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Discover Who You Are - for You Are A Divine Human

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My name is Terry L Newbegin and I work with a group of Ascended Masters from the angelic realm that are known within the Bible as God's prophets. Names such as Lord Melchezidek, Yeshua Ben Joseph (known as Jesus), Jeremiah, Saul, Abram (Abraham), Enoch, Samuel (also known as Adamus St Germain), Methuselah, Kuthumi, Mother Mary, and Mary Magdalene. I have also channeled Archangel Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Metatron, and many others.

I have authored books that help those that are ready to move forward in consciousness, beyond the old dogmatic teachings of the Church. What is not realized is that you are not what the chuch advocates as in "you being a sinner" - for you carry many faces and personalities that you do not even realize are there. However, once you discover the real face of who you truly are, then you can release this belief that you are a sinner

Because of ignorance, fear and mind control, we all became stuck in a network of copied beliefs a long time ago when it comes to the Bible, the Koran, the Torah, Sin and Punishment, and how God wants us to live our life. The teachings of these Books have caused us to forget "who we truly are at our core" - for we are not sinners, we are the Creator. By becoming aware to who we truly are at our core essence, and then have the understanding about how energy works with Consciousness, it becomes the key to our healing, abundance, and the ending of our suffering.    

Hi, I am a channeller and a prophet in "New Energy Consciousness” and  because of ignorance, fear, and mind control, many of us here on earth are stuck in a network of copied beliefs that keep us anchored in a three-dimensional consciousness, causing us to feel seperate from the source of life.  

Everyone carries within them their own vibrational signature (DNA), and if it does not match up to a consciousness of "knowing who we truly are at our core essence," then all remains as IS.

According to the ASCENDED MASTERS, "understanding how ENERGY works with CONSCIOUSNESS and with our BELIEF SYSTEMS then true healing, abundance and joy cannot occur.  

In one of my channelings of the Ascended Masters, I was told: God is like a vast ocean and you humans are the drops of water making up that ocean; and, if you took away all the drops, then there would be no ocean, therefore no God.” 

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