as being pure light. The need to resolve things within us has become very strong and we made it possible by experiencing many lifetime personalities and beliefs. This is how brilliant and intelligent our spirit is!   

To those of you that are looking for truth, the time has come to understand everyone is equal in Spirit and that no soul or human is superior or greater than another, even the ones that are creating evil in this world are equal in Spirit. Everyone is a God-Goddess. We cannot take over or control another God-Goddess unless it is allowed by the one being taken over.

Each of us has experienced multitudes of unique lifetime existences throughout the galaxies. We have evolved through many different forms, physical and non-physical. Therefore, no two souls will ever act (or believe) quite the same. We are a dreamer and we create our illusions and beliefs through the measuring (time) of our understanding (space) of Spirit (Goddess). Then we build our own unique reality and our concept of that reality through the way we choose our beliefs and how we use pure energy in manifesting them.

In other words, we humans have brought this Satan character to life by misinterpreting our consciousness, our energy, and our experiences as right and wrong or good and evil. We are creating attitudes based on psychological and emotional factors, which then affects what we believe and how we make our choices. It is our emotional choices represented by Eve that created the ability to deceive our physical senses represented by Adam. It took our ego personality in the flesh represented by the serpent in the Garden to believe something exists when in reality it does not.

Sin and death are a prime examples of this. How can something that is illusionary or unreal be death or sin? Our true essence is spirit and consciousness only. All that we are doing is playing with our energy on the Earth stage. Bottom line: all souls have forgotten that together we are the real God and a powerful God at that.

Our ability to remember who we are and our relationship to the whole of creation (the masses) was lost (surely die). At the same time, this tells us that we must have had a higher purpose for isolating and segregating ourselves. What we do not realize is that we are still in the Garden. But our Ego (beast) keeps on deceiving us from an emotional and rational level into believing we are no longer in the Garden/no longer divine. This is why I advocate that the Church, along with our reasoning mind, is indeed the Anti-Christ.  Further,  the Shepherds that carry out these beliefs have been overtaken by the dark forces of the Church a very long time ago.