Terry L Newbegin
A Bringer of New Energy Consciousness
Discover Who You Are - for You Are A Divine Human
New Energy Consciousness

We are so used to looking at one layer of energy that holds a force of positive and negative to it thus our focus of heart and soul are only placed on the idea of good and bad, God and Satan, and that they are at war with each other over our soul. We have over many lifetimes become very comfortable with that belief all because of the way we have gotten very comfortable with using positive and negative, good and bad, as all that there is. And, in doing so, we actually fail to see how energy works when it comes to healing, abundance, and joy.

We all have forgotten that are energy is always in motion, which is probably why most of us believe that the world is going to hell. We and the world are not going to hell. All that is happening is that energy is transforming itself from the old vibrational energy of two and moving into a new expansional energy of four, which means balance and completion for those that are ready to work with it is at hand.

This “New Expansional Energy Consciousness” is the answer to all of our problems and prayers, as it is made up of:

  1. Our Positive Consciousness (outer masculine illusionary self)

  2. Our Negative Consciousness (inner feminine soul self)

  3. Our Consciousness of no force (neutraility), as it moves back and forth to light and dark without putting judgment on it; and

  4. Our Gnost/Crystilline Consciousness, also known as our Christ or Solution Consciousness. This consciousness heals and brings to us the miracles we seek. Also, keep in mind, our soul self is tied to our I AM Christ Consciousness. 

If we do not understand that energy and our core consciousness is of a neutral state, before we add our belief systems to them, and that we are a multi-dimensional being that has many behavior patterns to us because of those beliefs, then our human mind becomes very twisted and distorted when it comes to understanding energy, God, the Devil, and ourselves. Why? It is because we are God, the Devil, and we use energy to serve us.

By not knowing that you are God/Goddess, the Devil, and that you are part of all your other lifetimes and beliefs, and that you are, in truth, still one with your “I AMness,” you remain in a conscious focus that transforms the energy that you call in to serve you, as a creator, into nothing but opposing belief patterns for you to experience. Since you are the multi-dimensional being that you are when you bring in this energy to pattern your creations, then those in power, such as religion, government, businesses, family, and friends, lock you into a consciousness that only results in you, and everything outside of you, becoming your master in what you will manifest for your reality. This is what you are asleep to!

What you do not realize in using the old energy of opposites is that your consciousness becomes owned and controlled by everyone around you as if you are a slave to them. These groups and more will keep you locked into repeating your creations over and over, all because of you being a slave to your belief patterns, like being a democrat, a republican, a Catholic, a Islamic, etc.. And, you do it, by following their “will” and not your soul’s “will.”

Since your physical body has the make-up of a dualistic energy force, because of your beliefs, you have the tendency to believe that everything, including God, is in a state of having two parts. Therefore, it is the doctrine of opposing forces where good and evil always determines the course of your thoughts, beliefs, and the actions you place on this New Energy coming into your consciousness for expression.

You are taught to always think positive because the experts say that positive thinking is the most important thing that will have an effect on your life. It will, but only to a degree! However, in the end, it will have a negative effect too. Why? It is due to the fact that you cannot hold a positive thought by means of the mind continually because positive and negative always come with judgment, fear, and confusion. Thus, it becomes hard to control. Once you think you have control over something, sooner or later, the reverse will happen.

By not taking into account your many past lifetimes, or your multi-dimensional consciousness, your negative thoughts will eventually pop up out of nowhere to push you into judgment, survival, and fear. No one can come from the mind and only stay with a positive or negative attitude for any length of time because eventually your belief systems of the past, and of your current lifetime, will catch up with you, limiting you only to a consciousness that defines you as to who you think or believe you are.

Kowing from a soul level that energy has to evolve back to its original form of oneness and neutrality you chose the path of evolution (soul growth) as the means to move forward in your quest to answer the question, "Who am I?" It was from this question you chose to follow the path of opposites This way when your energy got stuck, because of forgetfulness being part of your consciousness, you knew that energy would go back into itself to explore the reason for it being stuck. Hence, this is where your diseases, suffering, and imbalanced cells in the body come from, for it brings to our attention the question, "Why me."

Understand that energy, like water, in its beginning stages, has no force to it. Energy always begins in a natural or free flowing state, until you, the true creator, take on a desire to experience something. Once you make the choice to experience something that is when you call in to yourself many, many potentials that exist in a state of neutrality, for they exist outside of your core essence. 

You see, they are potentials that can be brought in by you to be lived out, which is why your spirit is the source of all energy and not the rational mind or the human body. This is very important to understand. It is your spirit that calls in this New Energy needed to experience the things you choose to experience. This also means that your spirit can bring in the energy required to bring you wealth, understanding, and even the energy to rejuvenate your physical body back into balance, thus a healthy state.

However, once you bring New Energy in it passes through your rational mind because of it being part of the second creation (outer mental consciousness). Therefore, if you have the tendency to believe in good and evil, or sin, then you contaminate (adulterate) this pure unbiased New Energy coming into your body in such a way that the energy ultimately becomes part of the dualistic opposing energy, thus you create all kinds of problems for yourself.

When New Energy comes into your life it automatically takes on the similar energy patterns that you are already experiencing right now. For instance: If you are experiencing poverty, illness, or some other calamity, like a disease, then this New Energy of pureness/neutrality you bring into your life will automatically take on the same pattern as the old positive and negative energy, which is why you journey the same road of suffering over and over. Why, because you believe in good and bad, right and wrong, and most of all, sin and a devil that is forever after you.

Maybe now you can see why, we, as humans, repeat our history. We never learn to look within ourselves to find the cause of what we are experiencing. Instead, we look outside of ourselves to government, religion, family, friends, science, and a God outside of ourselves for all the answers, even our cures to our diseases. We just cannot understand and accept that we are the creator of our disease, accidents and our greatness in life. There is no such thing as an accident or someone becoming rich overnight without one creating it for themselves.

If you can move past the idea of being only human and alone, and see yourself equal to God, in every way with no exceptions, then you are ready to change the repetitiveness of the New Energy coming in, and therefore your experiences.

Since energy coming into the mind mimics itself, expands, and then re-creates itself, then you have the ability to bring in this New Energy of Neutraility and have it communicate to the old sick cells and reguvenate themseles to being healthy cells. If you can accept yourself as being a Christ too and that your souls is the prime creator of New Energy, and then allow this wisdom to follow through to all ego personality aspects of you (lifetimes), the pattern of your new belief will bring in this New Energy Consciousness of four as your prime energy being used for your creations.

All that can be said is that you have both the old energy of opposites and the New Energy of four around you at all times waiting to be activated by you, the real creator. Of course, once you become aware that there are many parts and pieces of you it becomes much easier to activate the energy you require to help you in life the way you want to experience it.