Terry L Newbegin
A Bringer of New Energy Consciousness
Discover Who You Are - for You Are A Divine Human
About the Author

I am a successful entrepreneur, a Channeller of New Energy Consciousness and author of the books: Genesis: Your Journey Home, a book that opens you up to the core essence of God. The Book of Revelation: A New Beginning, a book that opens up the gates of your soul memories; Unlocking The Consciousness of Your Soul, a book that opens up the memory of “who you truly are,” thus awakening you to "who you truly are." And now, The Fall of The Church, a book that describes how there is a "dark thinking group of souls" that has taken over all aspects of the Church including our Holy Books, our politicians, our media, and our governments throughout the world. What is known in our Holy Books today has been rewritten many times, going back as far as Moses. These dark and sinister minded souls gave us a "God of inconsistencies and a God of hatred" that have led us down a road of sin, death, power, control and slavery, taking away our freedom as a God in our own right. This new book will reveal this truth.   

My passion since 2004 has been assisting others in finding the expanded truth on the subject of sin, death, our afflictions and why we suffer, all of which can be remedied just by allowing ourselves to open up to other possibilities, like for example, one being a multidimensional being and that one is a God and a Christ also.

Have you ever prayed, wished and hoped how you can fix your life or stop your suffering? Well, you can! I have been there and I have the track record to prove it. Born into a family of seven, no money, and at a time where government help was unheard of. It was a time when I looked in the mirror and all that I seen was my name, where I was born, my education and my religion as to who I was.

When I graduated from high school I took with me what the experts said about the mind, about hope and prayer being the recipe in receiving my life’s dreams. I read positive books, studied the Bible and according to the movie, “the Secret,” I even learned to visualize what I wanted to accomplish in life. However, to my surprise none of it worked. In my study, I found it was not about any of these things. It was about "Consciousness/Awareness" and how I became hypnotized by those that claim this "God of the Bible" is the answer to my life’s dreams. All of it, false!

A good student is not afraid to explore what lies beyond the mind, the Bible, what he/she was taught in school, and about one’s conventional beliefs. By the Churches of the world, with the help of governments keeping you locked into the conventional belief about the mind and how it works, along with this God of the Bible, family, sin, karma, and how you need them to receive your salvation, those in authority preserve their power in setting the ground rules to control your belief systems, thus manipulating your reality in what you will experience in life. With the conditioning of the mind and the belief in this "God of the Bible," the probability of you experiencing confusion, anxiety, drama, and lack of miracles is actualized by nearly one hundred percent just because of the way you will measure your belief systems, education, and self-worth.

From my experiences with the Ascended Masters, including Jesus, to step into the consciousness of “mastering your own life” is to understand who you truly are, where you truly come from, as it is not your parents, and then realize that you gave up your “free will” a long time ago because without realizing it you have tied it to your family, to your friends, to the Church, the Bible, to government and to your intellect. Just know that the “system,” and those souls from the dark realm, knows how you believe and think all day long which is why you feel that your life needs fixing.   

However, the first step in “fixing your life” is to allow and let go of the old way of using the mind, hope and prayer, and then discover a better way to achieve absolute health, abundance and joy. To accomplish this it becomes very important to understand WHO you truly are, WHERE you truly come from, and HOW your soul and consciousness participates in what you receive in life.

If you are ready to move forward and explore a “New Method" in reclaiming your power as a God unto yourself, then email me at terry@nei.net for a one on one consultation or if you prefer, a group session/workshop.