Terry L Newbegin
A Bringer of New Energy Consciousness
Discover Who You Are - for You Are A Divine Human
Rebalancing (Healing)

All of us have been taught for centuries to put others first, and at a great cost. We all fall into the trap by this teaching because of our emotional ties to a God that only values serving others as the key to reaching heaven. This is just one of the biggest lies of the dark forces of the Church. The real truth is that when we learn to love and serve self first, then that is when we can do more for others than just pray for them or give them things.

When Jesus walked the Earth he became the standard about how to serve himself first, which in turn helped him serve others on a much larger scale than just giving them things. It seems as if we are running around acting like we are a seeker of light when in reality we are not. All that is happening is that we fall into the trap of becoming righteous with our talk about serving others first. We do it by way of our words of sin, judgment, that God is angry, and we talk about death from the standpoint of eternal hell or some majestic heaven. All of this comes from old energy in understanding who God really is and how we can rebalance (heal) our energy.

By serving those that are ill or need help it is better to learn and study who you are first. This is what I meant by serving self first. It comes down to loving everyone with having nothing but unconditional love and forgiveness for self and all those that have trespassed against you without thinking twice about it. That is true giving and serving and not by giving them money and love that comes with conditions.

Knowing God is more than just supplying prayer and self sacrifice. It comes from consciousness and knowing who you are first. If you do not know who you are then how do you expect to help others to learn about who they are, or who they are not? If you act like you are in need or like a person that is blameless, then be assured your experiences in life will be filled with victim energy and what comes with it.

If you, or the one you are praying for, are suffering with a disease, a financial problem, job problem, relationship, or whatever it is, all of it was put there by you, or the one you are praying for, way before you or these others were even born on earth. This is why some prayers go unanswered and some answered, as well as miracles for some and none for others.

 Many of us suffer difficult situations in life because we believe that God, the Church, or someone, like family, will help us heal those situations, either by prayer, medicine, or a miracle. Therefore, freeing us from our suffering. Our suffering mostly comes from our past lifetimes and what they carried for beliefs. And, the only way we can elevate that suffering is to learn who we truly are and what aspect (lifetime(s)) of us are carrying out this suffering. And, the only way we can do that is by taking the time to learn who we truly are from within and not outside of ourselves.

What is forgotten is that these personality aspects (lifetimes) of our past are always around us, and how we get to know that they are there, behind the scenes, is by the way we put blame onto others for our weaknesses and failures in life. Those personality aspects of our past tend to be the first to come to our attention when we are here on earth in the flesh because most of them are very close to us in these near earth realms. And, what they want is forgiveness, love, and then integration, followed by balancing (healing).

When we speak of the "full expression of God, who He is, who He is not, and who we are as a souled being," we are speaking of the real God and the real Christ as being oneself along with every souled being, including every human on this earth, even the worst of the worst of us.

The Church for centuries have taught us that we are sinners, that we are our names, personalities, and that some God above us, and outside of us, created us and everything. And, with that teaching, we all came to a belief that it is all real and true, even the part that we are sinners from the time of our birth. 

Because of ignorance, fear, and mind control, we all became stuck in a network of copied beliefs a long time ago and we ended up separating ourselves from receiving real healing. From our belief in sin to our believe in right and wrong, we have created a perfect set-up where healing seems to be just hope instead of a result, which is why we feel powerless when it comes to our healing.    

What is misunderstood by many healers is that the energy coming into them vary in vibration because everyone carries their own vibrational signature. And, if the recipient's energy signature does not match up to the person doing the healing, or vice versa, then all will remain as before the healing. This includes all relationships, lack in abundance, and feeling powerless. However, if one can understand their belief in sin, in right and wrong, then the energy coming into the healer and out to the recipient changes.

What was the Greatest Achievement made by the Church since it began thousands of years ago? Getting us all to believe that: God is real; the devil is real; sin is real; good and evil are real; right and wrong are real; darkness is real; judgment is real; punishment/karma is real; power is real; death is real; that we are only human; and that Jesus is the only Christ.  

When we begin to focus on a passion or desire we then express it to our soul for manifestation, and that is when we call in the energy to bring it into reality. When the energy comes in, via our mind, it comes in as raw or neutral, then it is passed down into the many levels of our consciousness (spirit, mind, astral, and body). That's when energy mimics or mirrors our beliefs, thoughts, our many levels of consciousnesses (lifetimes) and our environment, including our ancestral beliefs.  In other words, energy will always communicate with all other energy on a subatomic level through the cells of our body. Looking at each cell in the body, they talk to each other. There are billions of communications talking place every moment. Then it moves to many other levels of our consciousness as we are inner linked to every part of our beingness. 

If our beliefs differ at each level then the raw/pure energy we call in for expression will then mimic or mirror those beliefs. This is why things seem to remain the same in life, and why we get sick. The energy called in becomes stuck, therefore it seeks out to understand why. Remember, energy is supposed to move freely as we are not an energy being, we are a energy user. Important point to remember about Rebalancing our Energy - We are the Creator, the God and the Christ, however, we do not believe it. Therefore energy mimics what we believe, then reproduces, expands it, and then creates our reality and environment as we understand it. Thus, our problems remain!

We all have forgotten that the main passion of our Soul is to experience life, to play, and sometimes we play so intensely we forget that we are playing in a world that is an illusion, not real.

If our body is in disease and we have tried everything in our power to correct it, like going to doctors, taking our medications, going to Church, praying to God, and the outcome still seems difficult, then know that we are the one that placed the challenge there in order to help us release the old understanding of a God that practices good and evil as being real. This should bring us to a new understanding of the real God. As we sit in quiet, know that we are the one that can change things in our life, and at the same time, change the world.

As simple as it seems, it will be somewhat challenging to accept yourself as a God, Goddess, and Christ also, and to implement your healing, all because of the emotional tie to what you have been taught by the dark forces of the Church for centuries. However, do not let it get you down! Learn to take deep breaths and then choose to bring forth your own divinity. When your body aches, breath in health, when you lack money to pay bills, breath in abundance, when you hurt in the heart because of a relationship, breath in balance, and when you seek a miracle, breath in your "I AM Christ Consciousness." You are a spiritual being who is part of a very advanced higher divine you, and the more you accept this, the more you become connected to it. This is when trul healing occurs!