Terry L Newbegin
A Bringer of New Energy Consciousness
Discover Who You Are - for You Are A Divine Human

Most Christian believers judge the Book of Revelations from a literal sense where evil and the Anti-Christ will finally be destroyed by Jesus, the Son of God coming back to Earth and reclaiming it under a King's rule. Not to diminish Jesus, the real story behind Revelation 21:1 is not about Jesus coming to Earth to be our King, Savior, or our Lord; it is for us to come face to face with the real God, the real Savior, and the real Lord, self.  

The Bible’s Book of Genesis associates the story of creation with man's "beginning" here on Earth. However, there is more to the story than what is presented by the Church. The "beginning" was not about Adam and Eve or even about mankind coming to Earth; it was all about "consciousness." In other words, the "beginning," was not truly about a white, male God creating man, the universe and earth. Rather, the beginning is about the "Spirit of One" known as the Goddess coming into a consciousness awakening as to her Beingness. Thus, "all that was" in the beginning was just "Consciousness." The "Spirit of One" was the "oneness" of the Garden that became "awakened" to her own consciousness.

This was the "first creation." Meaning, Spirit was "all that was" in the beginning. There was no you, me, earth or universe with the "first awakening." Yet, instantaneously, we souled beings, followed in that awakening of consciousness like a micro second afterwards. The "Spirit of One" whom the Church calls God had no division, no positive, no negative, no gender, no time, no space, not even weight, height, size, name, or form. There was only the "Spirit of One."

Nothing existed outside of her consciousness; all that did exist was just consciousness. There was absolutely nothing for the "Spirit of One" to interact with other than her own consciousness. That was "all that was" in the very beginning. However, once the "Spirit of One" became aware of her consciousness, she instantaneously asked herself the question: "Who am I?" From that single question, she created a mirror image of herself in order to see herself. With this act, the desire to express herself caused her to burst forth into what is today us souled beings.

When the "Spirit of One" expressed the desire to know herself, the question of "Who am I?" instantaneously gave birth to gazillions upon gazillions of images of that consciousness known again as us souled beings. This is not birth like in the flesh or birth in spirit, but awakening in spirit. This awakening means that we souled beings came into an awareness that we were the "Spirit of One" and "All That Was" in the beginning, just us spirits.

Actually, we are not even the Children of God as the Church proclaims! To be a child would mean we have been created by some God above us. In our case, when the "Spirit of One" split her consciousness into many, many parts and pieces of herself, the "Spirit of One" was no longer. She, the Goddess, became her extensions and therefore, we souled beings together became the "Spirit of One," as in the Mother-Father Goddess-God. This makes us souled beings Queen and the King, equal to the Goddess-God and not less than because we are the God. This is also why, in the beginning before Earth ever was, we souled beings were part of the "Consciousness of One" symbolized by the Garden of Eden.

From that awakening to "all that was" in the beginning, was just us souled beings, we instantly were given everything that the Spirit of One had: individuality, infiniteness, absoluteness, unlimited abilities, and the total freedom to express, love, experience, and choose our own fate as a Goddess-God in our own right. In this act the "Spirit of One," for which the Church calls God or "all that was" in the beginning, was no longer. She now resided within the consciousness of "all her extensions" as a omnipresent consciousness. This is why we, too, are divine and Christ-like: we are everlasting, absolute, and free to do whatever we wish.

By the Spirit of One expressing/separating into many parts and pieces of herself as us souled beings, it allowed her to answer the question, "Who am I?” And, with "free choice" we then moved our "oneness of consciousness" into a vibrational energy of two: positive and negative. This then set in motion a divine plan where we souls would declare this vibrational energy of two as part of our oneness and that of "free choice." And yet, this energy of opposites just represents our mind (Adam) and our soul (Eve) partaking of duality (the apple), therefore none of what we call positive and negative is real.

From the act of the Spirit of One, we souls mimicked the Her and created an outer version of our own soul consciousness that is known today as our mental and ego nature symbolized by Adam, Eve, and the Serpent in the Garden. It was from this mental and ego consciousness that we eventually set up a belief in separating our "I AMness Christ Consciousness" from our outer mental and ego consciousness. Once we spirits split our "consciousness of one" into a "consciousness of two," we all created many, many ego personality aspects (lifetimes) that carried various names, stories, places, and desires to be played out here on earth. With that act, we interconnected ourselves in a series of many lifetime consequences (sowing and reaping) because of "free choice."

This act by us souls in the beginning of our awareness, initiated not only "time and space," but initiated us souls as an individual goddess acting and working as part of the Godhead, for the Spirit of One passed down to all her extensions all of what she had, including herself. Thus, we souls together, became the "deity known as God," for we became the wholeness of the One, including the nothingness or the abyss mentioned in the Bible, the dark, the light, the good, the bad, the stars, the planets, and all that is, even the Earth. Yes, we souled beings became the complex system of the Godhead, known as God. Therefore, the name God became the very system in which we all became lost.

In the very beginning it was us souls as a collective consciousness acting together as one unit, like a God, creating all that we see around us. The many galaxies, the universes, the stars, moons, planets, trees, animals, fish of the seas, and even in the belief in god, devil, sin, punishment, hell, heaven, death, and yes, we even created sowing and reaping (karma). You can say that in the beginning, we souls moved in all directions at the same time: from neutrality (pure harmony) to positive, then to negative.

From there we souls became trapped on an Earth playing with both positive and negative as it became light and dark and yet, all of it is just an illusion. We then moved to believing that this way of being was "all that is." In the end, we lost our true heritage, neglecting neutrality and forgetting our natural divine state as a Christ also. Once we souls became part of the Omniverse and a physical universe, we then launched ourselves into this vibrational force of positive and negative. Labeling it light and dark or good and bad, it became our major belief system.

We are the creators: not that there is a single, white, male God above us, Hebrew or otherwise, as the Church advocates. We souled beings created the foundation of all that we see and feel today, including this vibratory frequency wave called positive and negative. It was from this vibratory energy that our physical bodies were created. Once these physical bodies were created, then we souls acting as one unit began to enjoy all the wonders of our new creation -- the earth and all it encompasses.

From feeling the excitement to venture off into what was unknown at the time, it sparked something within us all that we did not understand; our creation of positive and negative felt real. With that feeling, fear emerged! For the very first time, fear arose, something that we souls never felt before. Fear and this dualistic energy was not an issue with us before;  we did not know what all of it was. However, due to playing around with our consciousness of a mental nature for the very first time, we triggered within it uncertainty about what we were feeling and experiencing. As we souls became more and more exposed to it, we all became more and more fearful.

From feeling this fear grow within, we souls then felt an emotional response to what we were experiencing that seemed to have no reference point to what we were feeling. And of course, it confused us because it was never there before. This is symbolically speaking of Adam and Eve noticing that they were naked in the Garden. We thought that we uncovered everything tied to our divine consciousness, which is why our remarks was, where did this creation of positive and negative and our emotional feelings of fear and shame come from? We were even actually shocked by this feeling.

This means that we did not leave the Garden or that we were kicked out of it because of sin. The Garden is just symbolic of our own "oneness of consciousness." We left our divine state with the blessings of our own "I AM Christ-Spirit." Actually, our own Christ-like consciousness challenged our dualistic mental and ego consciousness on purpose to leave our divine oneness (Garden)  so we could learn how far we might journey out into this cold and dark abyss of a new divided consciousness (positive and negative). It was all about us souls wanting to see if we could answer the challenge.

So, on that day of long, long ago, before earth, the stars, the astral near-earth realms, before our physical body was ever created, we souls said farewell to our divine spirit. Even though it was illusion, we souls became so focused into a consciousness that supported a belief where positive and negative, good and bad were real, and with it came condensed energy. Energy so condensed it created physicality – time and space.

Even though our humanness appears separated from our divineness, through our mental consciousness, we souls allowed ourselves to experience a new and diverse effect of vibrational frequency waves of positive and negative, wherein the end, the “material plane” was created. From this material plane, we came into existence in a vastly slowed down energy  where we could hear, see, taste, smell, and touch our creations. Today, there are many “material planes” throughout the Omniverse,  the Earth being just one.

So in the beginning, we souls moved from out of “all that was” and into a new place called our dualistic mental consciousness that consists of positive and negative, where we could learn more about who we really are as a God. And at the same time, learn responsibility.