Terry L Newbegin
A Bringer of New Energy Consciousness
Discover Who You Are - for You Are A Divine Human

All Major Churches: Christianity, Catholic, Islam, Judaism, just to mention a few including New Age and Non-Religious groups have failed their followers when it comes to the teaching of God. The time has come for you to put all religious dogmas and its retailing of God, Muhammad, and Jesus to rest once and for all.   

As known, the divisions between one religious group and another are by and large defined by doctrine and how the Church, since Jesus' passing, interprets his acts, his ministry, and his teachings in order for us humans to arrive at a clearer understanding of ourselves, the Earth we live on, God himself, and who Jesus was as a person. It is the same with the prophet Mohammad.  

 For me, I have actually come to a place in my life where I completely understand the composition of the real "God." A God that is very active, very much alive, needs no worshipping, has risen above judgment, that of sin, death, retribution and a God that needs NO one to speak for him. 

We humans, by way of our emotions, completely buy into the Church's teachings when it comes to God, Sin, Death, Salvation, Jesus and how we are created in God's image. With that brand of teaching we are kept locked into an emotional consciousness of suffering, never to find our way out. The God that we have put our faith in, at best, has been very much controlled by the Church and their Shepherds for centuries. 

Today, you can see that the Church and their God are beginning to fall, and you can see it happening all around the world. It is not that man is getting Godless. It is that man is beginning to awakened to the hypocrisy of it all and how the Church keeps us under their influence for the sake of maintaining their power and control over us.

From years of channeling heavenly beings from the higher angelic realms, including Yeshua Ben Joseph (Jesus), I have found that I have had many incarnations as a leading Shepherd in all Major Religions. And what I have discovered about the Church and what they do NOT want you to KNOW is more than incredible, which is why I hope to expose it.

The human perception of God today is very confusing, intense, and is very male, white, and mental to say the least which is why the Church as you know it will fall. The God that the Church teaches us to worship is a direct reflection of human judgment that goes back to where the Church first taught us to fear God. And now, the Church has gone from a human white like-minded God to an emotional irrational God where people kill each other to own Him.