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         I have read and re-read your book, "Unlocking the Consciousness of Your Soul", and find it to be profound.  It has changed my thinking about a lot of things, even though I am not burdened by belief in a God whose rules I must obey or go to hell.

         Many of us have become aware of a God within, but your book takes us a big step further to the God that I Am which means we have the capacity to create virtually any possibility we can imagine.

         This is very enlightening, but getting from where we are now to a semblance of that possibility seems to be a big leap.  Could you help us by addressing one specific aspect as a start-  that of health issues, which many of us have.  Specifically, pain.  When we have pain, it is quite all-consuming, demanding that something be done.  In our current belief system, pain tells us something is not right.  Most of us feel compelled to find the cause, and then relieve it, so we can get on with our lives.  Our health care system is based on this belief and influences us strongly, even if we hesitate.

        Considering ourselves the God that We Are,  how should we deal with pain?  It could be pain that results from a cancerous growth, wherein our allopathic systems wants to immediately begin warfare-like treatment, or it can be chronic pain from arthritis which we are inclined to believe is part of the aging process and something we must bear along with the inevitable debilitation.  If it is pain which might indicate a failing heart, and we chose to simply go with it, we are considered "in denial". 

         What could be the first step when one feels pain?  For simplicity,  let us assume it is physical pain versus emotional pain.  Let us assume we do not feel ourselves to be a victim , but consider ourselves worthy to have a life filled with abundance, joy, AND health.  We do live in a society where it is expected that we take care of ourselves and remain "independent" as long as we can.  And let us assume that is also our own wish, along with the desire to follow our own life's plan that we can create for ourselves.

          According to your book, deep breathing is the place to begin, but my experience is that my mind is all over the place, usually coming back to this pain which tells me I have a problem and something needs to be "done".   Should I be looking at the pain as something I have chosen to experience and learn from?  Should I not be able to change this course and experience healing, followed by abundance and joy?  Where do I begin?

          Thank-you, Terry, for your commitment to these life-changing beliefs and your sharing of them with others.

           I am new to blogging, and not sure how to sign off.  So I will just sign:


Hi Lucy,

In answer to your question about healing ones situations in life, no matter if its cancer or just plan seeking abundance, reminds me of a couple of visions that I had a bit back.

The first vision: It was very early one morning before the birds do there singing just before sunrise. I remember finding myself standing on the shoreline next to a large body of water. I believe it was the ocean because when looking out at it I seen nothing but water far as the eyes could see. However, when I lifted my head toward the sky to look at the sun I noticed the sun was at least 1000 times larger than the earth’s sun. I also  noticed the sky was a perfect blue with having no clouds. As I looked up at this huge sun I could feel the warmth of the energy coming from it and yet, this huge sun was not burning or blinding me as the earth’s sun would do. After looking straight into this sun for awhile I began to notice the air around me that I was breathing had a consciousness to it. It felt very strange to me, but nevertheless, as I took deep breathes I began to feel the consciousness of the air flowing through my entire body. I remember the experience as a feeling that is hard to describe. Even today, I cannot describe this feeling because of the human language not matching to any words that I would know to describe what I felt.  

After this experience with the sun and air, I then began to notice five or six other people standing next to me as if they were doing the same thing that I was doing. Then, as we all walked toward the water, I noticed that the ground beneath my feet also had a consciousness feeling to it because with every step that I took I could feel the consciousness of the dirt as well as the rocks I stepped on. Then, like the air, the consciousness of the dirt and rocks also began to flow throughout my entire body as if they were there to serve me. Again, the feeling was amazing and, in fact, indescribable. As I was feeling the consciousness of everything around me, the energy of the sun, the air that I breathed, the ground and rocks that I walked on, all to my surprise were alive just as much as I was. However, the exception that I felt, was that they were all there to serve me. I assume that the other folks that were walking with me felt the same thing that I was feeling. It also felt, even thought the sun, ground, air, and rocks had a consciousness, that they had no soul like I did to animate them in making choices. In other words, it seemed and felt to me that all of these things did not have a soul signature like me, and that they were there to serve me. I say this because when I was feeling their consciousness flowing throughout my entire body it felt like they were waiting for me to direct them on how they could serve me.

The next thing I remember was we, the five or six people that were with me, then came upon the shoreline of this mass water (ocean like), and when we did, I noticed that none of them wanted to walk into the water. However, from all of them that were there, I was the only one that chose to walk into the water, and I believe the reason was because the water looked dangerous. Anyway, I remember taking a deep breath of air, looked at the huge sun above me, and then took my last look at the ground beneath my feet and walked straight into the water. Even though the water seemed rough at the time of me entering it, I still chose to walk into it, and the more I walked into it the water began to calm down around me and to the point where the water had no waves or ripples to it. Once this happened i then walked until the water reached my neckline.

Then suddenly, I noticed my whole body, except for my head, disappeared as if it became part of the water and yet, I still felt them as part of me, as well as me feeling my consciousness and individuality. I remember how wonderful the water felt around me and yet still today, I cannot describe the feeling because it cannot be compared to one standing in the water up to one’s neck here on earth. In fact, when I think about this experience today, I can still feel how this magical water felt around me but I cannot describe it to you. All that I do know is that it wasn't earthly water.  

Once I was aware of all what was happening to me, my thoughts went to raising my arm out of the water to see if it still existed. So, I did! And when I did, not only did my arm still exist, it was completely dry. From there my thoughts went to now dipping my whole body into the water including my head. And when I did, not only did I feel part of the water, I could feel the water hugging me as if it was protecting me, for I felt nothing but unconditional love and the strength of the water (ocean) supporting me no matter what I did.

You see, before entering the water it looked dangerous but once I got into the water I felt nothing but love, calmness, and harmony radiating from it. You can say I felt as if my whole body, mind, and spirit was being purified. A feeling that comes hard to describe. By the way, the other folks standing on the shoreline, they were still seeing the water as dangerous. But for me, it was completely harmless, calm, soothing, loving, and healing. As you can see, life here on Earth can seem hard and dangerous, but once you allow yourself to take that leap into other possibilities, away from old beleifs about who you think you are, that is when miracles rise up from deep within your consciousness (ocean), bringing you a whole new perspective about what you can accomplish, including your own healing.   

When I found myself awakened to my earthly environment again, for I cannot remember walking out of the water, I felt very high on energy for days and days. I also felt no worries about life, having poor health, dying, not even having money, for everything that I always worried about before that experience was lifted completely from my mind, by body, and my life.

Now, according to my soul, this experience was real even though it felt like a dream or vision. What my soul showed me that day is that the huge sun symbolizes pure unbiased energy, meaning having no judgment or duality to it, which is why I could look into it without feeling blinded by the light or burned by the heat (electric currents) as I took it into my being to do with it as I pleased. Also, as I experienced in the vision, according to my soul, everything has a consciousness, the air we breathe, the ground we walk on, the rocks, trees, everything has consciousness, even our car and house has a consciousness. However, none of these things have a soul, for only souled beings have a soul, which is the divine spark of the Spirit of One. In other words, you and me, all humans, as the mass ocean water symbolizes my own divinity and the oneness of all that I am, which is why my body disappeared when I submerged completely in the ocean water and yet, I felt my individuality, as “all that I am.” 

In other words, the mass ocean water looked dark, rough, and dangerous before I walked into it, and once I chose to leap in, letting go of fear, everything changed for me. You see, everything that I ever created from the time that I first left the first creation as a souled being up until my now moment (current lifetime) has been placed within my spirit/divinity (the water) for me to tap into once I awaken to the fact that my creations had to go somewhere, for they just cannot disappear. As the huge sun symbolizes pure unbiased energy, having no positive or negative to it, I used that pure energy according to my beliefs, and since my beliefs were strong enough in the beginning to support positive and negative, then the seed of that energy formed into whatever I focused on as my truth. And, if my truth was with having a consciousness that believed in illness, positive and negative, good and bad, then that is what my consciousness manifested for me to experience.

You see, the air, ground, rocks, and even the people in the vision, symbolizes that I have used this pure energy (the rays coming from this huge sun) in creating them all, as the people in my vision represented my other personality-aspects or lifetimes past where I played upon the earth living in fear, believing that illness, poverty, sin, and punishment were real, thus I experienced them. Once you understand that you are the creator of every experience that you have, like living with physical or emotional pain, cancer, or being a victim of poor health, having no money, or even joy, that is the first step in changing your energy patterns to a more neutralized pattern that can bring to you love, peace, health, joy, and abundance.

However, before that can happen, you also must understand that your soul has already designed a plan long before you were ever part of earth in answering the question, “Who am I? And, What has happened since, is that you have created a human plan to become awakened to your own divinity by creating experiences according to your belief patterns. You see, the soul or your spirit don’t care about your human plan to be pain free or that you would love to win a lottery, for none of it matters to the soul other than the experience of it. However, when you are ready, you can learn about your soul’s plan, and then that is when you set up your human plan to match. Remember, energy will always mimic itself right down to the cellular level. And, if your truths are based on duality, fear, and that you are not equal to God, then you will always mimic what you beleive are your truths.

What we humans have done is that we have forgotten that the soul created many mental aspects of itself (or lifetimes) with each lifetime having free will to choose whatever they (each aspect of self) wanted to experience in any given lifetime, even though none of them are the real self.

In other words, if you see yourself only as Lucy then your whole being works from the energy patterns of Lucy’s consciousness only and not from the massive consciousness (ocean) that you are. Therefore, it takes more than just saying, “I AM God and can create for myself healing, money, joy, etc.” It takes you doing a lot of deep breathing and allowing your soul to peel back those layers and layers of consciousnesses (lifetimes) that are filled with belief patterns of stuck energy that deal with your emotional ties to duality, family, friends, religion, and many other things. In fact, the seventh seal in the Book of Revelation is about one's emotional consciousness and how one will not let it go because of one's strong belief in the mind being the source for one's intelligence, one's successes in life, and many other experiences in life.

Now, the second vision I had was where I was standing in a valley, a small limited valley, and when I looked up at where the valley began at the top I seen a very large wave of water coming at me. I remember looking to my right, my left, and behind me, looking for an escape route to save myself. However, it was to late the water wave was coming at me to fast to go anywhere. The only thing that I could do was to stand there, close my eyes, and trust that I would die quickly. And before I knew it, once the water was practically in my face, I took a deep breath thinking that I will be floating around soon dead to the world, everything changed. The water turned into fog, and therefore no harm came to me. Then right after that seen, the fog lifted, and all that I seen was a huge beautiful green valley with beautiful trees, flowers, and many other beautiful things that again are to hard to describe, for the colors seemed to be so breath taking.

As you can see here Lucy, the moral of this vision is that instead of me trying to run and hide or trying to figure out a way not to die, I trusted the outcome to be okay, and then let it all go, even the idea of death. And once I, including the fear of death, my assessment of life, pain, and suffer, or trying to figure everything out, symbolized by the water turning into fog and then into a huge beautiful green valley with many beautiful things, my consciousness and life became more expanded than before, bringing to me, the memory of "who I truly am." And with this memory, I became aware that I can heal my situations in life just by placing my consciousness on what I choose to change.

Take Care,