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Genesis: Your Journey Home

Heaven” is the realm of pure ideals, such as divine understanding, abundance, joy, healing, oneness, harmony, and absolute love without conditions, judgment, or rules, as in perfect and without time, space, good, or bad. “Earth” is the realm of form, duality, conditions, rules, and judgment. In other words, thought forms, lies, and illusions.

Genesis (1:2): “The earth was a formless wasteland, and darkness covered the abyss, while a mighty wind swept over the waters.”

We all look at Earth solely from a material point of view because it feels so real, even though it is actually just a physical dimensional realm that we souls play. This is the result of one's choice of perception and how one believes that everything must be literal and complex, including the characters and stories in the Bible. However, when you look at “earth” from a spiritual position, the wisdom of God is revealed and understood as quite simple.

It is that you evolve as the authoritative power of God instead of God as an intellectual concept located somewhere outside of you in some heaven. Therefore, the metaphoric meaning of “earth” is in the form of a concept, a desire, a thought form, the beginning of an idea, a belief system, or a perception, and a dimensional realm that we souls created so as to feel and experience our creations. So why does earth symbolize this? It is because earth is of material substance. Earth did not just suddenly appear out of nowhere; it first had to be a desire, then an idea, or a thought pattern of the Creator(s).

Look at the word “formless:” It is a synonym for lacking a thought pattern or a formative desire. The word “wasteland” describes an abstract ideal or a concept of something, such as earth, which had no form in the beginning. Earth was manifested in form because it was the desire of the Creator(s) (us Souls) and it was through that desire that earth became a living planet.

The word “darkness” means – ignorant of the fact about no conscious desires, thoughts, or activities, as far as the Prime Creator (us Souls) was concerned. “The darkness covered the depths” in Gen. 1:2 tell you how deep, ignorant, and unaware you were from any desires, ideas, beliefs, or thoughts of activity coming from the Creators (you, me, and all souls). Though you have been taught that God has always existed and that there is no beginning or end to this Infinite Energy, it actually remains as a “universal measureless mind field of pure unadulterated neutral energy” until your Spirit activates a desire of some kind, thus giving life to your thought patterns in taking on form. 

Many of us would say that the Infinite One, we call God, is the Source of all Energy and all that one sees, feels, taste, smells, and touches. What is not taught is this energy that everyone uses, is at first, in a “universal pure state of neutrality.” This means energy at its core is not energy until your Spirit (all Souls) activates it to take shape. Yet, this “pure neutral energy” is always there, surrounding you, even though you cannot see it, and it is without form until activated by you, the creator. Therefore, the reference of the “Father-God” that Jesus submits to in the Bible is actually this “universal measureless mind field of pure unadulterated neutral energy” that is infinite, and it exists motionless and inactive, waiting for your spirit (Mother-Goddess part of self) to move upon it with a “desire.”

Now, in order to condense the true meaning of who God is, I will use the metaphoric language of calling this “universal measureless mind field of pure unadulterated neutral energy” and your “Spirit” as the “father-mother God.” This means your spirit is without limits because it has no beginning or end. To realize your full potential, you need to understand the wisdom of your Spirit (Mother-Goddess) is without limits, or bound to a beginning, or an end.    

Considering “the mighty wind” as a movement of air, then air becomes the element that allows any created form, like your physical body, to express the purpose behind the creation. Therefore, the symbolism of “wind” is the expression of the “infinite creator of all that was,” which is your spirit. In order to be infinite, your spirit has to be part of the “Father-God” that is pure and has no form until your spirit (Mother-Goddess) activates some type of form through “desire.”

In other words, before any form or manifestation can take place, like a physical body, your spirit is required to breathe life into it as a desire. Thus, Spirit’s first “desire” was not earth or man. It was the forming of your consciousness into an active principle that set the stage for the creating of your mind and ultra ego. It was not about earth or your physical body, rather your spirit coming into an awakening as infinite and creative.  

By verse two ending with “sweeping over the waters,” it signifies life because water symbolizes your spirit in motion as the source of life, giving life to your desires. We have all heard about the “water of life” given in John 4:14, Thus, “water” is representative of your spirit, which means your true essence is of Spirit and Consciousness first and foremost because without Spirit you would have no beingness or life. It is that “infinite life-giving spirit” within you that keeps the “father-mother God” alive and coherent, as one with you. 

Genesis (1:3): Then God said, "Let there be light,” and there was light.”

This is not the physical light of the sun or the moon, rather the “illumination” and the “awakening” of your own spirit long ago in the activating of your consciousness into motion where you ended up creating a “desire” to expand your state of being. Hence, out of your own spirit, you made a movement in consciousness and gave rise to a “desire” that set the stage for your consciousness to become an active force in all things created by you and us souls.

When you look at God’s Consciousness as a metaphor for “all that was” in the beginning and “is now,” including man, then you can understand why Jesus called his fellow humans “brother” and “sister.” It’s not that you are part of a God that religions describe, you are a God where all souls together make-up the “Godhead” that everyone prays to. 

Genesis (1:4): “God saw how good the light was. God then separated the light from the darkness.”

The “light” in this verse is about us souls acknowledging our own spirit as the creative life giving force in bringing about our own consciousness to an active phase, thereby generating a desire within self to know self. This was the first movement, the first act of creation that was, as we souls became active in consciousness before earth ever was earth. Not only did we become active in consciousness long ago, we were once aware that we are part of the “father-mother God,” and because of that awareness, our consciousness became the focus of our creativity.

The infinite Spirit that you are is the only force that exists as real, for your spirit is the wife-feminine-Mother-Goddess part of you that arouses the husband-masculine-Father-God part of you in creating life for you (the Son) to experience. It is us souls that embrace’s the totality of our own “pure energy” of all that we are or ever will be, because all in its principle form, God, Goddess, Son, Christ, Satan and self are one and the same entity.

Imagine yourself as a light bulb that is plugged into a socket (the source field) and while you (the bulb) are plugged into the socket (source) you happen to notice the light generated is coming from an energy source that is completely universal and invisible. When you imagine this you can understand the wisdom behind your own core essence is spirit first rather than physical. Of course, since we are getting our energy from the “father-mother God,” then we can also understand why now Jesus called this same energy force, “father.”

Jesus was trying to convey to us long ago that all life is connected and we are all one, which in a spiritual sense means, we (all souls) are all brothers and sisters, and together we make-up the Godhead that everyone looks upon as a solitary God. In Mathew 12:46-50, Jesus was declaring to us that our true core essence is made up of Spirit and Consciousness first and foremost, and that we (from the spirit level) are the ones that arouses the “father-God” bringing our desires to life for us to experience.

Your spirit is not only the consciousness of God, it is also the mother-feminine part of you, or the “wife” portion if you prefer, and together they are as one. Therefore, collectively all members (light bulbs) are part of the wholeness of the “father-mother God.” It is all of humanity and all souls alike, no matter where one is hanging out in the omniverse (multiple dimensional realms) are as brothers and sisters, for we together are the Creator of everything that you see around you.

When we (the mass of one) collectively created in the pattern of Divine Love, as in the Law of Oneness long ago, we activated or brought into being the cosmos, planets, and the universe as we understand it, and we called it, “In the Beginning When God Created.” When we take the pureness of our Spirit (Mother), the wisdom of understanding our “pure neutralized energy (Father),” and combine it with the collectiveness of all members (all souls), we begin to generate power that is far beyond our mortal comprehension. The physical earth and our physical body are just some examples of many Souled Beings acting together out of love and in a mutual effort to understand life.  

“God then separated the light,” the infinite Spirit is where you moved your consciousness from a state of inactivity and ignorance (darkness) to a state of activeness and understanding (light). In other words, look at yourself as the light bulb, and now imagine yourself turning on the switch. No one can turn on the switch of the “father” (masculine-God) but your spirit (feminine-Goddess). Why? Because you are the source (King and Queen) and the creator of the one you see in the mirror. It is up to you if we want to walk around in ignorance (darkness) or move your consciousness to a place of understanding (light).

My friends, the separating of light from darkness is about you, in your beginning of awareness long ago, becoming conscious and active. Remember, this all happened in spirit first, which is known as the first creation. Some call it the Garden of Eden (Heaven), yet it is just a metaphor for the “first circle of creation.” The Garden of Eden is not just about a place once inhabited by two people, rather it is you in a higher divine state of understanding where you knew the “father, mother, the daughter, and the son as you.” The “father” symbolizing “pure neutral unadulterated energy,” the “mother” symbolizing Spirit, the “daughter” symbolizing consciousness, and the “son” symbolizing the mind, and together, they make-up the oneness of you are God. 

Genesis (1:5): “God called the light "day" and the darkness he called "night." Thus evening came, and morning followed, the first day.”

In daylight you can easily distinguish and recognize what you see with your eyes while during the night darkness you cannot. Thus, the word “day” symbolizes “intelligence, awareness, understanding, and wisdom.” Because of the infinite Spirit that you are, you have manifested these everlasting attributes into an active “I AM” presence within your soul. Now, because of this act, you must accept responsibility as the creator of “all that is,” for you, and as a group consciousness. Why does this responsibility fall on the individual and on the soul group as a whole? It is because each individual soul is a God, and together, we all represent the Christ Principle (Messiah) in action.

In the first four chapters of Genesis, you (male and female) will learn that you are God, the Goddess, the Son of God, and in Genesis three you will learn that Satan is nothing more than your ultra Ego nature riding the rails of lifetimes opposing the divine principles of your own spirit. It is us souls that are the active “I am God” who creates our own experiences in life, including our so called accidents. That is why we have to accept responsibility for our own consciousness and our manifestations. For example: each bulb gives off its own light, therefore each light (Spirit) is responsible for its own darkness (ignorance).

In Scripture, “day” and “night” usually symbolizes the extent of one’s thought forms. “Light” represents you having the understanding and the awareness that it was you who manifested your physical body and experiences, while “darkness” is about you in ignorance of that fact. Therefore, “day(s)” signifies that you are highly intelligent, full of understanding, perfect, and you are full of wisdom because of your many experiences here on Earth. “Night(s)” signifies ignorance, for you are asleep and unaware of you are the master and the God creating your own illnesses, poverty, and unhappiness.  

“Evening came” represents the conclusion of an expression by the creator, you and me, and not some outside solitary God. It was us souls who revealed a darkness so deep within us that it created an ignorance so strong that it brought about the confusion of us humans being God.

“Morning followed the first day.” What was the first day? It was the beginning or the arousing of our own Spirit activating a desire, which was to know self. The idea of this desire was to become conscious and active in accepting the expression of “all that you are,” as a God too.

Genesis (1:6): “Then God said, "Let there be a dome in the middle of the waters, to separate one body of water from the other.” And so it happened:

“God said” is nothing more than an idea being born from a conscious level. It is also a metaphor for the Consciousness of the Mass (all souls). For example, “In the Beginning God Created,” signifies the capacity for all Souls to utilize our Spirit Consciousness into arousing the “Father-God Principle” into manifesting form, such as earth, planets, stars, galaxy, animals, plants, trees, and physical bodies.

The “word of God” is the perfect result generated by that part of you (Father-God) that works through “action.” As your Spirit (Mother-Goddess) acts upon your desires it produces beliefs within you that set the framework into which you activate the “father-mother God” in manifesting something, such as form. In other words, God is nothing more than you activating the “father-mother God” into what you desire to experience, and form was something we desired to experience.

This means – the “Father-God” is the masculine part of you that gives form to what your spirit, the “Mother-Goddess” part of you, desires to manifest or give birth to. This also means the feminine part of you is the “conscious” and “active” part that gives life, rather than the masculine. Your masculine part gives that life, form, such as a physical body.    

“Let there be a dome in the middle of the waters.” Water in this verse symbolizes Spirit (Divine or Holy), thus signifying that each soul is part of the “Father-mother God.” When we were in the first creation (Garden) we all were part of the whole. This means that everyone is an integral part of the total make-up of what we call God, and this is what formulates God’s true nature as it of a “universal mind and a universal consciousness.” This also means the “Christ Principle” is “universal” and not only of one man as we have been taught.  

Therefore, the word “dome” symbolizes God and the Christ as “universal” and not as a solitary God sitting on a throne. God’s make-up is the collectiveness of the whole of creation (all that has form and life, nothing is left out). Thus, the “Father-God,” or what is explained as this “universal measureless mind field that is pure unadulterated and neutral,” is in the middle of every creative activity (form and non-form) that is brought to life by our Spirit (Mother-Goddess).    

“To separate one body of water from the other” – means, our Spirit is not only the higher consciousness of Self, this higher consciousness is tied to “universal consciousness” (collectiveness), which is why we are still part of the whole even though we don’t feel it. This is what makes us a divine being in nature, as well as a brother and sister to every soul, including Jesus.

This part of the verse also demonstrates that we were the cause of becoming active (conscious) and not some solitary God who created us. In other words, it was us Souls that decided to turn on the switch of desire and generate our own light. The darkness (unaware and unconscious) gave way to light ( aware and consciousness), which means inactiveness gave way to activeness. 

Genesis (1:7): “God made the dome, and it separated the water above the dome from the water below.”

The word “God” is simply a metaphor indicating that the “Father-God” is indeed “universal, pure, and neutral,” and therefore really doesn’t exist as a solitary individual. It is our Spirit (Mother-Goddess) that activates (stimulates) this neutralized energy in bringing in some type of form. Our Spirit and Consciousness, in truth, are not made of energy, but our Spirit plays with this “pure neutralized energy” (God) in order to experience life. You can say, it is our Spirit that arouses the “Father-God” in expressing the things we choose to experience, good or bad. 

Now, what is “above the dome”? It is the infinite “father-mother God” that is part of our total consciousness and is also the Source of “all that we are.” It was and is this “father-mother God” that gave each of us the ability to activate ideas, desires, and belief systems into form, which is why we now have a physical body, for we created it.

“From the water below it.” What is below it? It is the essence of self, our own Consciousness, the individualized portion of the whole. In other words, our Spirit recognized itself dreaming and for the first time we knew that our Consciousness is indeed the “wife” portion of the “Father-God.” Remember, because Energy is neutral and universal, it can be shaped by each of us, the true creator, into whatever form we desire, including a physical body.

Something to think on: everything that is tied to consciousness is usually called a “she principle,” and more on this will be introduced in the next chapter. But for now understand that in order to have some type of form, our Spirit (the female aspect within self) had to stimulate the “male aspect within self.” This act introduced our Spirit in bringing about a desire that later introduced us to form. Thus Spirit relates to a character of a she principle because of what the “Father-God” gives form to. This is why we call Earth – “mother Earth ” – our car or boat a “she,” as well as many other things.

This means that everything that has life in it has a spirit, and what does not have life in it is only energy that has a consciousness that becomes hardened. The plate we eat from and the cup we drink are part of the “Father-God, which means they do have some type of consciousness yet no Spirit. The cup and plate receive their consciousness from the creator. This will be explained further as you read through the book so don’t get confused with this concept right now. This chapter is about “who is God?”  

Genesis (1:8): “God called the dome "the sky." Evening came, and morning followed, the second day.”

The word “dome” again means “universal.” The sky is awesomely high, or at least it seems that way, so in this context the “sky” represents a high level of Divine Intelligence. In other words, the intelligence of God’s consciousness is “universal” and it is also part of our core essence, which means we have a divine intelligence of such quality (royalty) that we are asleep to it. Since, we (all spirits) are the make-up of the Godhead then “divine intelligence” is not limited nor devoted to one entity or person sitting on a throne somewhere in heaven.

This means we can tap into this intelligence at any time, it simply comes to a matter of choice, a knowing, and a belief! This also means we did not begin as an ape because, we, along with the rest of mass consciousness, created them. Of course, we may have taken on some of their characteristics in the beginning stages of us spirits coming to earth – but that is another story.

“Evening came” has the same meaning as above! The ending of an expression (day), which was spirit intelligence is “universal.” “Morning followed, the second day,” as the second day represents “universal intelligence,” which makes you a “divine” being too. (A brief summary of each day’s expression will be given at the end of this chapter.)

Genesis (1:9): Then God said, "Let the water under the sky be gathered into a single basin, so that the dry land may appear." And so it happened: the water under the sky was gathered into its basin, and the dry land appeared.”

The “sky” is representative of how our true core essence, the “I AM God” in self, has a high level of intelligence, which is universal. “Gathered into a single basin,” indicates – this “universal intelligence” can be found within our Subconsciousness (“sub” meaning under). This also means our inner self (Subconsciousness) is tied to all members or souls, including trees, rocks, stars, insects, animals, and other aspects of self. Nothing is left out! This is why we can sometimes feel another person’s energy, including the energy of animals, trees, air, and everything else.   

The “land” is symbolic of one’s active Spirit or consciousness and how your Spirit is everlasting, has a high divine level of intelligence, and this intelligence resides within your Subconsciousness. As you can see, not only is your energy united with other souls you are also united with “universal intelligence.” 

Genesis (1:10): “God called the dry land "the earth" and the basin of the water he called "the sea." God saw how good it was.”

“Earth” symbolizes again a desire, a concept, a beginning of an idea, thought, or dream. The infinite Spirit that we are manifested into existence the fulfillment of a “desire.” This desire originated within the Subconsciousness of the collective wholeness of all souls – known as the mass consciousness – as well as from the “father-mother God” thereby, we became conscious and active in creating something out of nothing.

The “dry land” compared to the oceans and waterways of the earth are limited, which is why “dry land” is symbolized by the consciousness of the “individualized portion of the whole” coming alive and active. It was us souls, as an individual Spirit becoming active, and in Spirit form first, before earth was created. You are the generator of your own energy, which means, you are everlasting, having no beginning or end, for you are an infinite being who possesses a consciousness that can expand infinitely! This also means you cannot die or disappear. You can only transform the father-mother God into whatever “form” you desire. 

“He called the sea” verifies the sum total of you, the inner self or the Subconsciousness, is partly “universal” and your spirit consciousness is who you are at your core essence, which also means you can expand infinitely, literally without limits.

“God saw how good it was,” and yes, how good it was that your infinite spirit became aware of all potentiality through the consciousness of the “individualized portion of the wholeness” of the “father-mother God” (you), and by doing so, you awakened as the source for all your dreams (real or not real). 

Genesis (1:11-12): Then God said, "Let the earth bring forth vegetation: every kind of plant that bears seed and every kind of fruit tree on earth that bears fruit with its seed in it." And so it happened: the earth brought forth every kind of plant that bears seed and every kind of fruit tree on earth that bears fruit with its seed in it. God saw how good it was.”

“Let the earth bring forth vegetation.” This is your spirit putting into action a belief pattern (dream) that fulfilled your desire in manifesting the natural growth and evolution of your own Consciousness. Remember, energy is “neutral and pure” until you activate it with your consciousness and imagination, and that is when your masculine part of you (the Father-God) gives it form.

Let “every kind of plant” means – let every desire, idea, and belief system – be united with the natural flow of the “father-mother God,” which will bring forth a harmonious energy of absolute (unconditional) divine love (“bears seed”).

“Every kind of fruit tree on earth that bears fruit with its seed in it. The structure of your core state of beingness is of the father-God, which then gives your Spirit (mother-Goddess) form, as in consciousness. It also means you have a spirit of such divineness that you carry deep within you the understanding and compassion of oneness in reference to another person’s feelings or difficulties even if you don’t realize it from a human level.

In other words, you are free to do anything you please with the father-mother God – for it is only of a “universal neutralized energy.” You can do bad things, for you are the Lord and the Master of your own creations. However, because compassion and unconditional love is the natural state of your core beingness, you are not allowed to interfere with the will of another soul. 

Your spirit has been conceived as absolute intelligence, self-consciousness, pure desire, and pure creativity. It takes the action of “desire” to initiate the movement of your spirit in generating the energy needed for your creations. And yet, it also takes the father-God to give (seed) your creations form. This means – your desires are the activating switch for your spirit in manifesting any natural growth to your consciousness – for which vegetation represents.

Therefore, the pattern and the nature of your beingness – at the core level – is “absolute unconditional divine love and acceptance” no matter what you do, good or evil. This is why your divinity loves you so much. Each individualized soul is the master teacher (Lord of Lords) for the processing of one’s own creations, not some God far away out there in the cosmos.  

“God saw how good it was” – is symbolic for the action you took long ago in manifesting the natural growth of your consciousness and the purpose behind it all – as well as the divine passion and love that carry the compassion of this oneness outward into your creations. Because of your “I AMness” of absolute feminine-masculine energy that is universal, pure, and neutral, then your spirit was, and is ordained, as in a state of complete compassion, is unconditional, and is of absolute divine love.

In the beginning of your awakening, all souls were aware of their own spirit and that they were part of the father-mother God, which also means each member is part of the Christ too. Everything is constructed from the energy of “all that was” and is today, and all energy fragments, or soul members, carry this awareness deep within. Nothing is excluded.

Genesis (1:13): “Evening came, and morning followed, the third day.”

“Evening came” is again, the ending of an expression, which was the ending of a desire, belief, thought or idea, and “morning followed,” means the fulfillment of that desire was completed. The desire was for your spirit to have a consciousness that could grow and expand through the means of experiencing with “pure neutral energy” for better understanding of who you are and why you are here on earth.  

By your spirit having a form of “pure unadulterated neutral energy,” your consciousness becomes the receiver and the transmitter for the father-God, which means in effect your spirit and consciousness is not actually made of energy because it is the creator of energy. I know this may seem confusing, however it will all become clear as you read on. This also means that it is your feminine side that is the prime creator for all manifestations and not your masculine side.

Now, don’t get confused here either, we will talk about this more in Genesis 2. Man has always believed the masculine energy is the Master and in reality, it is the feminine or the she principle that is the governing force for the male-masculine principle when you are in spirit. This will be clarified later in the book. 

“The third day” is symbolic for the third Attribute of Spirit, which is Spirit’s desire to express “natural growth patterns” and to expand your consciousness with new understanding, and to build on wisdom through the process of experiencing your choices. Of course, this natural growth of your consciousness is predestined to manifest nothing than the principle of absolute unconditional love and compassion for you and others.   

Genesis (1:14-15): Then God said: "Let there be lights in the dome of the sky, to separate day from night. Let them mark the fixed times, the days and the years, and serve as luminaries in the dome of the sky, to shed light upon the earth. And so it happened.”

The “light” again is referring to your spirit acknowledging that you can tap into universal intelligence, understanding, and all wisdom if you so choose. The word “dome” means universal, and to “separate the day from night” means, all intelligence, understanding, and wisdom are part of universal consciousness, whereas “night” symbolizes you are unaware (ignorant) of this fact. In the physical reality, this unawareness gives you the feeling you are separated from the truth because of the lack of study.

“Let them mark the fixed time.” What is time? Actually, there is no time. It does not exist! Time simply represents the measuring of one’s understanding when it comes to wisdom about who God Is. “Days” again symbolizes us souls, in the beginning stages of our awakening in spirit, acknowledging self as intelligent, wise, and with much understanding. “Years” symbolizes the patience with what you measure your wisdom and understanding once it becomes known to you. 

The word “luminaries” represents high influences or absolute authority and the “dome of the sky” represents universal intelligence. Because the word “dome” has the meaning of universal and “sky” having the meaning of high intelligence, you are then connected to the father-mother God – for the father-mother God is always in the middle of any creative activity, good or bad. 

“To shed light upon the earth,” means all intelligence, understanding, and wisdom comes from this highly universal intelligent center, which is actually from the wholeness of the mass (all that is). This intelligence comes from your mental nature, the collectiveness of the mass, and from the absolute higher authority within you (super Subconsciousness).