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Other Lifetimes

The meaning of the word “personality” in the dictionary calls forth the “totality of a person’s characteristics, such as attitude, interest, behavioral patterns, emotional responses, as well as other traits.” However, the soul looks at a “personality” as a lifetime aspect where we take on a behavior pattern that defines only one of many parts and pieces of us to go out and experience a lifetime story to express certain thoughts, beliefs, and feelings to serve us in learning “who we truly are.”  

When the Spirit of One, in the beginning, became the implosion and explosion, the movement and the motivating spark for the in-breath and out-breath that delivered the composition of us souled beings as absolute, unlimited, and in the form of an infinite spirit that uses pure omnipresent energy, then the in-breath of our own spirit is the "divine mother" and the womb waiting for our soul to cause the out-breath in outlining a lifetime story in the physical as an narrative account to serve us in our journey of learning wisdom, understanding and taking responsibility for our creations.  

By your soul activating many personality-aspects of itself in this way, you eventually learn how the forces of opposites work, as well as learning who you truly are. Because of this wisdom and understanding eventually coming through, you begin to accept that you have done nothing wrong. Thus, leaving behind what appears as sin and the emotional wounds that causes imbalances to your body, such as illnesses. Keep in mind here that it is only the wisdom of the experiences that comes back to the soul, which is why your soul still remains pure and without sin.

Your soul is eternal and maintains the link between the unadulterated omnipresent divine mind (father) that your many, many personality-aspects, physical and non-physical, use to manifest the memories of all that you have experienced throughout the spirit, astral, and physical realms. These ego personality-aspects of your soul (physical and non-physical) reside in multiple dimensions and you can tap into when you are ready to release the old ways of looking at who they and you are.

There are a number of people that do not believe in other lifetimes and maybe you are one of them. However, if you do not believe in reincarnation then you could be overlooking the obvious fact that your spirit is always creating itself in a new way all the time that is unlike a previous encounter of itself. Your soul, the real you, constantly expands its consciousness through each personality-aspect (lifetime) of you that it creates. Hence, if you, from the human level, are not aware about what your soul can do then the probability of your soul creating a future aspect to investigate outstanding potentials for you to experience, or even to bring in a potential for healing in what you are experiencing today, can become very difficult if not impossible. By NOT knowing what your soul can do makes your future experiences become more for creating destinies (sin and karma, or ups and downs in our life) instead of future lifetimes dealing with joy, abundance, and harmony.

Remember, form is just something we created for ourselves because in truth it does not really exist. We are a spirit that is consciousness and light only. Therefore, the only way we can experience life, when playing with dualistic energy, is to create ego personality-aspects of ourselves. These ego aspects will then draw the energy needed to reflect our choices and beliefs that we wish to experience outward in a physical form in order to learn wisdom.

However, in order to make this happen, our soul needed to create a consciousness to keep us playing with the energy of opposites, which is why the first thing that our soul created once we came into the second creation (mental consciousness) was a “belief system” that delivered to us the forces of positive and negative as the means to feel and experience our choices. And, since they are our choices, we have to take full responsibility for everything we create, for we are the master creator that is responsible for them.  

Your soul not only creates many ego personality-aspects to play in duality, your soul gives them the freedom to make their choices in their own unique way in order for your soul, the higher you, to grow in wisdom, understanding, and learning responsibility.  

So, if you still have thoughts about sin being real it is because this belief in sin is not coming from the real you (the soul). It is coming from each of your ego personality-aspects that have lived before, because each of them had the freedom to choose when they were part of a lifetime story. Therefore, all that is left for you to do in this lifetime is to learn how to integrate those many personality-aspects of the past. Once you integrate them, you become free to create all the miracles you can stand.

It is our belief systems that keep us trapped in a consciousness of opposing energies thus we continue to suffer. Of course, we all agreed and accepted to buy into these opposing forces a long time ago, which is why there is no devil, or bad spirits trying to inflict us with pain and suffering. We allow them and inflict ourselves for a wide variety of rerasons, and the two biggest ones are that we will not accept our past lifetimes as our creations and that we believe in sin.  

By you unwilling to accept the possibility of other lifetimes as your creations because of not believing in reincarnation then you are only going to keep them and you in turmoil until you do. These ego personality aspects of you that are floating around in other dimensions are getting tired of waiting for you to accept them as your creations. Because of you, on a subconscious level, feeling guilty and ashamed of what they did in a lifetime past, you without thought continually push away from any new ideas about reincarnation. Thus, miracles and healing come hard for you to bring into your life.

It is time to tear down the wall of inflexibility where you believe that one lifetime and one religion is all that you have had. How many of you have had thoughts about killing people, stealing, raping, and many other revolting thoughts? And yes, how many of you have had thoughts about how nice you are, or how emotional you get when you see cruelty, or when one talks about a dead relative. How about thougths of being born in the right or wrong family? How about thoughts of being a super person where you would like to protect the world from evil?

Oh yes, you have heard these voices in your head many times, and they have mad eyou argue with yourself. These voices of do's and don'ts come in with overwhelming emotional feelings and it not only scare you it confuses you too. When you have these thoughts coming into your head they are not really yours from this lifetime. They are thoughts that are coming in from you past lifetimes.

These other ego personality aspects from your past lifetimes are looking for you to forgive them no matter wha they have done, for they were you at one time or another. By accepting your past lifetimes with unconditional love, and without judgment, you open yourself up to thier wisdom, for it is your wisdom too. It is not that you have to accept their anger, lack of self worth, or their beliefs because that belongs to them or you in the past.

You are not these ego personality aspects (lifetimes) anymore! You are not even the victimizer or the victim from the past, which is why it is important for you to acknowledge and accept them as your creations. You have paid the price and bared your cross for your past creations. So, forgive them and yourself, and know what you choose today is only yours.

If you are locked in a consciousness of fear, being afraid of the dark, or admitting to yourself about having other lifetimes, and confining yourself to only seeing yourself as a human waiting for Jesus to save you, then the choices you make today will always be made on the basis of your past lifetimes and their beliefs. You, in your present lifetime, will be completely left out of any decision making. Think about that!

Understand that life on earth is nothing but hypnosis and belief systems, and when yo uallowed yourself to come to earth you agreed to take on the attributes of forgetfulness. This gave you the avenue to create many lifetimes where you ended up creating many shades of clear, gray, and dark ego personality aspects of yourself to serve the real you in discovering who you truly are. These other lifetimes of many are now extensions of you, and when you come to understand them as such, they will be your avenue to freedom and ascension. Always keep conscious of the fact that the rational mind is a generator of lies becuase of your many past lifetimes. Understand, energy loves to move and expand, and it cannot if you keep it stuck in the form of belief systems that are tied to duality, sin, and your past.