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Now, let’s talk about belief systems and how they actually create your reality. It was, and still is today, the use of belief systems that enabled you to take on form a long time ago in order to experience life. By accepting the process of using belief systems as the means to transform pure universal energy into something completely different than your divine core essence, it readily made it possible for you to create as many personality-aspects (lifetimes) as needed in order to feel and experiencethose belief systems,  instead of just imagining what they would feel like. 

     However, it becomes very confusing to your current lifetime because your soul in creating these personality-aspects carries within each of them their own belief systems, agendas, and matters that need attention. Because of your strong established beliefs that come from your past lifetimes, and what you pickup in your current lifetime, it keeps you trapped in a consciousness that only portrays life as who you believe you are. Like being a male or female, and a sinner for example!

     If you seem to make an effort to move past “who you believe you are,” the initial reaction of your rational mind is to try to jam you right back into your old way of thinking because it seems to be unnatural to believe otherwise. One of the building blocks of not being aware of your past lifetimes is that it sets up a massive layering of your consciousness where you will find it almost impossible to make choices from your current lifetime.

     Oh! You may say that you make choices all the time because of free will! Well, on the contrary, you only believe you are making choices using free will because ninety-five percent of them, believe it or not, are coming from your past lifetimes. They come from your past lifetimes where you had your own agenda to attend to at the time. This plays a big part in why many of you don’t become financially secure, have a good relationship, rid yourself of an illness, or have other aspirations fulfilled in this lifetime.

     So, how do you stop these past personality-aspects from serving themselves and start serving you in your current lifetime? Here is a key point to remember! Your spirit has no agenda or desire other than to experience itself through you. Therefore, if you belief in sin, hell, good and bad, or that you’re not educated enough, or that you’re unworthy of having things, or even you having the power to heal yourself, then that is the seed that your soul will nourish you in what you experience.

     If someone tells you, day in and day out, that you are a sinner, not educated enough, and that you’re not worthy of having things because of just being human, and you believe them, then that is the energy seed that your soul will create for you to experience. It’s that simple! If you hope to have a great life and be rich someday then that hope can last for lifetimes just because you’re sending the seed of hope as being the method of manifestation instead of choice being the method to make it come about. 

     As long as you believe in hope, which means nothing more than a wish, then your soul will create a reality that will match your hope as being someday. It’s the same with believing you are a sinner. So, if you have had many past lifetimes holding these types of beliefs, then those past aspects or lifetimes will always choose your current reality under the disguise of hope and sin. The reason, you have created every part of it.

     It is not about hoping to have things in your life. It is about you taking on the belief that hope is the vehicle in getting you what you want in life. Once you understand that you are the creator of your beliefs and reality. Then the only thing that will give you what you desire in this lifetime is the decision to make a “choice” in opening yourself up to “who you truly are.”

     For instance: Many of you pray to God and the angels to bring you out of sin and to help you find the real truth. However, there is no real truth just like there is no sin. If you want real truth, then earth is nothing more than a playground where you, like all souls, create belief systems so you can learn about life, who you truly are, and then eventually become a sovereign “I AM” in your own right, and therefore create what you want.

     As said before, nothing is real about you other than your spirit and soul consciousness. You are not your mind, body, or even a male or female. What is forgotten is that you actually have the ability to feel your rational mind storing and retrieving information from the experiences you have had throughout your many lifetimes of the past.

     You have forgotten that the rational mind has developed into a highly complex system where it has become susceptible to influences and suggestions routinely, especially those influences and suggestions that come from group consciousness and authority figures. Look, allow me to ask you a question. Who do you think the creator is? It is God or is it you? It is you, and the sooner you realize this the sooner you will begin to enjoy life in a more abundant way.

     Now, you can believe anything you want, like sin or you being a male or female, and that God is responsible for your successes and the devil is the blame for your failures. However you choose to believe, the reason you do not create the things you want in life, like joy, happiness, no illness, great relationships, or having abundance, is because you have become so hypnotized by the mass consciousness. It is your belief systems of your past lifetimes, and by the beliefs in your current lifetime, that keep you from receiving your grace. 

     You have become so occupied with your belief systems and what is truth throughout time and space, you are now trapped in a world of deception, trickery, and delusions that you take as your truths, which of course creates your reality. Because of these deep seated beliefs you have about sin, God, the devil, and that Jesus is your salvation, you shape and define yourself, your world, and your reality as being real.

     My dear friends, it was someone long ago telling you that if you could not touch, taste, smell, hear, or see the world around you, then it wasn’t real. Therefore, since you can do these things then the world and what you understand as your belief systems must be real thus making sin and punishment just as real. However, the truth is! It is not real.

     Because of your physical senses backing up your belief that all things are real, you have opened yourself up where your many past lifetimes have become so intertwined and interconnected with you in this lifetime, and with each other. With your mental and physical state of today, it has become impossible for you to understand who you truly are from the rational mind.

     This means that you will never find the real truth by trying to analyze God from the human level. All that you will do is become frustrated, which many do, and that is why you will always fall back to your old ways. Why? It’s because you cannot figure things out on a conscious level when it comes to your spirit, your soul, universal mind, the physical body, and that you are a God using the rational mind as the vehicle.

     The only way you can open up to your spirit, your soul, universal mind, the physical body, and you being a Christ also, is by moving past your physical senses and your deceptive mind, and move into your Gnost or Christ Consciousness. It is about getting out of your head and move into your intuitive and imaginational consciousness if you want to discover who you really are.

     You, a long time ago, agreed to this unnatural state of being in the flesh. You forgot that you took on the illusion of matter and that you are playing a wonderful game that ended up building networks and networks of complex belief systems (lies) where you got stuck in a world that feels real but is not. Because of these networks of belief systems that you and mankind have built up over time, they have become such an elaborate root system for you to understand. Like any root system, you only look for truth in what you see above and not below.  

     Understand that life on earth is nothing but hypnosis and belief systems, and when you allowed yourself to come to earth, you agreed to take on the attributes of forgetfulness. This gave you the avenue to create many lifetimes where you ended up creating many shades of clear, gray, and dark personality-aspects of yourself to serve the real you in discovering who you truly are. These personality-aspects of many are now extensions of you, and when you come to understand them as such, they will be your avenue to freedom and ascension. 

     Belief systems are like a magnet that draws in the energy you need to support your idea of who you think you are. Since you are always free to choose what you believe, then what you believe is who you are in totality because of those beliefs. For instance: If you hope to get to heaven someday than perhaps someday you will.

     However, if you make a conscious choice to get to heaven today then be assured, you will get to heaven, today. Getting to heaven or becoming rich or healthy begins with you taking full and complete ownership over all parts and pieces of you that have been functioning and performing on separate levels of consciousness.

     Take a look at how you actually divided your consciousness into an amazing tool where you have come to a crossroad where you can integrate the wholeness of “all that you are” into the oneness of a sovereign and free “I AM” in your own right. A crisis in your life might simply mean that a change is trying to take place within, and if you do not listen, then you will have to continue your crisis until you do listen.

     Think on this! Nothing happens in your external world that does not happen first within your rational mind because of your beliefs. Your entire reality will always be based on your beliefs, either in this lifetime or lifetimes past. If you change or release your beliefs to a neutrality belief, without judgment of any kind, your world and reality will also change.

     If you become conscious of how your beliefs are the controlling factor of your life, and then learn how to use your divine imagination, you could literally create magic in your life. Go the extra mile and learn about yourself instead of getting tied up with religious teachings, rituals (which always come from man), and why you hate or dislike someone. By finding out what makes you the way you are, you will begin to get more out of life than perhaps what you are getting right now.

     Have you ever taken the time to find out why you believe what you believe and why you experience the things you experience without ever taking a look at how those beliefs got there in the first place? Many of you believe that you were put on earth by some higher power and yet, you don’t know why. Is it just to obey certain rules that man laid down for you to follow or was it to appease some God that isn’t real?

     Remember, and I know you have heard this many times; “What you get out of life is derived from what you put into it.” However, when you add the words “through your belief systems,” then it becomes more profound. Whatever you are reaping today is the measure of what you have believed in the past and how you carry out those beliefs today.

     If you want a different harvest in your todays and tomorrows, you must choose different belief systems about who you think you are. Your rewards and failures in life will always be in direct proportion to the consequences of your beliefs. It’s that simple!

     We are always given opportunities to see the potentials of positive and negative within our choices before taking action. The rules that we create with our belief systems are strict and we know deep within that these rules will remain until our 2-D rational mind and 3-D inflexible nature are exposed as the culprits of deceit, lies, and confusion. Our human personality loves to control the 3-D world we live in, and those of us who reject our own divinity for the sake of saving our belief systems can only experience the limited realities of a dualistic world.

     Regardless of how much effort you put into something, if it is not backed by the “knowing of who you truly are,” then your endeavors will be limited. Taking something as your own that someone else has declared as the only truth is living your life through the clouds of unawareness and falseness. The real truth is what is imparted to you from within your own being as you evolve, which then changes your truth as you evolve.

     In other words, treating the Bible, or any holy book, as infallible truth is basing your whole life on statements that have come from its original writers in helping you to evolve from a child-like mind to an adult-like mind. The Bible is not meant to be taken in a literal sense forever, and truth itself is what you recognize between the lines as you evolve.

     The study of any holy book is fruitless if you are only seeing the letter of it alone. It must be seen through spiritual and poetic soundness before any useful truth or wisdom can be gained from it. A person, who claims to be a preacher of God, and then claims they can take away your sins, knows not what they are talking about.

     For generations, the world has tried to build God around the human mind in understanding good and evil as sin, and all that they have accomplished is limitation and suffering. Man has always looked at God and truth as unchanging and yet, God and truth evolves as man evolves. 

     For instance: You look at the gift of seeing with your eyes as something physical first. You believe with all your heart and soul that your physical eyes are the reason you can see things. This is far from the truth! The reason you can see is because the brain is hard wired with your physical senses, like touch, smell, taste, hear, and sight.

     My dear friends, it takes the brain to see things first and then the brain instructs the eyes of the human body to see what you are looking at. If the brain doesn’t see it then the physical eyes cannot see it, even if the object is right in front of you, which is why the mind is the culprit for pain not your physical body. It seems like the physical body is in pain but in truth it is only your rational mind and or brain instructing the body that it is in pain.  

     Because of the density of your physical body, you only see what the brain understands as something that appears solid, and therefore must be real and true. Therefore, if the brain only understands things as being solid, then the eyes has no choice to see what is understood by the brain as being solid, even though nothing is solid. So, if the brain is filled with beliefs that are hardwired with what you perceive as being truth, then how can you see beyond what you believe is truth?

     Because of your beliefs are so hardwired with your brain, then what the brain doesn’t see, the eyes cannot see either. It is the same with your truths. This is why the rational mind cannot comprehend what is beyond the physical realm unless you move into your imagination and intuitive consciousness. The rational mind can only pretend that it can imagine and feel what is beyond the flesh.

     For instance: Your rational mind can dig up your belief patterns from past experiences or lifetimes, and then it can try to recreate them to give you some type of indication of what it would be like to move beyond your mind.

     You see, when I say that the only way to move past the rational mind is by way of your imagination and intuitive consciousness, I am saying, your intuitive and imaginational consciousness is your spirit expressing itself with passion to feel beyond the rational mind and the physical. The imagination is that creative parts of you that can help you break through the physical barrier of the deceptive and rational mind, and your intuitive consciousness is the only thing that can take you to a knowing that you are a Christ and a God also. Your imagination and intuitive consciousness can also take you beyond the limitations of what your rational mind or brain sees as fact.

     Every day you are exposed to hundreds of suggestions that somehow find their way into your consciousness. Some of those suggestions end up forming into your reality while others lie within your rational mind waiting for the day for you to see them as your truths. Understand that every suggestion or idea that has come from someone else has found itself as part of your consciousness, either unconsciously or consciously. Then through time and space those suggestions begin to create a portrait of you that become a network of belief systems to you later.

     As you can see, by nature you have become very much unaware of your belief systems. You take for granted in what you see with your brain and hear with your ears are, in fact, truth and nothing but the truth and yet, it is far from the truth.      

     In order for you to evolve to the understanding of being a sovereign “I AM” in your own right, your belief systems, while in the flesh, need to get the most from every physical experience. This means, every time you experienced an incarnation you gave enormous attention to what your belief systems produced as your reality. Now, in this lifetime, you can come into some awareness in recognizing those beliefs as lies.

     So, I ask you, be selective with your belief systems because it reflects on what you put into your new body when it is time to reincarnate again. You live and experience what you think and believe all day long. You place all your truths in what you perceive and see around you, and then you make a judgment about who you and others are. You look at yourself as either being rich, poor, middleclass, ugly, or beautiful, male or female, and yet, you can be so much more.

     Oh! You try hard to figure things out. You study positive books that may help you gain some insights about becoming financially free, and all that happens is that you continue to get confused and broke. Because of this type of thinking you can get very mental, which makes you even more confused and stuck. That is when you can get frustrated and depressed, which then causes you to lose your passion to move forward.

     Even more than that, look at someone who tries to create someone else’s reality according to what they believe is right. Like making someone feel guilty because they don’t go to church or they don’t give thanks to God before every meal. What happens is that they will run straight into energetic conflicts within themselves, and with each other, where they will continually create for themselves many disappointing situations.

     My dear friends, these disappointing situations can come in to their life in many different forms. Of course, the energy of stress, drama, and conflict will eventually tire them out so much that it can cause them poor health and bad choices.

     The belief systems you have about God as well as with positive and negative are two of the most dangerous energies and most destructive beliefs known to man today. The whole concept about a single personality of a God that created you, and the idea of positive and negative being real because of your rational mind saying so, are more dangerous to man than your own emotional ties to family, friends, or even money and relationships.

     You hold onto these beliefs because you are so afraid if you let go of the concept of God, and that of positive thoughts, you will be flooded with negative thoughts that would result in you living a depressed life that holds nothing but unhappiness. When you learn to let go of this concept of a single white male God as well as the concept of positive, negative and sin, you are going to realize that there is something far grander than what you are trying to hold unto.

     You are going to realize that there is, “you.” Not the “you” that you see in the mirror, but the real you. The creator you! The, “you” that can transcend your human beliefs beyond what the brain understands only as positive and negative, good and bad, and even sin. It is the “real you” that knows how to bring everything into your life, like money, relationships, good health, food, and many more great things.

     Here is something to consider. Most Christian religions teach that when Jesus comes back to earth, he will raise up from the graves all those that died before and they will be taken up to heaven to be with Him (John 6:39-54). Does this really sound possible to you or is it something the rational mind loves to wrap itself around in order to feel like there is something beyond you that can save you?

     Think about what this verse is saying! What about the people who died before the time of Christianity or what about those who displayed good in their heart ten million years ago? On a very practical and simplistic level, what about the bodies of those who have died which have long since been transformed into dirt (dust), trees, plants, and even food for animals and other humans? What about the bodies that were consumed in fire? This is just one of the problems with taking the words of the Bible literally.

     Here is the real message to this mystery. When you have released all of your belief systems in a God of good and a Devil of evil, then your karma, called sowing and reaping in the Bible, has been fulfilled, which means that any karmic conditions that you hold within from other lifetimes past has now been released from mother Earth, and therefore you can integrate all that you are, including your soul and Christ like being in just a blink of the eye.  

     When you finally realize and accept who you really are, you are no longer bound to the rational mind or limited by your past. When you no longer have to work out any karma, it will be time for your past human personality aspects, the many lifetimes that you have had in a physical body that have died before and have been since buried, will be released from the