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The Book of Revelation: A New Beginning

To help you see and understand this, let us look at the true meaning of Revelation Chapter 1, verse by verse. 

(Rev. 1:1): “The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave to him, to show his servants what must happen soon. He made it known by sending his angel to his servant John.”

What is “the revelation of Jesus Christ”? First, Jesus fulfilled his mission over two thousand years ago. Second, the real author of the book of Revelation is not Jesus or John. It is the Christ-spirit within you, whom John symbolizes. The Apostle John, like you, was an outer expression of his own soul-self; the name John is that of a servant or an aspect of his own Christ-identity, and it is the same for you.

The phrase “which God gave to him” verifies that it was John’s own Christ-spirit enlightening him, while in physical form, about him becoming aware of a new truth about his identity. You see, John’s deeper self or his Christ-spirit is symbolized by the man Jesus and has nothing to do with Jesus giving John a message. Therefore, the symbiology behind this verse is representative of your Christ-spirit making an effort to inform you, while you are in human form, that you, too, are a divine being just as much as John and Jesus.  

The books of Genesis and Revelation are the most misunderstood and misinterpreted writings that you could ever attempt to comprehend because of the way we have been taught by our religious leaders. You see, there are many different concepts of spirit, what it is and what it does, and religions tend to assign human values and reasoning to it through the icon of a God who lives in a book.

We all have been operating for a long time now on the concept of an infinite King who created us as limited beings, because we fail to understand that our spirit is in fact a real life force and the original divine spark within us that was awakened eons ago through the process of breathing life into our own consciousness.

Mark 4:11-12 mentions “the secret of the kingdom of God and the Christ,” which, in fact, refers to you being a Christ just as much as your brother Jesus. Once you understand this, then your soul consciousness will open up to you the “secrets” of Christ. The first secret is that Jesus’s name represents the Christ within you too, and once you understand this, then you will be able to expand your 3-D consciousness beyond the limitations of your outer mind and ego.

Your awakening to this secret directs your awareness to the real truth about original sin and why you can now let it go. Jesus knew this when he walked the earth over two thousand years ago, but we failed to listen. We completely misunderstood and ignored his message and decided to worship him instead. We understood miracles as only coming from some God, thus we looked at self as weak and unworthy. You see, the story of Adam and Eve not taking responsibility for their acts is symbolic of man battling with his own rebellious nature (serpent) when it comes to being fully accountable for one’s choices and actions in life.

Instead, we all decided to make Jesus responsible for our mistakes by saying that he died for our sins. Since we, all souls, have the same power and authority as God, we manifested an outer version of ourselves, symbolized by Adam (mind) and Eve (soul); and then we chose to live within the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in order to learn the wisdom of positive and negative, and the responsibility of using it for our manifestations.

It is you, the outer human self, that is the servant to your Christ-spirit; and it is you and the masses who brought into life a belief system that there is a force consisting of positive and negative. From this force of duality, we souls came up with the concept of there being such things as light and dark, good and bad, God and Satan; and then we planted these belief systems within our minds (our Adam self) as being “all there is,” which in fact is not true. We actually forgot about the oneness of our own Christ-spirit (tree of life) being part of our consciousness of duality (Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil).

By believing that you are only human, with only an outer version of you symbolized by Adam, you become limited to believing only what is true for you, which then creates your experiences and reality. That is why, from a human level, you control the energy flow coming from your own Christ-spirit, and it is why your ideas and beliefs are always expressed and formulated as being good or bad, right or wrong, positive or negative, God or Satan. It is also why you have a strong belief in sin, even though sin is really just an illusion. Sin is nothing more than you, from the human level, becoming stuck in a consciousness that believes the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is “all that there is.” 

“The Revelation of Jesus Christ” is symbolized by your own beginning when you were in the garden or in your original Oneness long ago. Remember, you are also a piece of God (sun), which means you are a Son of God just as much as Jesus. In your original Oneness in the beginning, you too were flawless, blameless, and unblemished. But once your mind (Adam), allowed your outer rebellious ego nature (serpent) to open up to duality, (Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil), you began to fill your soul consciousness (Eve) with multitudes of different belief systems that eventually laid out your own divine plan in answering the question, “Who am I?”

From the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, which is again nothing but positive and negative, you created belief systems that led to lifetimes playing with the forces of differing vibrations. And now, you are exposed and privy to all kinds of beliefs (Revelation) that found their way into your Christ consciousness, giving you the gift of understanding life and the wisdom of your choices, good and bad. 

Because of this strong belief in sin, we souls came up with the concept of karma (sowing and reaping) in order to understand our choices. Through karma we reveal to the world our hidden secrets, as karma demonstrates the divine will (Revelation) of our own Christ-spirit. You see, at your core level, your Christ-spirit is not susceptible to any type of belief that reflects power, good (light), or bad (dark), because in your truest nature you are God in the making. However, once you took on the belief (the symbology of the apple) in what is known in the Bible as the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, your mind (Adam) allowed you to be open to suggestions from your outer rebellious ego nature (serpent) and the egos of others, which is Satan’s assembly.

From the viewpoint of your Christ-spirit, there is no such thing as time or space or even sin, and in the eyes of your own Christ-spirit, all of your lifetimes take place, not only on earth but also in many different nonphysical dimensions, even though you seem to live them out on earth one lifetime at a time. This is how you become a companion with your own Christ-spirit.

In 1 Corinthians 12:12, Paul states, “A body is one though it has many parts, and all the parts of the body, though many, are one body, so also with Christ.” As you can see here in this verse, Paul was not referring to the human body; he was referring to the “Christ Body,” which has “many parts” to itself. In other words, the Christ Body is made up of all souls, including you and me.

Most people believe that the energy of Christ is with only one man and that Jesus is that man. However, the true Christ is not with only one man or any particular religious group. The true identity of Christ is your own divinity, which means you carry the seed of the Christ within you. 

When you integrate the essence of your divine spirit with all the lifetimes that you have ever had, good (light) and bad (dark), as well as your many personality-aspects that were not given a flesh body, you become a true, embodied Christ walking on earth just as your brother Jesus did. My fellow gods, the “harvest” that Jesus is referring to in Luke 10:2 is in fact taking place today if you are willing to accept this simple truth. The harvest is not down the road in some future. It is right now in this very moment. 

Jesus said, “The harvest is abundant but the workers are few” (Matt. 9:37) because there are so few people who realize that it is time to take yourself (and Jesus) down off the cross of karma and end your suffering. Jesus’s suffering and death on the cross – even though true – is a metaphoric description of your own journey through many lifetimes of sowing, reaping, and forgetting who you truly are; for you are a God and a Christ just as much as your brother Jesus. 

The rapture is about you in this lifetime becoming the Son of Man and the savior of yourself and many other personality aspects of light and dark that are spread throughout the multidimensional realms (God’s Kingdom). Therefore, the symbolism behind the words in Rev. 1:1, “to show his servants what must happen soon,” is indeed about your consciousness of the mind, ego, and all your personality-aspects (past lifetimes) playing with the forces of positive and negative (Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil) and coming to the knowledge that you are indeed their creator.

Since John is in his physical form at the time of this vision, he represents your human self, the name you hold in this lifetime, becoming the servant who delivers to you (the son, which is your mind) the knowledge of what you have learned journeying through many lifetimes of sowing and reaping.

You have portrayed many names and personalities (servants) and stories (lifetimes) that caused you to experience light (good) and dark (bad), and because of it, you have become the sacrificial lamb in this lifetime like Jesus did in his. You have born your cross while learning about duality, and now you have the opportunity to become a true sovereign being in your own right like your brother Jesus did. Therefore, the “Revelation of Christ” is about you being the Messiah and the Savior of you, and not that Jesus is coming for you. Jesus has already done his part, and now it is up to you to do yours.

The vision of John is actually symbolic of us humans going through a time period of learning, understanding, and taking responsibility for our own creations. Once we have finished our work in letting go of our guilt, suffering, feeling separate from our own God-self, and the belief that we have sinned, then we will know that the mystery and secret of Christ is this: You are Christ. 

Jesus, the Christ, symbolizes your divine Sonship moving through the trials and tribulations of your choices ever since you left the first creation (garden) long ago. The man Jesus not only symbolizes the divine Sonship within you, he also symbolizes the human manifestation of the collective Christ-consciousness brought to earth by those who understood that it was time for the divine to come and meld with the human self of today.

The phrase “to show his servants” in Rev. 1:1 refers to your own I-am-Christ self, which is the true creator, and shows you (the name you hold in this lifetime) and all of your other personality-aspects of light and dark embodiments (servants) what is about to happen soon if, of course, you allow it to happen. This “happening” is your own awakening and ascension into a consciousness where you know that you are indeed a divine being and a Christ too!

The word “soon” in the verse implies a short period of time, and in prophecy time refers to there being of no time as we know it. In fact, there is no such thing as time or space. Time simply represents the measuring of one’s understanding when it comes to the wisdom of knowing who the Christ is. Therefore, the word “soon” is only a reference, pointing to where you are in your wisdom and understanding of God today. Are you a Christ or are you just a human looking for salvation through the man Jesus? Only you can answer that question.   

By Jesus making “it known by sending his angel to his servant John,” Jesus is not referring to man and how man looks at angels. Jesus’s reference to the “angel” is actually about your perceptive ability as an aspect of your real self’s mental capacity to come to a conclusion that the angels of God are actually the makeup of one’s own spirit, mind, and ego, for they are the servants of your I-am-Christ self in expression.

When you are on the expansional track, knowing that you are Christ in the flesh, then those many light and dark incarnations (personality aspects) which you have experienced while journeying through the astral and physical realms become your guiding and directing light (wisdom) to higher divine understanding. You see, you cannot have Jesus be a Son of God unless you are one also. When you understand that you and everyone are equal to God, because you and everyone are God, then the fear of Satan and hell dissolves.

It is you who embrace the total energy of “all that is, was, and ever will be,” because in its principle form, all is One, you are One. You have a spirit that is your true nature; you have a mind that is made up of a duality principle; and you have an ego that is made up of many forms (life physical bodies), and they are all One, you, the many parts of Christ. Therefore, who is giving John the message? It is symbolic of your own divinity or I am-Christ spirit moving through your mind (the angel, the Son of God) and passing the message down to your human ego personality (the servant, or the name you hold in this lifetime, the son of man) the secret and the mystery that Christ is you. 

Of course, the big questions is, are you ready to receive the message? Since Jesus, the Christ, experienced his trials and tribulations on earth, then the metaphoric meaning here is about you too; having passed through your trials, temptations, and mental variations of yourself, and now, like Jesus, you have become a person in a new way unlike who you were previously.

The time has come for you too, if you so choose, to put away the old dogmatic ideas of sin, limitations, and Jesus coming to save you. Jesus already came to earth over two thousand years ago, and now it is up to you to follow his example.

(Rev. 1:2): “Who gives witness to the word of God and to the testimony of Jesus Christ by reporting what he saw.”

The name “John” refers to your ego-personality-aspect (human self) of today, which is the name you hold in this lifetime, as being a servant to your own Christ-spirit, represented by Jesus. Therefore, it is you, while in human form, “who gives witness to the word of God and to the testimony of Jesus Christ by reporting what” you, from the human level, have learned in opening your heart to a new truth.

You see, after many incarnations of sowing and reaping, you will have the opportunity to awaken from your sleep state and actually be a “witness” to your own revelation (testimony). Therefore, the “word of God” is about you having the ability to understand the mystery that God and Christ are you in the flesh. This puts you, and those who become awakened, on a level where biblical symbology, including the book of Revelation, is understood as something where you and all personality aspects of yourself come together to find the answers to your questions “Who am I?”  And “Why am I here?”

Since John symbolizes you coming from an ego level into your awakened state in this lifetime, then the “word of God” is about your capacity to understand the written language (tongue) of your soul memories and how you worked them out in the physical realm over many lifetimes. This means you have within you the capacity to understand the Christ principle as well as to be a witness to your own revelations (testimony) in exploring the essence of your divine nature and uniting with your human self on earth in this lifetime.  

Because of our many lifetimes of sowing and reaping, even though we are not aware of it right now, some of us are ready to awaken to the memory of being more than just human. The “word” and its importance is about how we express our thoughts and gain understanding and wisdom using our capacity to understand the Christ principle. It is you who become the creative authority and the Christ on earth, because it is you who suffered your revelations of many lifetimes playing on earth (testimony).

Through our many lifetimes playing on earth, we now have the authority, strength, and skills to bring forth the memories (reporting) of our soul-self that will support our declaration that we are a God and a Christ equal to God. All that is left is for you to accept this revelation.

(Rev. 1:3): “Blessed is the one who reads aloud and blessed are those who listen to this prophetic message and heed what is written in it, for the appointed time is near”

Who is this “blessed one?” It is a person who, after journeying through many lifetimes of sowing and reaping (taking responsibility), has freed himself from the belief in duality, as well as from the idea of sin and limitations. Once you become awakened to a knowing, not a belief, but a knowing, of who you really are while in the physical, you no longer have to suffer the ups and downs of duality ever again. Your consciousness actually shifts to an unconditional love state where you are completely in acceptance of being a Christ, without reservation or feeling unworthy, thus gaining back your magic and authority as a living God.

If you can acknowledge, understand, and accept (read) yourself as being a Christ without any doubt or reservation or trying to hide (aloud) from the mystical importance (prophetic message) of your lessons learned throughout your many lifetimes, then you are at the threshold of ascension (rapture). If you really trust (heed) in yourself as being a Christ, then what is being expressed (written) here in this book becomes the agreed time (appointed) for your awakening. The only thing left is for you to allow it and accept it.

If you confront your fears of old, dogmatic beliefs about being kicked out of some garden and come to the realization that you actually, voluntarily chose to take on the concept of duality (the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil) long ago, then out of the blue, like a thief in the night, you will have the “ears to hear” (feel) and the “eyes to see” (understand) the real meaning behind the book of Revelation.   

(Rev. 1:4): “John, to the seven churches in Asia: grace to you and peace from him who is and who was and who is to come, and from the seven spirits before his throne”

As we look at “John,” he again represents you in this physical lifetime, the one that has the “eyes to see” and the “ears to hear” the real truth about who Christ is.

“The seven churches in Asia,” refer to your physical body, which will be explained in our discussion of Rev. 1:11. The word Asia, according to the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary, refers to you taking on a physical body and coming into a physical world many times. Because you chose the flesh to experience life and to learn the wisdom of duality, you moved your outer consciousness through many filtered physical bodies (lifetimes) of sowing and reaping.

Asia refers to the Eastern Hemisphere of the world as being a continent or a piece of land, thus bringing out the importance of its meaning representing a physical body. As the word East will always mean “within oneself” and Asia will refer to one’s physical body, then the message is “within one’s physical body,” there lies the hidden manna of wisdom and the truth of spirit. 

These meanings, coupled with the fact that Palestine is in Asia, and Asia is supposed to be the site of the garden of Eden and the birthplace of man, all point to spirit and to the source of “all that is” as being within. Therefore, since all religions and churches began in Asia, the word itself signifies that the inner you (spirit) and the outer you (mind and ego) are right now incarnated in a physical body.

The interpretations of the “seven churches” are based on the idea that John was not only seeing a message for the whole of humanity, but a message for each spiritual center within his own physical body. Thus, within each human physical body, there lie the seven church centers. These church centers are symbolized by the seven endocrine glands, with each gland (angel) playing an amazing role in awakening you, as it did John, to your own I-am-Christ-spirit. This is why Christ’s activities, explanations, criticisms, and commands are considered to be insights into the functioning of each gland of the endocrine system and their characteristic traits.

By using the symbology of Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel, and the Beast and its number, as well as spirit, mind, ego, the physical body and its seven glands, and other characters in the Bible, a spiritual code is revealed to those who are ready for the harvest which Jesus spoke of over two thousand years ago. When you learn to understand that you are actually creating your reality from a small and limited part of your total consciousness, you will finally begin the groundwork for your awakening to “all that is” or what is known as the second creation.  

Remember, in the beginning when you first left the garden, your outer consciousness (the mind) was pure and natural, having no defining features of light or dark because you, in your truest form, are not made of energy. You use energy for your creations. You were completely formless. But then you began to take action using your outer, formless consciousness (mind), which eventually lead to taking on an identity (personality or characteristic traits) with whatever you were thinking, good (light) or bad (dark).

From the moment you took action with your mind, you began to notice your consciousness taking on some type of form, which by the way, weighed comparatively nothing at first. Once your thoughts became more entangled with the forces of positive and negative, you became very much part of the light and dark. And now, this light and dark has merged into a weighty, single, solid, physical body where each gland of the endocrine system has its own distinctive function to carry out.

Because of your thought patterns and expressions of light and dark, you took on a belief system that caused you to descend into materialness, taking on many light and dark identities (lifetimes). Today, the book of Revelation is about the process of you ascending out of that dualistic consciousness (leaving the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil) to a place in consciousness where you can begin to understand that you are neither light nor dark, but only, at your core level, pure and neutral, having only a spirit and consciousness that really have no form. It has been your belief in duality that has kept you locked into a consciousness where you seem to be only human.  

When you learn to study the books of “Genesis and Revelation” through the sensitivity of your physical body rather than through the mind of reasoning, logic, and judgment, you will discover who God and the Christ really are. You will understand that the creator of “all that is” is actually you becoming an active energy force in all things made, including your physical body, the earth, stars, moon, animals, insects, etc. My fellow gods, it was you and all souls and not a solitary God-celebrity figure who brought about what is known today as your human body.

Therefore, these “seven churches” mentioned here in Rev. 1:4 are parts of your physical body, and they are known as the seven endocrine glands. These seven centers are also known as the seven chakra centers. When you (all souls) chose the path of the previously unknown principle of light and dark, duality or what is known in the Bible as the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, you actually chose an illusionary reality where you came to believe that your outer mind is the source of your intelligence, physical body, and all of your manifestations. Not only did you act from an ego level in bringing about this physical level, you also acted in and through your mental level of consciousness rather than your own divine essence.

Because of this, you forgot that your Christ-consciousness is also part of your mental and ego levels, through the “seven spirits before the throne.” These seven spirits are symbolized by the seven days that it took us souls (God) to create materialness, including Earth. Of course, these seven days in Genesis are not to be taken literally but as a metaphor for the seven attributes of your Christ-spirit.

Your Christ-spirit feels your thoughts, beliefs, and experiences through these seven endocrine glands (chakra centers) of the physical body (symbolized by the seven churches), largely through wavelengths (frequencies) that are measured by and through your total consciousness. These seven endocrine glands are energy centers that relate to your vital organs and the glandular functions of the physical body.

Each of these centers also corresponds to the colors of the rainbow and can be seen as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. As you know, color is a vibration just like sound, though it vibrates at a higher or faster level so you cannot hear it. For instance, red has the longest wavelength in the visible spectrum while violet has the shortest. 

Not only are these seven endocrine glands (seven energy centers) part of your physical body, they also relate to the “seven seals” found in Revelation 6 and 7. But for now, these “seven churches” mentioned in Revelation 1:4 are indeed related to the seven endocrine glands and the chakras, and you will read more about them in Revelation 1:10-11.

“Grace to you and peace” in Rev. 1:4 indicates that because of your evolution in consciousness, journeying through many lifetimes learning about duality, you have now refined yourself to the point where you can set the stage (as the Son of God) to open your mind to a state of mental calmness and serenity (peace) where you actually become the faithful observer (witness) of your own I-am-Christ identity. Therefore, it is you – not just Jesus – “who is, who was, and who is to come.”

You may look at the phrase as being the prophecy of Jesus’s second coming, but in truth it relates to the coming of the Christ-spirit within yourself, making its appearance on earth and becoming one with the Son of Man, which is you in the physical body under the name you hold in this lifetime. So, welcome and invite your own I-am-Christ spirit in, and don’t ignore it by saying you cannot be a Christ because Jesus is the only Christ. If you do not allow yourself to recognize your own divinity, then you will remain in your sleep state until another time.

When you look at “the seven spirits before his throne” in Rev. 1:4, you are actually talking about the seven days of creation mentioned in the Genesis, 1 and 2. From these seven spirits (listed below) come all memory, wisdom, and stimulation for your consciousness. The comforter that Jesus spoke of refers to your own Christ-spirit (holy) and that of your soul-self (Eve) teaching you that all things and experiences, including poverty, illness, health, and abundance come into your reality by you and you alone, for you are the creator, creating them.

It is your soul-self (symbolized by Eve) that holds the memory and wisdom of all your choices, actions, false aspects, or personalities (lifetimes) of yourself, as well as the redemption you seek, which does not come from Jesus or some God. Of course, it takes your Christ-spirit (whom we call God or comforter) to stimulate those soul memories into action, where you experience the sowing and reaping (karma/sin) necessary to finding Christ. Through your Christ-spirit, you, the Son of Man, “shall bring all things to your remembrance even from the foundation of the world.” (John 14:26)

The symbology of “the seven spirits” refers to the “seven angels” who are “before the throne,” which is the makeup of you being God, Christ, and the Son of God. These “seven spirits before the throne” are explained below. (If you desire to learn more about the “first seven days” and what it symbolizes, please refer to my book Genesis: Your Journey Home.) For now, let’s look at what each day (angel) represents: 

  • The “first day of Creation” referred to in Genesis 1 is symbolized by the first of the “seven spirits before the throne” (angels) in Revelation 1:4. It refers to you, manifesting on a subconscious level a desire to become conscious and aware in order to understand life. This is when you first accepted the activity of “all that you are”; for you are the original Oneness of consciousness, and your Christ-spirit is of a pure, unadulterated, neutralized, consciousness that uses your mind to activate your pure energy and bring you into form.

Your spirit consciousness is the individualized portion of the greater whole, like my earlier analogy of the sun, and is a higher version of you than that of your mind (Son of God) or ego physical self (Son of Man). Therefore, the “first spirit (angel) before the throne” represents you coming into an awareness of being an individualized portion of the whole God, where you, in physical form, come to know that you too are part of the Christ principle (the Father/Mother God/Goddess).

  • The “second day of Creation” referred to in Genesis 1 is the second of the “seven spirits before the throne” (angels) in Revelation 1:4, where you, on a subconscious level, possess a high level of intelligence that comes from “universal consciousness” (the wholeness of consciousness, which is from all souls), which means you can tap into this universal intelligence at any time.
  • The “third day of Creation” referred to in Genesis 1 is the third of the “seven spirits before the throne” (angels) in Revelation 1:4, where you, on a subconscious level, possess a consciousness that always desires to grow and expand by way of experiencing your choices firsthand. Thereby, you are gaining a wealth of wisdom and understanding.

This means the composition of your Christ-spirit is absolute divine love, which means you possess a well-balanced, harmonious, and compassionate masculine and feminine energy deep within you that is of an unchanging nature, neutral and pure. Thus you cannot sin, for you can only experience your energy by forming your thoughts into something that feels real but is not, like light and dark.

  • The “fourth day of Creation” referred to in Genesis 1 is the fourth of the “seven spirits before the throne” (angels) in Revelation 1:4, where you, on a subconscious level, are of a divine nature with a free and divine will to do as you please – as long as you do not interfere with the will of another soul.
  • The “fifth day of Creation” referred to in Genesis 1 is the fifth of the “seven spirits before the throne” (angels) in Revelation 1:4, where you, on a subconscious level, have a spirit that is the essence of all life energy in all time, space, and dimensions (astral realms, including Earth). Your spirit is the divine spark and the source that gives your creations lifelike multiple personality aspects (lifetimes, and then spreads them throughout the omniverse (multiple dimensional realms). This applies to everyone, as all members are equal to God because all is God.
  • The “sixth day of Creation” referred to in Genesis 1 is the sixth of the “seven spirits before the throne” (angels) in Revelation 1:4, where you, on a subconscious level, deal with the law of absolute divine love, which is unconditional and unchangeable. You have a divine passion and a oneness of purpose about you that was set in place, deep within your consciousness, long before you ever left the garden (moving outside of self), and it remains today. That is why you cannot sin. Sin comes only from not understanding who you really are.

Regardless of what you believe, all spirits/soul members are in the image that reflects you, having nothing but pure, neutral, and universal energy, until your spirit activates it into what you see as form. This means that you can create or use pure energy for whatever purpose you choose,  good or bad, because your human self (the Son of Man) holds the authority of your Christ-spirit. Therefore, you are the master, the Lord of Lords over all influential forces for the manifestation of all possibilities of life and what you experience as being good and bad.

  • The “seventh day of Creation” referred to in Genesis 2, is the seventh of the “seven spirits before the throne” (angels) in Revelation 1:4, where you, on a conscious level, need to associate your feelings and emotions with the silencing of your outer mind before making choices; otherwise you will always choose from a place of duality.

In other words, learn to calm your mind down before making decisions or your emotions will get the best of you every time, which means you may bring into your life experiences that you really don’t want. Remember, no one knows the Father as well as the Son and no one knows better than you what the Father needs because you are the Father, the Mother, and the Son.

(Rev. 1:5): “And from Jesus Christ, the faithful witness, the firstborn of the dead and ruler of the kings of the earth. To him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood.”  

The “faithful witness” is not just Jesus; it is also the one who is reading this book right now, for you are a “firstborn” too. If you allow or invite your Christ-identity to enter your mind (the firstborn) here and now, you stand the chance of opening up your memories of not being created by some God. It is you in this lifetime, “the firstborn of the dead,” finally coming to grips with yourself, becoming aware of how you have been in a sleep state since you left the garden (original Oneness) long ago.

If you accept the Christ principle within yourself as being part of you, as well as being part of everyone else, including the worst of the worst (and not just Jesus being a Christ), and embrace the knowledge that your energy (blood) is pure and perfect already, then you are ready to be God in the flesh (“to him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood” (Rev. 1:5).

In 1 Corinthians 15:47, it says, “The first man was from the earth, earthly; the second man, from heaven.” Religions use this verse to indicate Adam as the first man on earth, and yet this verse is a prime example of inconsistency when interpreted from a literal point of view. When religions proclaim the word “first” to mean Adam being the first man on earth, they are using the word literally. If this is true, then the meaning of the word “second” in this verse should also carry the same literal sense.

Therefore, according to religious interpretations, Cain – not Jesus – should be “from heaven.” As you can see, the writers surely did not mean that Cain was from heaven or did they? You see, Cain, the firstborn son of Adam and Eve symbolizes your rebellious ego nature (individuality) descending into a personality and a physical form of forgetting. Cain’s brother Abel symbolizes a personality within you of long ago that had the awareness of being God.

Through the decoding of the 3-D Bible, you learn that there never was a separation between your Christ-spirit (represented by Jesus) and your awareness of knowing (represented by Abel), and you are indeed the Christ you seek. By accepting yourself as the creator and a Christ, without feeling guilty or unworthy in your present physical state, you come to understand the multidimensional reality of your total consciousness. This understanding of you being Christ is where the Cain principle within you becomes one again with your own Christ-spirit, which means you are the first as well as the second man of earth, and also of heaven.  

By allowing yourself to come into the awareness that you are Christ, you begin to understand not only your true identity, but God’s identity also. My fellow gods, you have been hypnotized by the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and it has kept you in this hypnotic state for many lifetimes, which also keeps you from tapping into the wisdom gained in each of those lifetimes. This explains why everyone is at their own level of understanding when it comes to knowing God and who they are.

Ezekiel 21:24 says, “Therefore, thus says the Lord God, ‘Because you have made your iniquity to be remembered, in that your transgressions are uncovered, so that in all your deeds your sins appear because you have come to remembrance, you will be seized with the hand.”

This remembrance is about you, after many lifetimes, evolving and peeling away your hypnotic state to an understanding of you being multidimensional. As you realize that you are the creator, you do awaken to the fact that you can tap into your memories and journey back in time (as you understand time) by expanding your awareness through the layers and layers of consciousnesses you played out in those lifetimes. 

For example, this is how I am able to write this book. By expanding my consciousness (not my mind or ego) with the other parts of my total self, I can gather the wisdom gained in those lifetimes and present it to you through memory and my writing. You can learn the history of Earth and how man came to forget himself, just by looking at our belief systems and how our spiritual leaders have hypnotized us using this icon God.

By looking at yourself as God, you get in touch with your natural ability to release the belief systems that have kept you trapped within your own consciousness. This allows you to learn how to contact your spirit in finding truth and remembrance. Your wishes, dreams of health, abundance, and happiness are all at your fingertips, but you give these things away, for the mere benefit of holding onto old dogmatic beliefs and traditions.  

There have been many who asked me, “If I have lived in a physical body before, then why can’t I remember?” The reason people cannot remember past lives is because they are so focused on what is outside of them. They limit their consciousness only to what they see, touch, smell, taste, and feel in this lifetime, without realizing that there is more to them than what they are experiencing. They don’t realize that their minds are programmed to perceive and relate only to this physical reality, not realizing that their consciousness can expand and retrieve information from any given lifetime, including the time before they left the garden. 

You see, the consciousness that so many people are living out of today is a very small part of their total consciousness. For example, if we use a circle to represent your total consciousness, we see that until now, you have only been using (or aware of) about 2 to 8 percent of that circle. Through the decoding of the Bible, you can learn how to use your consciousness and go to a point of dimensional expansion where you can tap into your total self and retrieve history, information, and wisdom from yourself.

(Rev. 1:6): “Who has made us into a kingdom, priests for his God and Father, to him be glory and power forever (and ever). Amen”

The word “who” is you. By you being the Son (moving your conscious focus from being a God to a consciousness of only being human), you imaged many potentials in which to explore and experience the principle of duality (positive and negative), including manifesting many light (good) and dark (bad) personality aspects (lifetimes) of yourself. Because of this, in this lifetime (Son of Man), you have the opportunity to balance your energy using a new expansional energy. You balance your energy through sowing and reaping (karma), bearing your own crosses, and taking responsibility for your life, as your brother Jesus did. (I will explain this new expansional energy later in the book.) 

The choice you made long ago to consume your mind and consciousness with memories of nothing but duality, good and bad lifetimes, has gained you enormous understanding and wisdom today. By making this choice to play in duality, you have finally reached a consciousness today where you can choose to free yourself from the slavery of your mind, ego, and other personality aspects, meaning yours and that of the mass consciousness.

Look at what you have accomplished by taking the symbolic bite of the apple (unknown principles of positive and negative at the time). You not only learned the wisdom of positive and negative, but you became a much wiser God in the process than you were before leaving the garden (your original Oneness of consciousness). How can religions call this sin, when you actually volunteered to be in service to yourself, your Christ-spirit, and other souls in order to learn all the limiting factors of duality, both good (light) and bad (dark)?

You have taken the previously unknown principle of light and dark and made it known, not only to you, but to all those angels (souls) who have never experienced the flesh. So, don’t look at yourself as a sinner; if it wasn’t for you, God would have no wisdom or understanding of human life at all. You are part of the godhead, and all that has happened is that you have forgotten.

The words “To him” in Rev. 1:6, mean you, but from the mind level, and it is from the mind where you finally come to understand the splendor (glory) of your triumphs and successes. Because of your capacity to endure your crosses through many lifetimes of sowing and reaping (taking responsibility), you now have the strength, endurance, and influences of your own Christ-spirit (power) which offers you everlasting (forever), unadulterated, pure energy in bringing about your healing, joys, and the abundance you seek.

How many times have you heard religions say, “No one shall come unto the Father but by Christ” (John 14:6)? When you understand the Christ as being who you really are, you begin to understand the Father-God as being nothing more than infinite, unadulterated, pure, neutral energy that you (the Son) use to experience life. This means that your whole being, including the mind and your entire history of ego personalities (lifetimes), are part of the Father/Mother/God (your Christ-spirit).

Since you are part of the Father/Mother/God, you can manifest for yourself the healing you desire, the abundance you seek, and the relationships you have so longed for. It is no use to look to temples and churches for the Christ, because Christ is already part of you and always has been. John 8:19 says, “You know neither me nor my Father. If you knew me, you would know my Father also.” This is why he says in John 10:30, “The Father and I are one.”  And so it is with you!

(Rev. 1:7): “Behold, he is coming amid the clouds, and every eye will see him, even those who pierced him. All the peoples of the earth will lament him. Yes. Amen”  

The word “he” not only symbolizes Jesus, but also your own I am-Christ-spirit waiting in anticipation of you moving your outer false consciousness from the midst of your ignorance (clouds) to a consciousness where you are aware that you are indeed a Christ. Even those personality aspects (people) of your past where you played in the light and dark have pierced you so deeply that all that you experience today are your fears. But now, these aspects of you are suddenly asking you for your compassion and integration, for they know now that you have been their creator.

All of what you thought, desired, and embraced as your creations throughout your many lifetimes are now expressing sadness and grief (lament), for they are asking you (Son of Man) for compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, understanding, and integration. Therefore, it is up to you to forgive them, as well as yourself and others; and when you do, you will end up integrating all your parts with your Christ-spirit. When you do this, you become the savior of you and all that you have created, including both the bad and the good that you have created. You are the forgiver of your sins. 

The Second Coming, portrayed as Jesus coming down from the clouds, is really a metaphor for your own outer ego-personality (you in this lifetime) awakening to what is real and what is not. As the veil of forgetting and ignorance may be lifted, if you so choose, the raising from the dead (your unaware state) becomes your salvation. It is the Christ within you that brings salvation and no one else, not religion, family, government, or even Jesus. When you move beyond the belief in duality (light and dark or what is called sin), then the next step is ascension (the rapture spoken of in the Bible). 

Now that the secret of God and Christ is out, hopefully you are beginning to awaken to your own Christ-spirit. The “lifting up to the heavens” in Isaiah 51:6 is you moving your rebellious personality (beastly nature) back to its higher nature once again, but this time having the memory and the wisdom of the principles of duality. It is you, from the physical level, coming out of darkness and obscurity (clouds) and into the glory of your own wisdom, which you have gained by journeying through time and space, lifetime after lifetime.

This ascension religion calls the rapture is not just the physical self coming into a new and safe energy; it is also the expression of you being Christ in the flesh and creating the new heaven and new earth that are spoken of in the Bible. It is this awakening (ascension) within that brings to you the true meaning behind the second coming.

My fellow gods, the churches teach you that Jesus is the only Christ, but this belief actually assures them that you will follow a false prophet. I am not saying that Jesus was a false prophet. In fact, Jesus was a true prophet. By way of explanation, a false prophet is someone who tells you that you are not God, you are not Christ, you are not the Son of God, and you are not the Messiah. A false prophet is someone who will always tell you that you must worship and follow Jesus, when in truth they are telling you to follow them. Jesus said, “You are all Gods” (John 10:34), so act like one. Be wise and understand the real wisdom here.